Who is AshDubh?

Born under the sign of Cancer on 1 July 1990 in Peterborough, England, Aaron Fox-Hall is a 28-year-old English streamer, professional gamer, YouTuber, media personality, influencer and vlogger. Since the beginning of his career in 2012 as AshDubh, he has managed to tantalize tens of millions of gaming aficionados with his captivating commentary and unique sense of humor. He is best known because of his love of Roblox, Minecraft and more recently – Fortnite.

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Early Life and Education: Growing Up in England

Not much is known about the early life of AshDubh, whose real name is. During his almost seven-year-long career, he has avoided answering any questions related to personal matters. All that is known is that he was born into an English family in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and that he grew up with one sibling – a brother who is now married. None of the currently available authoritative sources can give us any information about his educational level. It is also uncertain at which point AshDubh developed a love for gaming. Regardless of the exact moment, his road towards a lucrative career in professional gaming was less than pleasant, to say the least.

Career Beginnings: Life Before Gaming

Prior to becoming one of the most acclaimed streamers in The United Kingdom, AshDubh pursued several odd jobs to support himself. His first job involved stacking shelves in a local pound shop, which gave him his first taste of independence. Using the money he saved by working in the shop, AshDubh decided to kickstart a career in music. At first, it seemed like his tour of the UK with an unspecified band was a success, but soon his plans started going awry because of financial difficulties.


Finding His Niche: How AshDubh Developed a Love For Gaming

On 3 December 2012, AshDubh created his first YouTube channel under a username he thought of all by himself – “FearADubh”, a combination of the words “fear”, the letter “A” and the Irish word for black – “dubh”, but after a few changes, he settled on “AshDubh” for good. His first video was uploaded on 8 January 2013, entitled “WELCOME/I QUIT – SLENDERMAN: PRISON ~ (+ Download Link)”. In it, he walks the viewers through the levels of the then-popular first-person horror game – Slenderman: Prison. From the get-go, his knack for the dramatic and a skill to engage any audience are evident. For much of 2013, AshDubh posted content mostly revolving around horror games such as “INSIDE” or “Amnesia: Poisonous”. Although we can see many of his current qualities even in that period, AshDubh didn’t get his big break until he decided to diversify his repertoire, and focus on other games.

Becoming Recognized: An Infatuation With Minecraft

Once AshDubh started playing Minecraft actively, and posting videos, his popularity grew rapidly. Realizing that he needed a lot of viewers from all walks of life, he concluded that the channel would be family-friendly from that point onwards. Despite criticism from some of his older fans, AshDubh gained thousands of subscribers in a matter of weeks and became one of the best new YouTubers in the gaming industry. Around mid-2014, Aaron started uploading more videos, with the majority of them being “funtages” (fun montages) from Minecraft and Roblox. During most streaming sessions, AshDubh focused on Minecraft mini-games, such as Minecraft Christmas Adventure. Tallcraft Dropper and Crazy Craft 3.0.

A Venture Into Vlogging

By late-2014, AshDubh had a fandom numbering hundreds of thousands of people, so decided to expand his YouTube activity. In 2015, two entirely new channels were born – “Aaron Fox-Hall” (previously known as Dubh/AshDubh2) and “Khalo”. Both channels were devoid of any gaming videos, and instead functioned as a vlogging platform for AshDubh to share personal content and short clips from his travels; as of mid-2019, both of them are discontinued. However, Aaron has recently created three new vlogging channels – “Hey! Ash” with a more personal twist, “Fox-Hall Family Vlogs”, for content with his wife and family and “1 Second Vlogs”, a unique concept where AshDubh explains the significance of each one-second video he posts. Knowing Fox-Hall’s habit of constantly deleting old accounts and creating new ones, we have no way of telling whether he has a long-term plan for these channels or not.

Work In The Community

In late August 2018, AshDubh invited all of his fans to come to a “meet and greet” event at the Rapture Gaming Festival. He took the time to meet each one and take a picture, further solidifying his reputation as one of the most fan-friendly YouTubers. Additionally, AshDubh attended a “Digital Kids Show” event as a guest speaker, alongside fellow Minecraft superstars – Amy Lee33, Tomohawk and LDShadowLady.

2019: Talking About Mental Health and Almost Quitting YouTube

On 27 March 2019, AshDubh uploaded a video promptly named “goodbye ashdubh (im quitting youtube)”, which shocked many of his most loyal fans. At the very start, he openly talked about the restrictions he was facing if he stopped posting only family-friendly content. ‘This simply isn’t me and I don’t feel like I can do something that isn’t who I am’, stated AshDubh. Immediately afterwards, he stated that he wanted to quit YouTube after the month of April, due to an inability to support his family anymore. As another reason, he surprisingly mentioned his battle with anxiety and depression, both of which he began experiencing in 2017. ‘In the last two years or so, this channel has only brought me suffering. Seven years is too long for it to end like this.’, Fox-Hall added. Almost instantly, more than 4,000 fans jumped to his support, praising him for his honesty and bravery. As of 19 May 2019, AshDubh is still actively uploading videos, which means that he might have changed his mind.

Personal Life: Is AshDubh Married? Who Is His Wife?

For years, AshDubh refused to answer this question, but he finally caved in and admitted he was engaged to a girl named Izzy. If this wasn’t enough of a shock, then his fans were surely flabbergasted when he started a new vlogging channel on 2 May, 2019, entitled “Fox-Hall Family Vlogs”. This was a definite confirmation that AshDubh is, in fact, married. There are no indications about whether they are planning to expand their family or not. AshDubh is also renowned for his infatuation with cheese, earning him the nicknames “Cheesehead” and “Cheese Man”, both of which he’s proud. He and Izzy have two dogs, Barry Allen and Cisco, named after his favorite characters from the hit superhero show – “The Flash”.

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What is AshDubh’s Net Worth?

According to several authoritative sources, AshDubh has an approximate net worth of over $300,000 as of mid-2019, accumulated using YouTube monetizing, sponsorship deals, guest appearances and merchandise sales. If he doesn’t fulfill his promise of quitting YouTube once and for all, this amount will only rise in the foreseeable future.

Online Presence

AshDubh boasts one of the most popular YouTube channels in all of Britain, with almost a million subscribers, and 400 million unique views of his videos. A skilled influencer, he uses social media to extend his reach and interact with his audience. His Facebook page is currently ‘liked’ by 20,000 people. On Twitter, he is both more active and more popular, with over 180,000 fans.

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