• Dansgame is a Twitch star gamer popular for streaming Let's Play videos.
• His real name is unknown and he was born in 1986 in Ohio, USA.
• He began streaming in 2009 and has a Twitch account with almost 800,000 followers and over 110 million views.
• He stated he was gay in 2017, but it's unclear if he is bisexual, straight, or gay.
• His net worth is estimated to be more than $3 million.


Who is Dansgame?

 Dansgame is a Twitch star gamer, who is popular for streaming videos that he names Let’s Play, comprised of games that more than 750,000 subscribers look forward to each day. The meaning of Dansgame is a special emoticon that features a repulsive-looking face of a gamer on Twitch. It is used by fellow gamers to show revulsion, annoyance, or anger.

Dansgame Age, Early Life, Family, and Education Background

Dansgame – real name unknown – was born under the Gemini Zodiac sign on 29 May 1986, in Ohio, USA, making him 33 years old in 2019. He is an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Dansgame is one of the few stars who have managed to keep their real names secret from everyone on the internet, nor has he shared the names of his parents and any siblings, or their professions either.

When Dansgame was only three years old, he began playing the Super Mario Bros game which he continues with up to date. This helped him develop a passion for playing video games, and growing up, Dansgame would become immersed in the Nintendo Entertainment System whenever he wanted to get some escapism.

Regarding his education, Dansgame matriculated from a local high school in his hometown in Ohio; he didn’t go to college, as he set those plans aside to pursue a gaming career.


Dansgame Professional Career and Rise to Stardom

Dansgame began streaming in August 2009 as a hobby, but it took him several years to get up to 100 viewers. He launched his career the moment he opened a Twitch account, which currently has almost 800,000 followers and over 110 million views. Dansgame mostly live streams Let’s Play gameplay, which teach people how to play games, especially the new ones. With his Chipin option, players can play Dansgame’s new releases, and view them before any others. However, he has stated that this option is in no way connected to and won’t determine the frequency of his video uploads or live streaming.

Dansgame also runs a YouTube channel that he started on 22 February 2010. So far, he has gathered over 75,000 followers, and his videos have been viewed almost 19 million times. He has a description that reads ‘My playthroughs and highlights from  http://www.twitch.tv/dansgaming will be uploaded to this YouTube channel. I play all sorts of games from Retro Games to New Releases.’ Although he uploads these videos daily, his Twitch channel is more popular than his YouTube channel.

Apart from running his own channels, Dansgame has also collaborated with GiantWaffle Twitch streamer on their N3rdfusion podcast. Sometimes, Dansgame gets hard copies of his favorite games from Gamestop and Amazon, however, he mostly buys the digital versions of the games from Steam and Direct2Drive.

In an interview, Dansgame was asked what makes him feel happy, and he shared the secret with his fans. His happiness comes from knowing that people feel the same emotions he felt while playing a certain game. Although he can easily play any game, Dansgame prefers to play games that come with strong emotions of joy, sadness and heartache.

Dansgame is ranked on the list of most popular celebrities on Celebs Trend Now. He also has a slot in the list of most popular Twitch Stars. One of his favorite quotes is ‘Don’t ever give up. If I can make my dreams come true, so can you. Don’t give up if you see no viewers. Just keep streaming daily, if you are a streamer, and don’t give up. Because if you try hard and you work hard and you interact with people that are there are and you try and you put effort into it, you can eventually work your way up that directory page and can be on the front page as well’

Dansgame Personal Life, Girlfriend, and Children. Is He Gay?

 Although Dansgame tries to keep his dating life private, his social media accounts show that he was once in a relationship with a beautiful lass, however, the supposed love birds broke up, cause unknown. Currently, Dansgame is single and not pursuing anyone. He has never been married, and he doesn’t have any children either.

In one of his 2017 tweets, Dansgame stated that he was gay. However, further investigations revealed that he only said that to remain on the LGBT community’s side, since they had been attacked on one of his earlier tweets. His proclamation left his fans confused, and they started to believe that he was gay, and he has never bothered to prove them wrong. Since he has been in a relationship with a woman, it is not clear whether he is bisexual, straight, or gay.

Dansgame Net Worth

Dansgame makes his money from his YouTube and Twitch channels. He is said to make more than $20,000 per month from his Twitch account. However, Twitch affiliates and partners are said to earn 50% of that money. According to authoritative sources, Dansgame net worth is estimated to be more than $3 million as of mid-2019.

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