• Ashley Martelle is a 24-year-old American model, influencer, social media personality, and socialite
• She first gained fame as a member of the group Taz's Angels
• She left the group amidst controversy and has since built her own brand and is more successful than ever before
• She is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000
• She has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram, and tens of thousands on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


Who is Ashley Martelle?

Born on 28 June 1995, at an unspecified location in Louisiana and so under the water sign of cancer, Ashley Martelle is a 24-year-old American model, influencer, social media personality and socialite. She first rose to fame as an integral part of Taz’s Angels, a five-piece group of Instagram models who eventually gained notoriety for provocative photoshoots, as well as various allegations and rumors. Out of all the members, Ashley is the only one to become an Instagram superstar after the group’s dissolution. She is often seen with the cream of the crop of the rap industry, as she dated a famous producer. With her voluptuous curves and a well-developed brand, Martelle is one of the best-known models on all of social media. Her career, however, is not without controversy.

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Early Life and Education: Growing Up in Miami

Ashley Martelle was born to parents of unknown names and professions; she has just one younger brother, with whom she is very close. Shortly after he was born, the family relocated to Miami, Florida and that’s where she spent most of her childhood. Not much is known about her family and early years, mainly because Martelle is a private person. Despite being one of Instagram’s most attractive models, she has successfully evaded inquiries from fans and reporters alike, politely refusing to answer any questions not pertaining to her professional endeavors. She attended an unspecified high school in Miami, from which she matriculated in 2013.

Career Beginnings: Taz’s Angels

Upon turning 16, Ashley became interested in modeling and began following hundreds of fashion-related blogs. She did this to mimic the poses of models, and perfect her presence in front of the camera. In 2012, she was one of the first models to gain prominence in the nascent phase of the now-popular photo sharing app, Instagram. However, her breakthrough didn’t happen until early 2013, when she was noticed by a man named Taz, a mysterious entrepreneur, rapper and talent agent. He offered Martelle a spot in Taz’s Angels, a collective of Instagram models managed by him.

To boost their rating, he arranged for the girls to live in a lavishly furnished mansion in Miami; all day and night they partied, and took photos of their daily endeavors. Fans were immediately infatuated with the glamorous life these girls lived and their extravagant behavior. In late 2015, Ashley officially left the group, but her departure wasn’t devoid of controversy.

Allegations: Prostitution, Slavery, Sexual Abuse and More

The villa in which Taz’s Angels resided was a place shrouded in secrecy. Initially, their concept of content creation was innovative and groundbreaking, but soon Taz’s persona and way of management found him under a lot of scrutiny. The businessman, who refers to himself as “the black Hugh Hephner” was accused of raping several girls on the villa’s premises.

One woman, who wished to stay anonymous, told Rollingout.com the following: ‘I was one of Taz’s Angels prospects in the last recent months and that house is something crazy! It goes beyond the typical partying that you see on snapchat into some darker sh*t!’ The interview includes recollections of Taz and his crew forcing the girls to administer oral sex on each other. She also revealed that he forced the girls to earn their meals, even taking their phones so that they could never disclose what was going on in the house behind the scenes. Taz himself bragged about being under surveillance by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), but as of August 2019, there is no information about whether there’s been any legal action against the supposed pimp from Miami.

Ashley Martelle

Solo Career

After leaving Taz’s Angels, Ashley was accused of taking money from Taz in exchange for her silence. She didn’t comment on the allegations, and instead focused on building her own brand. With a series of photoshoots, she solidified her position amongst Instagram’s elite. Martelle’s content posting regime consists mainly of photos of her barely dressed, with an accent on her curves and unique looks. From time to time, she also promotes other brands on Instagram. The rumors around her involvement with the scandal involving Taz’s Angels have died down, and she is more successful than ever before. In addition to the money she earned from modeling, she also had a share in Caviar Blaque, an online merchandise store started by Taz and his “sisterwives”, as he called them.

Amber Rose’s Crush on Her

When she gained prominence as an independent model, Ashley received a much needed shoutout from the openly bisexual model and actress, Amber Rose. The bald beauty told the press that Martelle is her favorite amongst Taz’s Angels, and that she had a crush on her. Since then, the two actually hung out on several occasions, prompting fans to believe that they might have had a short fling. However, neither Amber or Ashley have had anything to say concerning this matter.

Personal Life: Does Ashley Matrelle Have a Boyfriend?

The only thing we know about her love life is that she was dating producer and record executive Irv Gotti; it’s unknown how long were they together, but their relationship definitely ended in late 2016. Ashley is single.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Ashley Martelle?

  • Height 5ft 8in (172cm)
  • Weight ~127lbs (58kgs)
  • Vital statistics of 32-24-34
  • Blue eyes
  • Semi-long blonde hair

Did Ashley Martelle Have Plastic Surgery?

Unlike most celebrities, Ashley was never ashamed to admit that she’s had surgical work on her body; on the contrary, she boasted about it. In late 2018, she posted a selfie with Dr. Ashkan Ghava, a world-famous plastic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement and rhinoplasty. To make things even more shocking to her followers, Ashley live streamed the whole procedure on Instagram Live. According to reports of people who watched the entire surgery, she had implants inserted on both breasts, and butt. By looking at the number of her photos featuring these curves, it’s safe to say that the surgery was a good investment for the young model.

Net Worth: How Rich is Ashley Martelle?

Net worth is $500,000, as of August 2019. She’s accumulated her wealth by starting her modeling career at a young age. Through her time as an Angel in Taz’s Angels, she earned a hefty amount of money. Nowadays, most of her revenue is from modeling gigs, but also from selling paintings. She creates very innovative combinations of Disney characters, and often contrasting motifs of diamonds, wealth and violence.

Online Presence

Due to the provocative photos and motivational quotes she posts, Martelle’s social media following is constantly growing.

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