• Mark Bowe is a 49-year-old American reality TV star, craftsman, designer, entrepreneur and historian.
• He is the creator of the popular documentary/reality TV series "Barnwood Builders" which airs on the DIY Network.
• He has a Master's Degree in Safety Management from West Virginia University.
• His net worth as of late-2019 is over $1 million.
• He is married to Cindy Lavender-Bowe and they have a son named Atticus.


Who is Mark Bowe?

Born on 6 March 1970 under the water sign of Pisces, at an unspecified location in the West Virginia, USA, Mark Bowe is a 49-year-old American reality TV star, craftsman, designer, entrepreneur and historian. He is best known as the man behind “Barnwood Builders”, a popular documentary/reality TV series which airs on the DIY Network. Created by Bowe, the show depicts the adventures of himself and his team, as they work meticulously to restore historic wooden structures, and turn them into modern homes with a twist.

Since he started his first company in 1995, Mark has become a true celebrity, transcending mere expertise in his particular niche. His experience and credentials have allowed him to work with celebrities, too.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in West Virginia

Mark was raised in his birthplace by parents of still unknown names and professions. Despite being an international TV star, Bowe has kept his distance from news outlets, scandals or anything related to his personal life. Despite the lack of details about his childhood, we do know that he loved building things when he was younger.

‘Whenever I went out with my mom, I would always look at buildings and houses under construction’, recalls Bowe. ‘To me, how it slowly changed was much more fascinating than the finished product.’ As for his education, he matriculated from DuPont High School in DuPont City, West Virginia in 1988, then enrolled at West Virginia University (WVU) to major in Business Administration, graduating in 1992. Mark then received additional training in restoration, wood-based construction and other niches. With these newly-acquired skills, he was ready for his first business venture, which was developed from a genuinely unique idea.

Mark Bowe

Entering the Business World: Antique Cabins and Barns

Mark surprisingly wanted to restrain himself from making any sudden business moves. Why? Well, he simply felt the need to solidify his expertise, so he returned to his alma mater to obtain a Master’s Degree in Safety Management. With this additional knowledge, Bowe was ready to turn his ideas into reality, and in 1995 he founded Antique Cabins and Barns. The goal of this venture was to get in contact with clients who had old cabins and wooden structures, in order to refurbish them and turn them into passable, relatively modern living spaces.

Since the concept was relatively unique, Mark had to study quite a lot about history from the first years of the colonization of the US. So he turned into a proper historian, which impressed his customers greatly, and in the first few years of his professional career, he succeeded in amassing a plethora of affluent clients who were willing to pay a pretty penny for a renewed wooden cabin. This led to him being a renowned personality in the building profession, and prompted a myriad of invites to conferences, TV shows and magazine interviews.

Expanding His Influence: Barnwood Builders and Barnwood Living

It didn’t take long for Mark to become rich from his endeavors, but he wasn’t content with just his initial plan; instead, he wanted to expand. Therefore, after 18 years of providing quality services to various influential clients, he decided that the entertainment world was his next destination. In 2013, he negotiated a contract with both Discovery Channel and the DIY Network to create his own documentary/reality series. Called “Barnwood Builders”, Mark’s creation became an instant sensation – there wasn’t such a show previously, mostly because nobody even thought of combining historical architecture with modern elements.

For eight seasons now, “Barnwood Builders” has been one of the highest-rated documentary shows on television. Mark is deemed an excellent narrator/presenter, and people also love the pleasant chemistry between him and his team of builders. In recent years, his speciality has been cabins and barns from the pioneer era in the eastern US. Other than his televised endeavors, Mark is also willing to make public appearances, and deliver speeches for motivational or educational purposes.

In 2016, he rebranded his company as Barnwood Living, the ultimate barn restoration team.

Personal Life: Who is Mark Bowe’s Wife Cindy Lavender-Bowe? Do They Have Kids?

Mark Bowe is married to Cindy Lavender-Bowe, a Democrat politician who is a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, representing District 42. Their story dates back to their childhood, as they attended DuPont High School together. They didn’t spend much time in the same social circles, but knew each other’s names, which came in handy when they bumped into each other some time later. There is no information about the date and details of their wedding ceremony, but it is widely believed that they tied the knot during a private event in West Virginia. They have a son named Atticus whose age is unknown, but Mark frequently expresses love for him in interviews.

Despite being famous, both Mark and Cindy are humble, and make frequent appearances at charity events, and are active in the community.

Net Worth: How Rich is Mark Bowe?

Have you ever wondered how affluent this famous builder really is? According to credible sources, Mark Bowe has a net worth of over $1 million, as of late-2019. His reported annual income is $300,000, which doesn’t include additional sponsorships and his revenue from public appearances. As he expanded his entrepreneurial empire only recently, a big increase in his net worth in the near future wouldn’t be surprising.

Social Media Presence

To further his fame and engage with fans, Mark uses a variety of platforms with relative adeptness. He has an official Facebook page, with 55,000 ‘likes’, and also has a following on both Instagram and Twitter, with 17,000 and 7,500 followers, respectively.

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