• Catfish Cooley is a popular American comedian who often does stand-ups.
• He is married to Munica West and they have two children.
• He gained recognition after appearing on the Nitro Comedy Tour in 2018.
• He has a YouTube channel with nearly 200,000 subscribers and 18 million views.
• He is 29 years old with short brown hair and brown eyes, and has multiple tattoos. His estimated net worth is around $100,000.


Catfish Cooley Wiki Bio

David Cooley was born in Louisiana USA on 2 May 1990, so under the zodiac sign of Taurus and holding American nationality – better known as Catfish Cooley, he is popular for his career of a comedian who often does stand-ups.

Early life and education

He is said to have had a normal childhood and people who know him since he was a kid have stated that he was always as funny as today. He didn’t have a problem socializing with his peers at high school, as everybody respected his sense of humor and loved him for it.

Catfish is said to have matriculated from a local high school in Louisiana, but then decided to focus on his comedy career, rather than to pursue a college degree.


Catfish gained recognition after he appeared on the Nitro Comedy Tour in 2018 – he went together with a popular comedian Ginger Billy, and was instantly loved by the audience. Before that, Catfish could have been seen in episode 27 of season seven of the “Tosh.0” show which is actually entitled “Catfish Cooley”.

Catfish is also popular for his YouTube channel, which he launched on 4 March 2017, and has so far gathered nearly 200,000 subscribers and more than 18 million views on all his videos combined – the description on his channel reads “Happiest Redneck SOB You Ever Did Meet”. He only uploads comedy videos which his fans consider to be hilarious, while their favorite show of his is “Whiskey Wednesday”, in which he acts as a classic redneck character.

While people love Catfish Cooley?

Catfish’s fans see him as a very unique person with a very unique sense of humor. It is said that not everybody can manage to mix Jim Beam, Wild Turkey and Royal Crown and make it sound hilarious, but it appears that Catfish succeeded at it.

Another reason why people like Catfish is because he serves as an inspiration and motivation for many, including the time when he said ‘It ain’t everybody that’s meant to be fitness models like yours truly. But we’re all meant for something. You got a boat, that son of a bitch was meant to drive on the water. You got a diesel truck, that was meant to pull trailers. You got a fast car and motorcycles, that was meant to haul ass. Everybody ain’t meant to take and do the same damn thing. We’re different. Go out there and find what the fuck you’re good at.’ A lot of people respect him for being straight forward and for being honest with his fans.

Personal life and relationships

Catfish might be a bit secretive about the details of his love life, but he still shares some things with his fans. He is married to Munica West, but the date of their wedding or how long they dated is unknown to the public. They are parents to two kids named Zooey and Tyler, and love to share pictures of the two on their Instagram accounts. Catfish never talks about the girls he dated before he met his wife Munica, and his fans believe this to be because he wouldn’t want to hurt his wife in any way (or to make her jealous).

Catfish Cooley

Where’s he from?

A lot of people were wondering where exactly is Catfish from. Although he remains secretive about the city in which he was born, he stated during one of his standups that he was born in the state of Louisiana in America. It seems as that is not enough as some of his fans are still very stubborn to find out in which city was he born.

Likes and other interests

Catfish doesn’t look like a person who is into exercising, and indeed he isn’t – he prefers to sit in front of his TV, watch a good comedy show, and eat good food. He enjoys being outdoors as well, sitting in a park and feeding birds, but most of all he enjoys being on a stage entertaining his fans. He is a big animal lover, and has a bulldog named Kano who he often features in pictures on his Instagram account.

Appearance and net worth

  • Catfish is 29 years old
  • Short brown hair
  • Brown eyes
  • He is a big tattoo lover and a large part of his body is covered in tattoos.
  • Net worth is ~$100,000

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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