• Clark Backo is an actress and model born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the early 1990s.
• She is best known for her role in the TV series “Supernatural”.
• She has also appeared in Letterkenny (2016), Designated Survivor (2016), and The Hot Zone.
• She has an estimated net worth of $600,000.
• She is active on Instagram and Twitter.


Who is Clark Backo?

Clark Backo was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The exact date of her birth is not known, but apparently in the early 1990s. She is an actress and a model who is probably best recognized for landing a memorable role in one of currently most popular TV series in the world, entitled “Supernatural”. In addition, she is well known for her other significant parts in movies such as “Letterkenny” (2016) and “Designated Survivor” (2016), as well as in TV series’ such as “The Hot Zone”.

Early Life and Education

As Clark likes to keep her personal life very private and far from the public’s eye, she’s never revealed any details regarding her parents or siblings. The only thing known about her family is that she was born into an ethnically mixed family which can be seen by taking a glace at Clark’s skin type. It is known that her parents taught her to be responsible, caring and loving, and that is probably the only thing she’s mentioned about them in public.

She paid a lot of attention to her education and her hard work paid off as she was one of the best students in her primary and high school, with straight As in all years. At the time she wasn’t very keen on acting, instead she became passionate about dancing and modelling, and her outgoing, approachable and gregarious personality helped her gain great success in these fields. She was always described as a beautiful and handsome person, which was a big plus in both dancing and modelling areas, so she managed to land several important and well-paid jobs.

Beginning of the Acting Career

Even though she didn’t show any preference towards acting while she was in high school, she later mentioned that she always had it in her veins; namely, her father was well-known for his special gift of story-telling. All the kids from their neighbourhood adored him as he was always making-up stories for them and often performed in front of them, especially for and in front of his daughter as well. She was raised on these stories, and the ability her father had for the stage performance were passed onto her.

After she matriculated from high school, she decided to take a gap-year and try to discover her true passion, as she realised that neither modelling nor dancing were fulfilling enough for her. That is when she decided to try herself in acting and see if the talent runs in the family. She took several acting classes which turned out to be the best decision in her life, as she completely fell in love with it, and her teacher gave her the most positive feedback. As a result, she started attending acting classes at the respected Straeon Studio, in the class of famous professor Jock MacDonald.

Clark Backo

Rise to Prominence

After she gained knowledge and systematic education in acting, she started auditioning. Soon she made her debut appearance on TV, with a minor role in the series entitled “Beauty and the Beast”. Even though it didn’t turn out to be her breakthrough, and for the next three years she didn’t receive any offers worth mentioning, she was patient and never gave up on a career in acting. She continued to go on auditioning, trying to find a suitable role. Eventually she landed two roles in 2015, in TV series “Hemlock Grove” and “Remedy”, which helped her catch the public’s attention, and receive more significant offers in the following years.

2016 to Present

In 2016, Clark appeared in three episodes of the TV series “Shoot The Messenger”, and made her big screen debut in the movie “Sadie’s Last Days on Earth”, which was followed by a supporting role in the short film entitled “Going In”. The following two years turned out to be even more successful and flourishing for Backo, as she focused on small screen projects, and received several great offers she couldn’t refuse.

2017 is the year when she landed her most memorable roles which she became famous for – she appeared in TV series entitled “21 Thunder”, “Designated Survivor” and Supernatural”.

In the following year, she was a part of two movies – “Birdland” and “Seven in Heaven” – but she still predominantly chose TV shows to appear in, such as “Letterkenny”, “The Handmaid’s Tale” and ‘Wayward Sisters”. Clark is currently working on a new TV mini series entitled “The Hot Zone”, in which she portrays one of the main characters, Liz Gellis.

Personal Life, Net Worth and Social Media Presence

As mentioned before, Clark like to keep her personal life private, so she’s never revealed or spoke publically about her romantic relationships.

However, she often posts pictures with a man whose Instagram account name is Frenchto. Since both of them have been posting romantic pictures with each other, it is assumed that they have been in a relationship for years. However, neither of them have confirmed that they are a couple.

Speaking about her wealth, it is estimated by authoritative sources that Clark counts her net worth at the amount of $600,000, which has been accumulated through her involvement in the entertainment industry. As for her social media presence, she has an Instagram account with almost 20,000 followers, and a Twitter account with almost 10,000 fans.

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