• Brendan Penny is an Canadian actor best known for his roles in “Whistler” and “Motive”
• He was born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and holds a bachelor of science degree in accounting from Fanshawe College
• His career began in 2003, and he achieved stardom in 2013 with his role as Detective Brian Lucas in the TV series “Motive”
• He is married and has two children, but his wife's name is unknown
• He has a net worth of $1 million and stands at 6ft tall with blue eyes and brown hair.


Who is Brendan Penny?

Brendan Penny is a Canadian actor, who introduced himself to the world of entertainment with the role of AJ Varland in the TV thriller-drama series “Whistler” (2006), and achieved stardom with the part of Detective Brian Lucas in the mystery crime-drama series “Motive” (2013-2016), among other roles in his career.

Brendan Penny Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Born Brendan James Penny on the 9th November 1978, in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, he spent his childhood between Ottawa and London, Ontario.

He hasn’t revealed much about his childhood, including the names of his parents and whether he has any siblings or not. For his education, after high school Brendan enrolled at Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, from which he obtained a bachelor of science degree in accounting. After this, he entered the Lyric School of Acting, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and settled there in pursuit of an acting career.

Career Beginnings

Brendan’s career started in 2003 with a minor role in the TV sci-fi drama series “Jake 2.0”, while in 2005 he appeared in the drama film “’LTD.’”. However, it was in 2006 that he secured his first notable role, as AJ Varland in the TV series “Whistler”. The show became quite popular in his native country, and the 13 episodes in which he appeared was just enough to launch him further into the acting world.

In 2009 he was chosen for the part of Danny Newell in the TV series “The Assistants”, and the same year featured in the romantic comedy-drama “I Love You, Beth Cooper”, starring Hayden Panettiere, Paul Rust and Jack Carpenter, while in 2010 he had a minor role in the action-adventure film “The A-Team”, starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper and Sharlto Copley.

Rise to Prominence

Brendan’s experience improved, and he was becoming more popular in the entertainment industry which resulted in notable roles. In 2011 he started portraying Calvin Hepburn in the TV series “The True Heroines” (2011-2013), while 2013 was quite fruitful for the young actor – he played Josh in 11 episodes of the TV series “The Runner”, while he was also selected for the role of his career, as Detective Brian Lucas in the TV series “Motive”.

He featured in all 52 episodes of the award-winning series through 2016, which made him a national star. He was still active in other projects while in the series, signing an exclusive contract with the Hallmark Channel, and appearing in several television films for the network, including “Along Came a Nanny” (2014), “Tis The Season for Love” (2015), and the “In the Vineyard” television series.

In 2016, he secured yet another long-term engagement, this time as Kevin O’Brien in the TV series “Chesapeake Shores” (2016-2018), while most recently he started portraying Wyatt Jackson in the reboot of the popular ‘90s TV series, “Beverly Hills, 90210” – “BH90210” (2019).

Brendan Penny Net Worth

Since launching his career, Brendan has featured in more than 50 films and TV series, all of which have helped increase his wealth by a large margin. Brendan Penny’s net worth is estimated by sources as high as $1 million as of early 2020, which is quite decent, don’t you agree?

Brendan Penny

Brendan Penny Personal Life, Marriage, Wife

Brendan Penny is a rather secretive person and hasn’t shared much from his personal life, however, we have discovered a few details about him. Brendan is a married man and has two children with his wife; unfortunately, this is all we know, as Brendan is yet to reveal the name of his wife and when the two married, though according to sources, the wedding ceremony was held in 2010.

Hopefully, he shares more information about his personal life in the near future.

Is Brendan Penny Related to Joe Penny?

Due to the same last name, many have suspected that Brendan and Joe share a family bond, however, that is not the case. The two share the same surname and the same passion for acting, however, the two aren’t related in any way. Joe is from London, England, and is the son of Italian-American parents.

Brendan Penny Internet Fame, Height, and Appearance

Over the years, Brendan has built a decent fan base on social media platforms, and has used his popularity to benefit his career. He has especially become popular on Instagram, sharing his newest career endeavors, and on Twitter, though he can also be found on Facebook.

So, if you aren’t already a fan of this prominent actor, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to become one, just skip over to his official pages, and see what he is up to next.

When it comes to his appearance, Brendan stands at 6ft tall, which his equal to 1.83m, and has blue eyes and brown hair.

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