• Laura Lux is a successful DJ and Instagram sensation originally known as Ashlee Adams.
• She has a brother, Mark Sellar, who is an entrepreneur and winner of the TV reality show "The Big Adventure".
• Laura has successfully pursued an online and offline career in DJing, modeling, and Twitch gaming.
• She is an LGBT community activist and has garnered support for her battle against sexual abuse.
• She has an estimated net worth of $2.3 million, largely accrued from her online presence.


Laura Lux is a popular DJ, and an Instagram sensation, who is also known by her original name Ashlee Adams. She has made successful online and offline careers, but it seems that she’s been alone all her way through, as still nothing is known about any boyfriend. Let’s find out more about her life, current relationships status, family, net worth, etc.

Early life and family

Ashlee Adams, as known as Laura Lux was born on 23 August 1984, in Adelaide, South Australia, so under the sign of Leo and holding Australian nationality. She later moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her modeling and music career, and as of 2019, she lives in Austin, Texas.

Laura has a brother named Mark Sellar, who is an entrepreneur and founder and CEO of such companies and projects as “HGT Innovations”, “Fantom Hardware”, “Shader Australia” and “Earthling3”. Mark was also a winner of the TV reality show entitled “The Big Adventure”. Laura is in very close and warm relationships with him, and has recently congratulated him on his wedding to his long-term girlfriend, Stevie, and shared several pictures from the ceremony on her Instagram account. Nothing is known about Laura’s parents, as she’s never mentioned any details about them.

Educational background

Nothing in particular is known about Laura’s educational background, except that she matriculated from her local high school in Adelaide in 2002. She never shared which college or university she attended, so this information is low-key at the moment.


DJ career

Laura started her career as a DJ in 2011. She created an account on then-very-popular platform MySpace and shared there her music. Some months later she was invited to participate in various events along with other DJs. She played at such parties as “Rain at the Palms” in Las Vegas, “E4” in Amsterdam and then Berlin, “HP Underground” in Darwin, and even “Hush” in Auckland, sharing the stage with such popular DJs as Yo Gotti and Tigerlily.

In 2014 she was on the list of official Monster Energy Motocross Tour DJs. In 2016 she created her account on SoundCloud, and shared her music there. Her first playlist entitled “Vodkast” was launched on 4 March 2016 and was played over 100,000 times. She then became a resident at the popular Australian nightclub called “HQ”, and also kept performing around Melbourne and Adelaide.

Modelling career

Along with being a DJ, Laura decided to promote herself as a model, and started participating in various photoshoots. She was featured in such magazines as “Monster Energy Girls”, “Girls of Zoo” and many others.

She created her Instagram account and a profile on Patreon to attract more audience to her personality. She regularly posts her explicit photos on her social media accounts and has several commercial contracts with popular brands and companies.

Gaming career

Twitch became another source of a new audience for Laura. The streaming platform helped Laura to attract even more viewers, as she played various popular games: Fortnite, Counter Strike and some RPG and survival horrors. Not that she is a skillful gamer, but her explicit looks always attract a male audience, granting her new followers and subscribers.

Laura Lux


Having an Instagram account with almost nude photos often provokes various scandals and controversies. Laura was not the first one (and won’t be the last one) who got photos from men which can be classified as an act of sexual abuse. She didn’t want to keep calm about that, and united with her modelling mate, Emily Sears, to reveal such people’s behavior to their wives and girlfriends. Using the information from those men’s profiles Laura and Emily found their spouses or partners, and shared the received pictures with them. The news about this way of battling sexual abuse soon reached newspapers and Laura and Emily were mentioned in the Huffington Post.

They got a lot of support from their female fans, as they all knew what it was like – to be abused just because you post explicit photos on Instagram.

Personal life

Almost nothing is known about Laura’s personal life, as she’s never shared any pictures or information about her current or former boyfriend. She was rumored to date her long-term friend Patrick Farron, though there is no particular information about their relationship. In March 2019 she posted a photo of herself with super-popular American actor Jared Padalecki, the star of the legendary series “Supernatural”. They met at a party organized by Dell at the nightclub called “SXSW” in Austin, and were instantly flooded with questions about their relationship, however, Laura ignored all of them.

Jared is married to Genevieve Padalecki and they seem to be happy together, as no news about any problems in their relationship has ever come up, so they are probably just friends with Laura.

Hobbies and interesting facts

  • Laura’s favorite food is pineapple pizza, tacos and sushi.
  • As to her favorite music style, she likes country music even though it is hard to believe.
  • She is an LGBT community activist; she often participates in pride parades and other gay events, and also has many friends who are gays.
  • Her main passion is travelling. She shared she enjoyed working as a DJ as she traveled around the world several times a year.
  • Her favorite beach is Tulum.

Social media presence

Laura is very active on various social media platforms. Her main Instagram account has over 1.6 million subscribers, while her alternative profile – on which she posts casual and personal photos – has almost 100,000 subscribers. Her Twitch profile has around 36,000 followers. Her Twitter profile is read by over 287,000 people, while her Facebook page is followed and liked by over 385,000 users. She also has a Patreon page with more than 570 patrons.

Appearance, clothing style

Laura has long naturally straight hair which she likes to dye into various shades of red, pink and blue; sometimes she wears it blonde. Laura is 5ft 6ins (1.73m) tall, weighs around 141lbs (64kgs), and her vital statistics are 36-30-40.

She has very many tattoos around her body, and at the moment she is in sorrow for Harambe, a famous gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo which was killed in an accident – she decided to get a tattoo saying “RIP Harambe”. She asked her followers on Twitter to share her post about this decision more than 2,000 times, and in this case she would have done the tattoo. Some of her fans said the tattoo was not so smart, even silly and stupid, but Laura insisted that not everything in her life should be serious, so she can afford some personal decisions which would make her happy.

Net worth and salary

According to authoritative sources Laura’s current net worth is estimated to be around $2.3 million, accumulated by working hard as a DJ, model and also a streamer. Her main Instagram account earns her up to $5,400 per post, and she also benefits from her Twitch stream donation tips, and Patreon subscribers. As the number of her subscribers on her Instagram is still expanding, her net worth is going to grow in future.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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