• Deven Hubbard is a professional basketball player with a net worth of less than $50,000.
• He was raised by a single mother in Georgia and went to Pebblebrook High School.
• He opted out of college offers to compete in the EuroLeague.
• He has gained fame through social media channels such as Instagram and Only Fans.
• He is in a relationship and expecting a child.

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Who is Deven Hubbard?

Deven Hubbard was born on 31 March 1998, in Georgia, USA, and is a professional basketball player, best known for gaining fame as one of the top college basketball prospects of the country, coming from Pebblebrook High School. He received offers from various high profile universities thanks to his skills.

The Net Worth of Deven Hubbard

How rich is Deven Hubbard? As of mid-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is less than $50,000, earned through his online accounts, as he is yet to commence a professional career in basketball. He’s also gained a lot of opportunities thanks to his fame on social media which has led him to modelling projects. As he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Education

Very little is known about Deven’s life before his current rise to fame, as he has not shared a lot of details regarding his family and childhood. According to him, he was raised by a single mother in Georgia, and grew up alongside a younger brother. Despite experiencing some hardships, he aspired for a career in professional basketball.

Deven Hubbard

He loved the sport at a young age, and dedicated his time to learning and improve his skills in the game. Eventually, he attended Pebblebrook High School, where he eventually attracted a lot of attention, showcasing his great potential which quickly made him a top basketball prospect within his four years at the school. He was ranked as one of the top 100 prospects in the country, and eventually made his way to the top of the list for college basketball. This attracted universities such as Columbia and Princeton, who made efforts in recruiting him to their teams.


While Hubbard was gaining a lot of offers from top universities, he instead opted for a different route. Other players hoping to make it to the National Basketball Association (NBA) often develop their skills in college, as people who are recruited straight from high school are rare. Instead, he opted to go for another route and decided to compete in the EuroLeague. In recent years this league has also become the source of a lot of top NBA talents. Otherwise known as the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, it is the top-tier European professional basketball league.

It was created in 2000 to replace the FIBA Euroopean Champions Cup which FIBA had held since the 1950s. They are considered the same competition with the change of name as a simple re-branding. It is one of the most popular indoor sports leagues in the world with an average attendance of over 8,000 for league matches, making it the fifth highest of any professional indoor sports league outside the United States. It is the second highest of any professional basketball league in the world, behind the NBA. The most successful club in the competition is Real Madrid with 10 titles to their name.

Social Media Fame

Deven used all of the attention he gained while playing basketball to help establish a strong online presence. He quickly gained over 355,000 followers on the website Instagram and this led to numerous companies contacting him for sponsorships and modelling work. Instagram is a photo and video sharing service owned by Facebook. Users can upload their own media to the service which can then be edited through pre-set filters and organized through tags. It has become one of the most popular social networking services in the world with over a billion in registered users. Facebook also reports that there are over 500 million users using the website daily, accessing its Stories feature.

Aside from his Instagram account, he also set up an account on the website Only Fans which is a social media service which allows content creators to run a subscription based service to provide exclusive content and build relationships with their fans or subscribers. He is known to be one of the few social media personalities using the website as the site has been more popularly known for promoting the adult entertainment industry. Others who use the site include independent musicians, physical fitness experts, comedy acts, fashion icons, and more.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, it is known that Hubbard is in a relationship and is expecting a child from that relationship. He recently posted a video of a gender baby revealing party showing that his child would be a girl. There were also rumors circulating that he is gay, due to a Snapchat from one of his friends showcasing that he was asleep while cuddling with another man. However, he was not aware of the video, and it may have been just a prank done by his friends.

Similar to numerous aspiring athletes, he is highly active online through accounts on social media. He continues to promote himself through Instagram, and communicates with his fans through Only Fans. He also has a Twitter account on which he posts photos and a few of his daily thoughts. It has over 600 followers, but it hasn’t been active since 2017. There are also numerous accounts that share the same name as his on other websites such as Facebook, but he is not related to them in any way. These accounts show different people and photos and likely just share the same name even though it is somewhat uncommon.



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