• Emily Feld is a young model from Australia
• She has three siblings and her parents are farmers
• Emily's main platform for attracting a new audience is her Instagram account, which has almost 500,000 subscribers
• She enjoys hobbies such as swimming, skateboarding, underwater photography, travelling and visiting restaurants with her friends
• Her estimated net worth is $150,000


Emily Feld is a young promising model from Australia, who has accumulated an impressive number of subscribers on her Instagram account, almost 500,000 in just two years. She keeps on sharing her new photos, attracting a new audience. Let’s find out more about her current boyfriend, height, net worth, parents, etc.
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Early life, family

Emily Feld was born on 17 April 2003. in the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, so under the sign of Aries, and holding Australian nationality. Emily has three siblings; she is the youngest of four kids in her family, with a sister and two brothers. Emily parents are farmers and grow organic vegetables, herbs and fruit, and with whom Emily still lives on their farm. Since her childhood Emily has been a very sports-oriented kid; she is good at gymnastics, and likes playing netball, a popular sport in Australia mostly played by women. She also spends a lot of time doing competitive cheerleading.


Almost nothing is known about Emily’s educational background. She hasn’t matriculated from her high school yet, though she is already fully focused on her modelling. She hasn’t shared about her plans on future education, so her fans are still waiting for updates here.

Emily Feld


When Emily turned 13, she started her Instagram account, to share her first modelling photos with the world. She felt an interest for modelling in 2015, but waited until she turned the minimum age of an Instagram user to use the platform. In September 2016, she shared her first shot on Instagram with the caption: ‘Always be yourself because yourself is always wonderful’. Her first photos lacked professional touches, though Emily admitted that as soon as she found a good photographer, the quality of her shots instantly rose.

She proceeded to posti a lot of photos in cheerleading costume, and showing her perfect cheerleading splits. Then she started getting offers from various brands and companies to make and post pictures in their clothes, which Emily could have for herself as payment for the shots. Soon Emily became a model for Cheer Princess, a shop which provides clothes and accessories for cheerleaders, sharing that this contract was her ‘first exciting thing to win’. Later the flow of new offers flooded Emily, and she hasn’t had any problems searching for new contracts. She is now working with Que Models agency, and is affiliated with Michael Murchie Photography. Among her successful contracts are such projects as Rebel Athletics, Cheer Princess, Izzy Be, Rock Your Hair Australia, Hair Slinky, and Stunt Stand.

Personal life

Emily is still a young 16l, so hasn’t been noticed in any affairs, though she was rumored to have a relationship with Caspar Thomas, her fellow-model. They both work with Que Models agency and had several mutual photoshoots. However, they didn’t confirm their relationship, and Caspar is dating another model, Talia Eva Papantoniou. Emily keeps her private life low-key, and has never shared any photos of a boyfriend in her Instagram account, and her relationship status on Facebook is still undefined.

Hobbies and interesting facts

  • As most girls in Australia, Emily loves swimming in the ocean, surfing and snorkeling.
  • She also likes skateboarding though she had hard times learning how to do it properly, but she was determined and didn’t give up.
  • Emily likes underwater photography; she tried it herself using a massive underwater camera from Subal (an Austrian brand of underwater photography equipment) and enjoyed it very much.
  • Emily likes spending her spare time in cafes and restaurants with her friends – one of her favorite restaurants is Six Feet Under Newstead, a premier cafe in Brisbane.
  • She also enjoys travelling around Australia.
  • Emily has a special fan, his name is Mike and he draws with coffee, often portraits of Emily, and shares them on his Instagram account. Emily is always very excited about those portraits, and posts them in her Instagram stories, thanking Mike for his work.

Social media presence

Emily’s main source for attracting a new audience is her Instagram account, which she uses as her personal portfolio, posting her modelling photos there on daily basis. As of the mid-2019, the number of her subscribers has grown up to almost 500,000. It is worth saying that a lot of her photos on her Instagram account have no comments as she switched them off. However, she sometimes gives her subscribers a chance to praise her and switches the comments on. Emily has a YouTube channel with over 11,000 subscribers, and posts vlogs and photo compilations on it; her 19 videos in total have over 1.5 million views. She also has a Facebook profile though it is not so popular, with just 3,000 followers, the same for her Twitter  ccount, which is only read by around 700 people. Emily has a personal website which promotes her modelling services. Emily has obeen mentioned in a glamour magazine: in 2017 her photos were published in Jr Model Magazine No.2 (March/April 2017).


Emily has long light-brown hair which she likes to bleach and to highlight. She has hazel eyes. Emily is 5ft 7ins (1.70m) tall, weighs around 117lbs (53kgs), and her vital statistics are 34-24-34. As for her clothing style, she prefers casual looks and often wears short girly skirts, T-shirts and dresses.

Net worth

Authoritative sources estimate Emily’s net worth to be around $150,000, which is a quite impressive amount of money for her young age. Along with her constant income from her modelling contracts which she gets via Que Models agency, she also benefits from her Instagram account as she earns up to $2,500 per post there. She has a lot of sponsored posts in her profile, including the popular sportswear brand FlexTT. As Emily has only just started her career in the world of modelling, and is working hard in the field, her net worth is only going to grow in the future.

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