• Damon Bennett was born in 1975 in Burritt's Rapids, Canada.
• He graduated from Loyalist College in 1997 and was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the 32 Service Battalion of Canada.
• Damon is well-known for his genuine desire to help and educate homeowners.
• He is in a relationship with Chana Tagney and is a pet-lover.
• Damon's net worth is estimated to be around $850,000.

Known for movies

Damon Bennett is a constructor, and a star of the TV shows “Holmes on Homes”, “Holmes Inspection” and his own TV show, “Damon Bennett: Restoration Company”. Let’s find out more about Damon’s life, girlfriend, net worth and more.

Early life, family

Damon Bennett was born on 21 June 1975, in Burritt’s Rapids, near Ottawa, Ontario Canada, where he grew up with his family. Damon lost his mother in 2018, she fought with cancer for several years and then died in 2018. Damon had very close relationship with her and recently shared a photo of his mother, capturing it with words of appreciation for everything she had done for him, admitting that he missed her badly. Nothing is known about Damon’s father – he hasn’t mentioned his name or occupation. He also has an older brother, whose name is unknown, but Damon once shared his brother’s photo at the Siblings’ Day, making fun of him as his brother is half naked in the picture, sitting in front of an huge opened bottle of white wine. He also had a cousin Shelly who died from cancer – Damon now tries to spend time with Shelly’s two daughters.


Damon attended a local high school in Ottawa which he matriculated from in 1993. Later he graduated from Loyalist College in 1997. Damon was also an honored Lieutenant-Colonel in the 32 Service Battalion of Canada, Team Rubicon Canada, Broan-NuTone.

Damon Bennett


It is known that Damon has been interested in building various things from his mid-teens, and managed to keep his passion at the same level and even more. Damon was also well-known for his genuine desire to help and to educate all homeowners so they can improve their lives in their houses. In fact, Damon never wanted to be on TV, but when he was behind the screen of such shows as “Holmes On Homes” and “Holmes Makes It Right”, the filming crew and the producer of the series, Brian Warchol, wanted to see him in the episodes. They saw him as a young Elvis, but when Damon heard that, he almost cried that he wouldn’t appear on screen. Brian Warchol understood this, but wanted someone who doesn’t ‘showboat in front of the camera’, and considered Damon to be a kind guy and a real contractor. Damon subsequently appeared after the start of the fourth season of the “Holmes on Homes” series in the episode called “Window Well to Hell”. Replacing Shawn Morren, Damon then assumed the position of senior contractor at the beginning of the sixth season, and appeared in every episode along with Mike Holmes. Damon’s specialty was carpentry, but he soon managed to deal with roofing and bricklaying, and eventually remaining in the show for a decade. Some fans were disappointed with his departure, some others were glad since they thought that Damon was trying to get Mike Holmes’s place in the show and be the main star. Damon now has several shows in which he appears as a constructor or as a DIY consultant.

Personal life, girlfriend Chana Tagney

Damon is not alone; he is in relationships with a young woman whose name is Chana Tagney. They’ve been dating for a long time, but there’s no information about marriage. They don’t have any kids, though they spend a lot of time with Damon’s cousin who is around ten years old, taking the girl on their hiking walks and inviting her and her family for holidays. This year on St. Valentine’s Day he posted a photo on his Instagram account with the stars of “Star Wars” movie capturing it with his thoughts on relationships. He wrote that if a person doesn’t have someone in their life, it doesn’t mean s/he wouldn’t want to, and asked people to be kind to those who spend that day alone, especially those who have mental health problems. Now it’s obvious Damon didn’t mean himself since he has a girlfriend, but he knows very well how a person with mental disabilities may feel, so his words were sincere – he truly cares about people suffering from PTSD. Damon was rumored to be dating Sherry Holmes, a star of the show “Holmes on Homes”. However, the rumors turned out to be fake, as Sherry married Blake Steed on 11 June 2017, and they already have a daughter.

Hobbies and interests

Damon and his girlfriend Chana are pet-lovers, having a cat and a dog living with them, both adopted from a shelter. When Damon has spare time, he plays paintball, as he is a fan of this game. He also loves walking in the forest as it calms his thoughts and helps him to deal with stress and anxiety.


Among Damon’s charity activities, one can see his consistent work in encouraging people to adopt dogs and other pets from shelters instead of buying them. He is also affiliated with Military Minds Inc., a company which raises PTSD awareness in society, and attends various annual galas and events supporting the Canadian Military.

Social media presence

Damon has several accounts on various social media platforms; he has a personal Twitter account which is read by more than 12,000 people, as well as a Twitter account for his company Bennett Building Co. His Instagram account is followed by almost 8,000 people, and has a Facebook page which is followed by more than 27,000 subscribers. He also tried to develop a YouTube account, uploading several episodes of his show, but it didn’t work as the channel didn’t gain any subscribers.


Damon has short dark brown hair and blue eyes. He is 6ft 3ins (1.92 m) tall, but his weight is unavailable for the moment. As for his favorite clothing style, he chooses comfortable pieces of clothes, preferring jeans and T-shirts to any other items. He has several tattoos on his arms, most of them military themed.

Net worth

Damon’ net worth is estimated to be around $850,000 by authoritative sources. He has his own TV show for now, and his net worth is surely going to grow in future.


Art Department

Holmes Makes It Right2012TV Series site supervisor - 1 episode
Holmes InspectionTV Series construction crew - 32 episodes, 2009 - 2012 construction supervisor - 13 episodes, 2009 - 2012
Holmes on Homes2005-2009TV Series construction crew - 46 episodes


Holmes Makes It Right2012TV SeriesHimself

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  1. Theresa Hurley Reply

    You can tell Damon is a nice guy. I wish him all the the luck in the world.

  2. My husband and I watched Holmes on Holmes, Holmes Inspection and Holmes makes it right. We loved watching you and Mike Holmes together, you guys were great and you both know your stuff. If you ever have any shows that we can view in the U.S. let us know so we can continue to watch (we love diy shows and being educated.

  3. Richard Sullivan Reply

    As a Master Electrician with more than forty years experience my favorite TV shows still center around the building trades. I have watched a number of the Holmes TV shows. Although knowledgeable, Mike Holmes was too pretentious for me barking out orders and taking credit for the work of others. It seemed that Damon Bennett was the driving force behind most of the projects and since he left Holems, the projects have diminished in size. Since leaving the show Damon has focused on supporting the military. As an Ex Marine Sergeant, I can appreciate his commitment to the military and give thanks for that effort.

  4. Mark W Morris Reply

    i have been in remoldeling between 1987 – 1994 a half by a guy named Wayne olsen mostly kitchens and bathrooms just me and wayne and accasionaly we delivered a Hot tubs , a Big Fan of ” This Old House ” and The New Yankee WorkShop . i Like Jointery am amazed by it finger-jointed is my favorite

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