• Ashley Ortiz is a 25 year-old model and online celebrity from Brooklyn, New York City.
• She rose to fame due to her amazing looks and curvaceous physique.
• She has been active in the modelling industry since 201•
• She is sponsored by "Bang Energy" and "VPX Sports" and has an estimated net worth of $500,000.
• She has long brown hair and brown eyes, stands 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall and weighs around 125lbs (57kgs).


Who is Ashley Ortiz?

Ashley Ortiz was born on 26th March 1994, in Brooklyn, New York City USA. She is a 25 year-old model and online celebrity who rose to fame thanks to her popularity on Instagram, where she regularly posts photos from various photo shoots. She is known for her amazing looks and curvaceous physique, with some fans calling her the successor to Kim Kardashian. Her popularity has enabled her to land sponsorship deals with brands such as “Bang Energy” and “VPX Sports”. Her career has been active since 2012.

Ashley Ortiz Wiki Bio: Early Life, Family and Education

Ashley Ortiz grew up in Brooklyn with her mother, who has always been her biggest supporter. As a child, Ashley had some troubles with confidence and self-image, but her mother encouraged her to become a strong and independent person. Another thing that was crucial for overcoming her fears was fitness. In the gym, Ashley was able to work on herself, and she strived to become fit and healthy. While still at high school, she would spend several hours every day working out, and making new friends in the gym. Having matriculated from high school, she decided to become a fitness model and promoter.

Career Beginnings

Thanks to her good looks and a well-toned, gym-earned physique, Ortiz was able to quickly find work as a model in New York. She advertised for a number of local brands, from clothing stores to various events, for example featuring on posters for various clubs, such as “Cliff” night club. As she became more popular locally, she decided to share photos from her modeling gigs via her social media accounts. Ortiz first joined Instagram in December 2012 under the name “ashleyortizx3”, and in the following months gained a significant number of followers, making her famous across the US as well as internationally.

Ashley Ortiz

Rise to Fame and Comparisons to Kim Kardashian

After joining Instagram, Ortiz started regularly posting various images featuring moments from her private life, as well as from her professional engagements. Her popularity gradually increased, and eventually she became a bona fide Internet celebrity, with millions of followers and supporters from across the globe. Regarding her looks and physique, she started getting more and more messages from fans who compared her to model and media personality Kim Kardashian – these comparisons eventually reached several media outlets, which named Ortiz as the “new Kim Kardashian” or “the successor of Kim Kardashian”. Ortiz shared the excerpts from some of these articles on her Instagram account.

Collaborations with Various Brands

Being a famous fitness model and an online celebrity enabled Ortiz to land several highly lucrative sponsorship deals. She was approached by the brand “Bang Energy” to become a representative for their products – the brand specializes in a variety of workout and post-workout supplements, such as Caffeine, Creatine, BCAA and others. Furthermore, Ashley also promotes another sports nutrition supplements brand entitled “VPX Sports”, often posting images from her workouts while using some of the brand’s products.

Personal Life

When it comes to her personal life, fans have been wondering for a while about Ashley’s relationship status. Unfortunately, the fitness model and Instagram star has not yet publicly shared information on whether or not she has a boyfriend. As she started landing more modeling gigs, she decided to move to Miami, Florida, to more actively pursue her modeling career. In addition, her job enables Ashley to travel a lot; over the course of the last few years, she’s done photo shoots in The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and other exotic locations.

Social Media

Seeing that her popularity started with Instagram, it is clear why Ashley spends so much time maintaining this profile and interacting with her fans. Her official Instagram account now has more than 1.9 million followers, and continues to grow every day. In addition, she has a Twitter account with nearly 64,000 followers. Moreover, Ashley owns an account on OnlyFans, a social media platform which enables content creators to build relationships and provide exclusive contents with their subscribers, who pay a fixed monthly subscription.

Net Worth

The New York-born Instagram star and model has been in the business for more than seven years. During this time, she was able to gain millions of followers from all over the world, and to acquire a net worth as of mid-2019 of close to $500,000, according to estimations by authoritative sources.

Appearance and Physical Characteristics

Regarding her appearance, being heralded as the successor of Kim Kardashian provides enough evidence of Ashley’s amazing looks and impressive physique. The model maintains her sexy figure by regularly working out in the gym and keeping a strict diet. She has long brown hair and brown eyes.

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