• Sydney Maler is a successful model born in Okinawa, Japan and raised in South Carolina.
• She started her career thanks to her Instagram account and has worked for many popular brands.
• She has also appeared in movies and TV series and is currently working on a podcast with her friend.
• Her hobbies include horses, psychology, travelling, and animals.
• She has a net worth of approximately $400,000 and is active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and her own website.


Who REALLY is Sydney Maler?

Sydney Maler was born in Okinawa, Japan on 8 August 1991, so under the zodiac sign of Leo and holding Japanese nationality – she is popular for her modelling career, as well as for her Instagram account.

Childhood and education

Sydney also holds American nationality as her parents are American and moved to South Carolina while she was still a child. She was raised alongside her two sisters and the family is said to have always been in good relations with one another, but Sydney seems to respect her parents’ privacy as she hasn’t shared anything about them.

Sydney is quite secretive when it comes to her early life but she was already somewhat popular by the time she got to high school. which immediately made her peers like her. She apparently had had many friends, and was often called to go out on dates with boys from the school.

Career of a model

Sydney began her career thanks to her Instagram account, which gathered quite a number of followers over a short period of time, and she was soon noticed by modelling scouts and invited to do her first photoshoots. She first worked as a promo model for a couple of small companies and moved up the ladder as she was progressing – later working for the marketing team of Hooters, where her job was to help the company plan their events and hire new promo girls.

Sydney has worked and posed for numerous popular brands, including “The Chive” for which she posed together with Amanda Cerny, a very popular model and YouTuber – Sydney is currently signed to one of the most prestigious modelling agencies in Los Angeles.

Sydney Maler

Although Sydney is not an actress, she has nevertheless appeared in a couple of movies and TV series, in “Swerve” the action comedy TV series in 2017, as well as in the “Campus Law” comedy TV series in the same year, and “Verified” comedy series in 2018, among the others.

Sydney is currently working on her “Sorry Mom” podcast, with her friend Nikki Howard.

Love life and relationships

She is said to have been in a long relationship with a man who she met while still attending high school – the two were allegedly dating for years before splitting because the passion between them eventually died.

Sydney is currently rumored to be dating someone, but nothing about his mysterious man is known, and Sydney herself hasn’t confirmed that she’s dating anyone.

Hobbies and interests

One thing that not a lot of people know about Sydney is that her biggest passion is horses. Before she even started working as a model, she worked at a ranch in San Diego training Arabian horses, and went from being a farm hand to being a trainer who prepared horses for some of the most elite competitions. However, she put her passion aside after she started modelling.

Another one of Sydney’s interests is psychology – she wanted to study psychology at college, but as she started modelling, she gave up on that plan.

Sydney was once obsessed with travelling, and even launched a YouTube channel on which she wanted to upload her videos while she was travelling around the world. Even though she still enjoys to travel from time to time, she no longer has a lot of time for it – she doesn’t even have time for a pet, even though she apparently loves animals very much.

Appearance and net worth

  • Sydney is 27 years old
  • Long blonde hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Height is 5ft 7ins (1.48m)
  • Weight ~135lbs (60kgs)
  • Vital statistics are 34(D)-24-36

Net worth ~$400,000 as of mid-2019, and is steadily rising thanks to her modelling career and her Instagram account. Sydney has also created a Patreon account together with her friend Nikki Howard – on the website, they are trying to gather money for their “Sorry Mom” podcast, but have so far only gathered 42 patrons who pay them $285 per month.

Social media presence

  • Launched Twitter in January 2012; gathered ~23,000 followers; tweeted ~2,000 times
  • Instagram is followed by ~1.2 million people; uploaded ~1,700 pictures
  • Facebook is followed by ~35,000 fans

Sydney also tried to become a YouTuber, but she doesn’t seem to have succeeded at it, as she stopped uploading videos onto her channel in early 2018. She launched her YouTube channel on 8 January 2012 with her description reading ‘Come with me on my travels & weird crazy situations/ jobs I get myself into’ – there are currently nearly 1,300 subcribers, and counts ~54,000 views of all her 14 videos. The most viewed video on the channel is the first one she uploaded, entitled “Sydney Maler – Episode 1: Yoga Breath” as it has been viewed more than 21,000 times.

Sydney is also running her own website on which you can read a bit about her, check out her portfolio, buy her merchandise in her online shop, and contact her if you have any questions or suggestions – you can also find links to all her social media accounts.

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