• Tai Lopez is a 51-year-old entrepreneur and motivational speaker
• He had entrepreneurial desires from a young age and was inspired by his grandfather
• He had dropped out of college and gained wealth through his various entrepreneurial endeavors
• He runs the podcast "The Grand Theory of Everything", a YouTube channel with over 1.2 million subscribers, and posts videos on Instagram
• He has a net worth of around $5 million and owns a mansion in Hollywood Hills and a black Lamborghini Gallardo


Who is Tai Lopez?

Born on the 11th of April 1977 in a thus far unspecified location, Tai Lopez is a 51-year-old Caucasian entrepreneur, financial advisor, investor, writer, book club owner and podcaster, perhaps best known as a motivational speaker and podcaster, thanks to the videos he often uploads with the goal of stimulating the viewers, so accumulating almost 1.5 million fans in over 40 countries worldwide. He has had a number of other entrepreneurial successes throughout his career, having been active in the sometimes lucrative life-coaching business for a number of years.

Early Life and Education

There isn’t much information regarding Tai’s early life, so it is unknown where he grew up and who his parents are/were. Also, to the media’s knowledge, it appears as though he doesn’t have any siblings. Still, from some of his interviews, it can be deduced that he had entrepreneurial desires from very early on in his childhood. As he says, he used to try and sell his mother’s tomatoes, but since nobody was interested, he began making lemonade and selling it from his own stand, when he was only six-years-old. He quickly realized how a difference in products can influence the market, and this way of thinking allowed him to prosper later in life. He also said that his grandfather was his greatest inspiration, and the wisest man he knew when he was a child. Thus, he sent his scientist grandfather a letter, asking him what the answer to life is. He was disappointed when he got a reply stating that life is extremely complicated, and there’s no right way to go through it. Still, his grandfather sent him a dozen of books, and said ‘Start by reading these.’ Tai has been an avid reader ever since. Concerning his education, it is unknown which high school and college he went to, but it’s a fact that he was a college dropout.


There is no information about Tai’s early employment, although there certainly was some, as he worked hard to gain enough money to travel through over 50 countries and meet some of the people he was reading about, following his grandfather’s advice. On his travels, he got around to working with a leper colony in India, after which he lived with the Amish for more than two years in the US. After these experiences, Tai decided to drop the job he had at the time, at which point he realized he had nowhere to live, so he eventually moved in with his mother in Clayton, North Carolina, although she only had a mobile home. At that point, he had just $47 in his pocket, so grabbed the yellow pages and found the biggest business ad, contacted the businessman behind it, allegedly named Mike, and offered to work for him free of charge if he were to teach him all of his strategies. After learning the ropes, he eventually became the owner of Elite Global Dating LLC, after which his wealth only grew. At the moment, he is a financial advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar companies.

Additional Information

There is lots of interesting trivia about Tai Lopez; he isn’t just a financial advisor, but also an inspiring podcaster who runs the podcast entitled “The Grand Theory of Everything”, while he also has a YouTube channel with over 1.2 million subscribers, which has attracted over a billion views. He also frequently posts videos on Instagram, concerning various topics – there is a way of life that he calls “The Good Life”, and he uses these platforms to teach his viewers how to obtain it, through four elements– health, wealth, love and happiness. He still reads a book every day, and claims that this is the way to build one’s future without making mistakes on their own.

Love Life

As for the entrepreneur’s romantic involvements, truth is he rarely has the time to disclose any information on this matter, as he usually deals in much more important things. Still, it is public knowledge that he is currently dating the LA-based model named Kenna Alastair – it’s rumored that the two met more than four years ago in the comments of her Instagram post. Any plans concerning their future together are yet to be revealed by the celebrities themselves.

What is Tai Lopez’ Net Worth?

Tai’s wealth is close to $5 million, with large portions of his annual earnings are known to come from his position of financial advisor to the mentioned companies, as well as his podcast, and YouTube channel. Concerning his assets, it is known that he has a mansion in Hollywood Hills and that he drives a black Lamborghini Gallardo.

Body Measurements

Height is 5ft 9ins (1.76m), his hair is dark brown and his eyes are deep hazel.



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