• Raegan Beast is a Female-to-Male (FTM) transgender born in 1999
• Raegan's mother was supportive, while his father divorced his mother and started a new family
• Raegan is a YouTube and TikTok sensation, and has performed on the Arctic Lights Tour
• He has dated other internet personalities, such as Justin Blake and Kristen Hancher
• His net worth is estimated to be around $100,000 and he has an online store of merchandise


Raegan Beast is a well-known Internet personality who is famous for being a Female-to-Male (FTM) transgender. He understood he wasn’t really a girl as s/he was born and decided to change his gender and his life with the help of surgery. Let’s find out more about his relationships with his parents, his current boyfriend, net worth and more.
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Early life, family

Raegan Beast was born a girl on 19 November 1999, in Maryland USA, to his/her parents who at first had no idea what they were going to face. His/her father’s name is unknown; as soon as he knew Raegan was going to change his gender, he divorced his wife, Raegan’s mother, and got another family. His/her mother, whose name is also unknown, was way more supportive and understanding of Raegan’s issue and helped him/her at every step of his/her transformation. Raegan realized s/he wanted to be a boy when s/he was 12 years old, so his/her mother raised him/her and his/her seven siblings alone afterwards. Raegan has several half-brothers from his/her father’s new family. There’s no information about his/her current relationship with his father – no one knows how close they are after Raegan’s surgery.


Attending a local high school in Maryland, Raegan made friends with other social media personalities, Jack and Kale Blaze. S/He matriculated from his/her high school a couple of years ago, in 2017, and then moved to Los Angeles to become a professional singer. At the moment s/he doesn’t have any college degree and has never shared his/her intentions to enter a college or university since s/he is fully focused on his career now.

Raegan Beast


Raegan’s road to success started back in 2014, when s/he created his/her profile on the YouNew platform, making live broadcasts, but then s/he totally switched to the app called Musical.ly, which later became TikTok. In 2016 Raegan started posting his/her covers on the songs of his/her YouTube profile as s/he wanted to prove s/he was a talented singer and could record not only lip-syncs, but also real songs in which s/he sings himself. By the end of 2016 he had a chance to appear as a guest star on the Arctic Lights Tour organized by the famous DigiTour festival group. That event changed the life of Raegan and granted him/her an opportunity to become a real star. In January 2017 Raegan visited Portland and participated in Wizard World’s Social Con Event. Later in February 2017, s/he signed a contract with Matt Dugan, a famous manager who works with young celebrities, and started his/her performing career.

S/He promotes hi/hers singing talent not only performing at various festivals, but also posting videos on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

Personal life, ex-boyfriend Justin Blake.

Raegan’s first love affair happened in 2016, when s/he dated a bisexual girl named Vera, but they broke up in the same year. Later in November 2016 Raegan started dating Justin Blake, who is also a Female-to-Male transgender. They posted a lot of photos and videos of them kissing, never hiding their relationship and confirming the rumors of them being gays. Justin Drew Blake was born on 1 February 2000, in Minnesota USA; s/he is also an Internet sensation and a TikTok personality. His/her TikTok profile is followed by more than 2.7 million subscribers. Raegan and Justin dated for several months and then broke up in April 2017, never revealing the reason of their splitting. Raegan later admitted they were still best friends and neither of them cheated on each other when they were in a relationship. Justin is now dating another Instagram sensation, Tyler Brown.

Raegan was rumored to be dating Kristen Hancher, but they never confirmed any affairs between them. As for the moment, Kristen has a boyfriend named Austin Hare, and s/he admits that s/he is just a friend of Raegan.

Hobbies, interests, friends

Raegan is a dog lover; his/her dog is named Koba. His/her favorite singers are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. S/He likes spending his/her spare time with friends, who are also YouTube and Instagram personalities, such as Kristen Hancher and Andrew Gregory. Raegan likes smoking vapes.

Social media presence

Raegan is mostly active on his/her TikTok account which is followed by more than a million subscribers; Raegan has almost 80 million “hearts” there. Raegan has a Twitter account which was created in March 2012 and is read by more than 44,000 people. S/He is also very active on his/her Instagram account which is followed by more than 380,000 subscribers. Theres/ he’s been posting a lot of post-surgery photos sharing his/her recovery progress. A lot of his/her fans leave supporting comments under his/her photos sharing their love and warm words, wishing Raegan a fast recovery. His/her YouTube profile is followed by more than 113,000 people, and s/he is very consistent in posting new videos every week or even oftener.


Raegan has naturally dark-brown hair which s/he likes to style up above his/her forehead; s/he has brown eyes and pale skin. Raegan is 5ft 6ins (1.70m) and weighs around 132lbs (60kgs). His/her vital statistics are not available at the moment, since s/he is still recovering from his/her plastic surgery having his/her breast removed. S/He has a tattoo depicting an anatomic structure of a heart right above his/her left knee. S/He has another small tattoo on his/her left hand between the thumb and the index fingers. As for his/her clothing style, Raegan likes casual looks, and often wears hoodies, jeans, T-shirts and caps.

Net worth

Raegan is only now starting the career of a professional performer, though his/her current net worth is estimated to be around $100,000, some authoritative sources claim s/he may have more, since s/he is very active on various social media platforms and definitely benefits from them. Another source of his/her income is his/her online store of merchandise. Recently Raegan tweeted that s/he had a lot of money and was ready to find a new home in Los Angeles: ‘I just made a lot of money and I’m actually crying .. now on to get my apartment and my own car and build a life with my supporters out here in LA .. ready to make music and do YouTube FULL time!’ We hope Raegan’s career is going to develop in the nearest future, increasing his earnings.

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