• Diana and Kim Coates have been married for 35 years and have two daughters
• Diana is a Canadian-American actress, appearing in TV series “Chicago Fire”, “Chicago Med”, and the movie “Game Day”
• Diana’s hobbies, interests, and social media presence are unknown
• Diana has blonde middle-length hair and blue eyes
• Diana and Kim Coates have a combined estimated net worth of over $4.5 million


Kim Coates has been married to Diana since they were schoolmates, and the family of actors are still together, bringing up two daughters. Very little is known about Diana’s life though she’s been with Kim for a long time. The journalists failed to get any details about their personal life, and there’s still not much to read about Diana on the internet. We are going to gather all the information available to provide you with relevant data about Diana’s age, family, career, daughter and more.

Early life, family

Diana was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. The precise year of her birth is unknown, though she is of the same age as her husband, Kim, who they attended the same high school with. Since he was born in 1958, Diana must have been born the same year or a year later, in 1959. Nothing is known about her parents’ names, ages or occupations, there is also no information if they are still alive. NO information about Diana’s siblings, if any, has ever appeared online or anywhere else in the media. Diana spent her childhood in Canada, in the city of Saskatoon where she was born.


Diana probably attended a local elementary and high school in Saskatoon, since she was born and lived there for a long period of time. She attended the same school as her husband Kim did. Diana most likely matriculated from her high school around 1976. There is no precise information about if or which university she entered after her matriculation, though it could probably be the University of Saskatchewan, which her husband Kim Coates also attended and later graduated from.


As for her career, Diana is an actress, and appeared on stage, as well as in several movies and TV shows. Thus one could see her in the TV series “Chicago Fire” (2012-present), an action-drama showing the severe world of firefighters and paramedics who work at Firehouse 51; the series was warmly accepted by both audience and critics, and received a lot of nominations and awards, among them “Top Television Series” at ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards (2013), “Best Drama Episode – “Professional Courtesy”” at Prism Awards (2013), “Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline – Mental Health” at Prism Awards (2016) and “Favorite Dramatic TV Actor” (for Taylor Kinney’s performance) at People’s Choice Awards (2016).

Diana is also participating in another TV series called “Chicago Med” (2015 – present), a medical drama and another installment of the Chicago franchise. It also has several nominations for various awards, though the series won only one so far: “Best Performance in a TV Series – Guest Starring Teen Actress” at Young Artist Awards (2017). Haley Brooke Walker got the award for her performance in the TV series.

Diana also had a support role in John Susman’s movie called “Game Day” in 2017, in which she played Paula.

As for her theatre activities, Diana played Isadora during the workshop and reading of a stage adaptation of “Rutherford’s Travels”, based on the novel “Middle Passage” written by Charles Johnson. The stage adaptation was held at Goodman Theatre in Chicago, while it was presented by Pegasus Theatre in December 2015. Diana also participated in the workshop and reading of another adaptation of the same novel, this time adapted by David Barr III and Ilesa Duncan. In April 2016 it was presented at the Pegasus Theatre, directed by Ilesa Duncan.

Personal life, husband Kim Coates

Diana has been married to Kim Coates for more than 35 years now. They were a couple since high school times, and started dating when they attended the same high school in Saskatoon, Canada. There are no rumors of their current or former breakups or conflict, and they seem to live in peace since the year of their marriage in 1984. They have welcomed two daughters, Brenna and Kyla.

Kim Coates is a noted Canadian-American actor, born on 21 February 1958 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan where he studied drama as a minor. Kim started his career shortly afterwards, and has now appeared in more than 125 movies and TV series, and there are more to come in the near future.

You could see young Kim Coates in such TV series as “Miami Vice” (1984 – 1990) in which he played Jack Cragun, “Night Heat” (1985 – 1989) in the role of Tito, and “War of the Worlds” (1988 – 1990) as Scott. Kim has also appeared in much movies as “The Amityville Curse” (1989), “Red Blooded American Girl” (1990), “The Last Boy Scout” (1991) and “Innocent Blood” (1992).

Kim Coates

In the 2000s Kim got more roles in TV series in such as “Higher Ground” (2000), “Smallville” (2001 – 2011) playing Special Agent Carter, and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (2000 – 2015) in which he had the role of Drake Snow.

As for the recent years, Kim has appeared in such TV series as “Sons of Anarchy” (2008 – 2014), “Prison Break” (2005 – 2017) and “Godless” (mini-series, 2017), and is still working consistently as an actor and as a producer, with several upcoming projects in the next couple of years.

Hobbies and interests

It is hard to find any relevant information about Diana’s hobbies, or anything she does when she has spare time, though she probably spends this time with her family. It is known that the Coates are friends with William Fichtner and Kevin Costner, so they might have some mutual hobbies and interests such as hiking or travelling together. Kim also participates in UK Bike Fest, so they may enjoy cycling too.

Social media presence

Neither Diana nor Kim are very active on the Internet – Diana doesn’t have any accounts, and Kim is only active on Twitter, having almost 400,000 followers. He also has an Instagram account which he created in 2014, but has posted only two photos on his profile.


There are only few photos of Diana one can find online. According to those photos, she has blond middle-length hair and blue eyes; her height, weight or vital statistics are unavailable.

Net worth

Diana’s net worth is estimated by authoritative sources at over $500,000, while Kim Coates has accumulated a net worth of over $4 million, both modest fortunes earned from acting, Kim as a producer.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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