• Andrew Bodine, aka Giantwaffle, is a Twitch star with over 850,000 followers
• He loves playing video games such as Minecraft, Starcraft, Rocket League, Resident Evil 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and The Legend of Zelda
• He grew up in North Carolina and studied Electrical Engineering at North Carolina State University
• He has been in a relationship with another Twitch and YouTube star, CannibalQueen, for several years
• His net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, and he is active on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter


Who is Giantwaffle?

Are you into video games such as Minecraft and Starcraft? Well if you are, maybe you have stumbled upon a Twitch star under the name Giantwaffle. He is a streamer, who has gained over 850,000 followers on his official Twitch channel. In addition to Minecraft and Starcraft, he has also played such games as Rocket League, Resident Evil 2, Rainbow Six Siege, The Legend of Zelda, and many others.

So, do you want to find out more about Giantwaffle, from his childhood years to most recent career endeavors, including his personal life as well? If yes, then stay with us for a while as we introduce you to this prominent video game player and streamer.

Giantwaffle Wiki: Real Name, Age, Childhood, and Education

Born as Andrew Bodine on the 16th February 1994, in Chicago, Illinois USA, however, he grew up in North Carolina. He hasn’t revealed much about his childhood with the public, and information such as the names of his parents remain unknown, though we have found out that his father is a software architect, while his mother is a nurse, and that he is the youngest in the family, with an older brother and sister. In regards to his education, following his high school matriculation, Andrew enrolled at the North Carolina State University, in which he majored in electrical engineering.

From an early age, he fell in love with video games, and once he got his first computer he started playing, and because of this, he has become what he is today.


Career Beginnings

As he got older, Andrew was becoming more interested in the gaming world, and after finding out that there was a whole video game-streaming community online, he decided to try himself as a streamer. He started his Twitch channel in 2011 with the first game to the stream being Minecraft. He steadily dedicated more time to his streaming career, and as a result his popularity began to grow. He started uploading videos on a regular basis and made a week schedule for live streams, which quickly produced results as the number of his followers soon reached 100,000, and he decided to start playing new games to attract more people, and that was rather fruitful too.

Rise to Prominence

Giantwaffle was becoming more popular with every new video and live stream, regularly attracting between 7,000 and 8,000 viewers, while his best result was around 15,000 viewers during a live stream. The number of followers also continued to increase, and he now has over 850,000 followers on his official Twitch channel.

In addition to Twitch, Giantwaffle has also launched a YouTube channel, but hasn’t been as active as on Twitch, which resulted in lower popularity. For now, his official YouTube channel has just over 50,000 subscribers, and his videos have attracted close to two million views, which has also contributed to his wealth. In addition to his solo work, he has also been serving as a producer for @N3RDFUSION, which has added further to his net worth.

Giantwaffle Net Worth

Since launching his career, Giantwaffle has become quite successful, which has steadily increased his wealth. So, have you ever wondered how rich Giantwaffle is, as of mid- 2019? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Giantwaffle’s net worth is as high as $1.5 million, which is quite impressive, don’t you agree? Undoubtedly, his wealth will increase in the upcoming years, assuming that he successfully continues his career in the upcoming years.

Giantwaffle Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Gay

What do you know about Giantwaffle’s personal life? Well, Giantwaffle is definitely not gay, if you wondered about it. He has been in a relationship with another Twitch and YouTube star, CannibalQueen, whose real name is Erin. The couple has been dating for several years now, and can often be seen together in public.

Internet Fame

Twitch has made Giantwaffle popular, but since then, he has also expanded his popularity to other social media platforms, especially Twitter, on which she has more than 155,000 followers. He has used his popularity to share his most recent career endeavors, such as his recent videos, but also some of his opinions, interests, and ideas, such as his view on Formula 1 track in France. He isn’t active on Instagram and Facebook.

So, if you aren’t already a fan of this internet star, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to become one, just skip over to his official pages and see what he is up to next.

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