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Andrea Bocelli’s first wife

From 1992 to 2002, the famous Italian opera singer, songwriter, and music producer Andrea Bocelli was married to Enrica Cenzatti. Their love story is pretty interesting because they first met at a bar, and immediately fell in love with each other. During their almost ten-year-long marriage, they appeared to have a particular bond between them.

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Who is Enrica Cenzatti?

As her popularity comes only from being constantly associated with the Italian tenor, Enrica’s biographical background is still shrouded in mystery. Supposedly, she was born in 1969 (while others say 1970) in Italy, and spent her teenage years in Pisa, where she attended high school. Other details about her family, education and professional qualifications are not available.

However, there is one detail from her high school years which is undoubtedly known by any Andrea Bocelli fan – she first met the tenor at a bar when she was only 17 years old. At that time, he was far from being the opera star he is now. In fact, his interests were of another type. Completing his law studies, getting his degree, and, respectively, practicing as an attorney – these were among his most important goals then. In order to financially support his studies, Andrea took some piano lessons, and played it in his free time. What seemed to be just a temporary activity dramatically changed Andrea’s life from both the professional and personal point of view.

Enrica Cenzatti

Meeting the destiny

The 17 years-old Enrica had no idea that some evening when she was casually going out to a bar to relax, would eventually change her entire life. Not only did she listen to an astonishing singer doing his best, but also met the person who could simply be described as one of the big loves of her life. Needless to say that, despite his visual condition, Andrea instantly felt the same attraction to the young lady. If this is not the hand of fate then tell me what it is.

The ensuing months decisively bonded them, the wedding and the marriage becoming just a matter of time. The final coronation of the relationship came up in 1992, during the hot summer, when they vowed each other eternal faith. They did seem to be made one for another. 1995 was the year that marked the arrival of their first child, Amos, born in February. Two years later, his brother they named Matteo was born.

The end of the paradise

After ten years of marriage, the couple drifted apart and divorced in 2002. The cause of the separation is still unknown, because both parties kept privacy about the issue.

However, they remained on good terms, mostly for and due to their two children. Following an agreement of common custody, Enrica and Andrea were both involved in their boys’ raising and education process. The latters were seven and nine years old at the time their parents separated, but Enrica even continued to live somewhere in the same neighborhood as her ex-husband.

Enrica’s children

The boys lived with Enrica, but the influence their father had on their development is proven by their choices regarding their professional life. Amos’ admiration towards his father and his inner attraction to music made him follow a career in music, and he graduated Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali L. Boccherini with a Bachelor of Arts degree in piano. Since 2013 when his career started thriving, he has gained a lot of popularity among Italian musicians. On the other side, his brother, Matteo, showed the same signs of inheriting his father talent from an early age. He took piano lessons during childhood, but didn’t really enter professionally the world of music until 2015. Following his father’s advice and insistence, he eventually enrolled for piano lessons. At the moment, he studies vocal performance at the Lucca Conservatory. Andrea’s live shows with his boys are both enthralling and touching.

Enrica’s body measurements

Enrica is by far a very attractive woman. With brown eyes and naturally curly black hair, she definitely could bring joy in everyone’s life. Of average height and with a well-proportioned body, Enrica maintains the vitality of her body and soul at the respectable age of 50.  Maybe the divorce was not just a tragic event in her life, but one which set a new beginning. However, financially, it was for certain a favorable affair. Authoritative sources estimate that she received between five and ten million dollars after the separation.  Furthermore, because the children lived with her, she received a certain amount for the needs of the young boys. Her ex’s total net worth is, reportedly, around $40 million, and her own estimated at over $5 million.

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