• Levi Kilcher was born in 1981 in Homer, Alaska and is a relative of singer Jewel
• He holds a PhD in Physical Oceanography from Oregon State University and works as a National Renewable Energy Lab
• He is married to Jessie Luna, a graduate of Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, and they have one daughter, Jade
• Levi has several social media accounts and is a passionate traveler
• His net worth is estimated to be over $550,000


Levi Kilcher is a member of a large family of TV personalities. The Kilchers have their own TV show called “Alaska: The Last Frontier” on the Discovery Channel, which shows the world how they live in Alaska in their homestead, which lacks central heating and plumbing. Levi doesn’t appear much in the show, staying behind the curtains, so very little is known about his life. Let’s find out more details about his age, wife, kids and job.


Early life, family

Levi Kilcher was born on 9 March 1981, in Homer, Alaska USA. His mother’s name is Sharon Mckemie, nut nothing else is known about her age or current occupation. His father’s name is Otto Kilcher, who is 67 years old in 2019, who fixes all the things around their homestead, but nevertheless never stops working in farming and cattle raising. Levi has a sibling, Eivin Kilcher, and also half-brothers August Kilcher, who is the son of Otto and his third wife, Charlotte, and Torrey, the son of Charlotte and her first husband, to whom she was married before Otto. It is worth saying that Levi is a relative of popular pop- and country-singer Jewel – their fathers are siblings, and they have the same grandfather, Yuly Kilcher, who was a Swiss immigrant who moved to Alaska in the period of the Second World War searching for a safer place for his family. Jewel was brought to the homestead when she was around four years old, and remembers those times with warmth though she understands it was a hard place to live in: ‘No running water, no heat—we had a coal stove and an outhouse and we mainly lived off what we could kill, catch or cann. We picked berries and made jam. We caught fish to freeze and had gardens and cattle to live on <…> I loved it there’.


Just as his brother, Eivin Kilcher, Levi attended Homer High School for formal education, although father Otto Kilcher also home-schooled him in the various important skills needed to survive in the severe climate of Alaska. Levi ultimately completed his PhD in Physical Oceanography at Oregon State University in 2010, and is an expert in tidal processes, ocean turbulence, and surface waves.


Levi Kilcher leads the National Renewable Energy Lab‘s ocean energy resource assessment, site identification, and site characterization activities. He is currently leading a Department of the Environment-funded (DOE) multi-lab project to characterize resource and site details at top-ranking tidal and wave energy sites around the Nation. In 2012 and 2013, as a member of the DOE-funded START program, he advised Alaskan tribal organizations on energy solutions appropriate to their environment. He is an active member in developing standards for marine energy performance and resource assessment. He was invited to speak at REAP’s (Renewable Energy Alaska Project) Energy Speaker Series in 2018.

Levi has recently announced he is going to work as a woodworker, founding a company called “Farenorth Design”. He has already created a logo for his company, and is about to open a website for it.

TV show “Alaska: The Last Frontier”

Levi’s family is always busy filming for the TV show “Alaska: The Last Frontier” which is broadcast on Discovery Channel since 29 December 2011. The show tells the story of the family who live in Alaska in their homestead, details of their daily farm life have been watched for eight seasons. Otto and Charlotte grow and harvest hay for their cows, and Charlotte takes care of the cows, milking them and storing the milk and making cheese and cream. They also have calves which help with milk, since the calves stay with their mother-cows, so the Kilchers don’t have such a tight milking schedule as other farmers may have. Charlotte also takes care of ducks and chickens which give them an endless flow of eggs; they domn’t need to cull the chickens as they usually die of old age.

The Kilchers also produce their sweetener out of birch syrup; they also started beekeeping to get honey as a sweetener and as a base for mead, an alcoholic drink of fermented honey and water.

Levi appeared in few episodes, in the sixth episode of the sixth season when Otto was recovering from surgery; Levi comes back to their homestead to help his brother Eivin lead the annual cattle drive which happens every spring. He also appeared in other episodes in the background, though he never tried/doesn’t want to become a star of the show.

The family promotes their story and the TV show with the help of various tools, such as the website of their homestead on which they have a store with souvenirs and merchandise goods and T-shirts. Charlotte is very active on her Instagram account on which she shares their daily life; she has more than 51,000 followers. The show has also a Facebook page which is followed by more than 550,000 fans.

Personal life, wife Jessie Luna

Levi’s personal life is a secret to most of the audience, as he keeps it low-key. One can see a couple of photos of Levi and a mysterious girl (which could be his girlfriend at that moment) on his private Facebook page. Levi hugs and kisses the girl in those photos, so one could guess that they were dating when the pictures were taken. The photos were posted in 2015, and guide to Jessie Luna, the girl from those pictures, who reveals all secrets of Levi’s married life on her Facebook page.

Jessie Luna is a graduate of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland, where she studied Global Ecology and Sustainable Development. She also studied Sociology in the University of Colorado, Boulder from which she graduated in 2018. She is a former research fellow in the Fulbright Program, and Assistant Professor at Colorado State University. Jessie loves cycling, hitch hiking and travelling.

Kids, daughter Jade Luna Kilcher

In September 2017 Levi and Jessie welcomed their first-born, daughter Jade Luna Kilcher. Jessie shared that Jade changed their life and brought happiness and joy to their family. They all spend a lot of any spare time together.

Hobbies and interests

Levi is a passionate traveller. He travelled around the world with his wife, Jessie, visiting Europe, Africa and many countries of their choice. Levi had a horse named Troyka (“Three” in Russian), when he was younger, the Russian name probably prompted by his Russian-speaking stepmother, Olga Von Ziegesar.

Levi is also interested in wood design.

Social media presence

Levi is pretty active on his Twitter account which is read by more than 8,000 followers. He also has an Instagram account though he has only one photo posted there, which is a collage of his pictures and portraits. He has more than 1,000 followers who hope that he’s going to post more photos one day. He has a private Facebook page with more than 1,100 followers though the page remains deserted. He also has a fan page on Facebook with more than 1,600 followers which is more alive than his private page. Levi has a Medium account on which he has only three posts written in 2016.


Levi has short light brown hair and sometimes wears a short beard; he has gray eyes. His height, weight and vital statistics are unavailable for the moment. As for his clothing style, he prefers casual clothes which are comfortable for Alaska’s severe climate.

Net worth

Sources estimate that Levi’s net worth is over $550,000 as of early 2019, some earned from the show “Alaska: The Last Frontier’, but mostly working on his professional job which brings in up to $120,000 per year. No numbers has been revealed about his or his wife’s, Jessie, income. They both work hard at several jobs and have an active life position, participating in multiple events, campaigns and researches.

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