• Lindsay Capuano was born in the USA in 1998 and is a model and social media personality
• Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million
• She started to gain attention for her consistent content, attractive looks, and the lack of hesitance in showcasing her figure
• She has been featured in several digital publications and has worked with companies such as MetDaan, CraveOnline Media, and Brandy Melville USA
• She has over 700K followers on Instagram, 50K followers on Twitter, and 150K fans on Facebook


Who is Lindsay Capuano?

Lindsay Capuano was born on 30 June 1998, in the USA, is a model, social media personality on Instagram on which she often showcased her well-developed figure. She’s also been featured on several popular digital publications throughout her career.

The Net Worth of Lindsay Capuano

As of mid-2019 net worth is ~$1 million.

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Early Life and Online Beginnings

In 2015, she discovered the website Instagram, leading her to create an account there.

Lindsay Capuano

Modelling Opportunities

After creating her online account, Capuano started to gain a lot of attention for her consistent content, attractive looks, and the lack of hesitance in showcasing her figure. She often showcased her backside, showing a well-developed butt which has seen a lot of work in the gym. Eventually, she started to interest online publications and companies – one of these was The Chive, which is a website owned by Resignation, LLC, with a focus on the male demographic. The website focuses on curating photos from international and domestic websites, and daily submissions to create content for men. Most of these include photos of women, memes, and other entertainment content.

The website gained a lot of notoriety during its early days, after it started spreading a series of internet hoaxes that were reported as true stories by mainstream media. They have since stopped these types of stories, and have focused more on charity through their own organization called Chive Charities. As of 2019, the organization has donated over $1.8 million to various causes. The regular community of The Chive is also known as the Chivers.

Other Modelling Work and Recent Endeavors

Another company Lindsay has been featured on is MetDaan, a digital media company which focuses on content regarding several industries such as entertainment, fashion and beauty. The company consists of video producers, animators, curators and writers, with a focus on the female demographic, and has over 110 million followers across all their digital platforms. She also had a project with CraveOnline Media, which is a men’s lifestyle website based in Los Angeles, California. They publish content focused on the male audience, and has numerous websites under its name – launched in 2004, it was considered one of the top websites for men during the late 2000s.

In recent months, she’s been doing modelling work for several online retailers such as Brandy Melville USA, sporting their outfits in several of her photos. The company sells clothing online shipping in the US. She has also done photo shoots for the company PSD Underwear. which is marketed as affordable luxury underwear, and is known for celebrity signature underwear with names such as Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, and Ninja, offering for both men and women.

Personal Life and Social Media

She has not been public about this aspect of her life, and several sources point out that she may not be interested in long term relationships yet, as she is still young and focused on the continuing development of her online career. She loves showing her backside a lot, indicative of a lot of time at the gym developing that part of her body. She also loves going outdoors and wearing revealing or sexy outfits.

Her account on Instagram has over 706,000 followers, on which she often posts sensual photos appealing to male followership. She also has a back-up account which has over 40,000 followers, but is set to private. Having a back-up account has been increasing in popularity for many Instagram models and personalities, due to the abrupt changes the website’s policy goes through, leading to unexpected bans or suspensions. She also has an account on Twitter, which has over 50,000 followers, though the account is set on private. Another account she has is on Facebook which has over 150,000 fans. She also set up her own YouTube account, but has only uploaded one video onto it since its creation during late-2018.

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