• Matt Ogus is a popular bodybuilder and YouTube personality from California.
• He has nearly 600,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and is the creator of the six pack shredding program.
• His weekly workout routine includes deadlifts, legs exercises, abs, upper body, and lower body exercises plus cardio.
• He eats 50g of fat, 250g of carbs, and 225g of protein daily.
• Matt is married to fellow fitness enthusiast Brittany Lesser and they have a son. He has a net worth of over $300,000.


Matt Ogus Wiki Biography

Matthew Ogus was born in Citrus Height, California USA, on 12 March 1991, so under the zodiac sign of Aries and holding American nationality – Matthew is popular for his “Flex For All” YouTube channel on which he uploads his bodybuilding videos.

Early life and education

Matt has not shared anything about his parents with the public – the only thing known about his family is that he has two brothers and a nephew.

As with most boys, Matt was interested in video games as he was growing up. It was when he started attending high school that he fell in love with weight training, starting exercising because he wanted to shape his figure – ‘I think that’s the reason why so many people love bodybuilding or fitness in general. What you put in, you get out.’ He found support in his football coach, who told him everything he needed to know about weightlifting.

After he matriculated from a local high school, he decided not to pursue a college degree but to rather focus on his YouTube and bodybuilding careers.

Bodybuilding and Internet career

Matt’s career began when he attended his first competition – it only made him realize that he needed to exercise more and harder. He created his social media accounts, and as he trained and became stronger and more muscular, so did his fan base expand – he launched his YouTube channel on 26 December 2010, and has so far gathered nearly 600,000 subscribers and over 125 million views on all his videos combined. His channel is said to be his main source of income, as he uploads videos in which he helps people determine the proper exercising plan for themselves, including  their diets, and tells them about the best ways to lose weight.

Matt has two other YouTube channels entitled “flexforall” and “flexforall3” but neither of these have been successful, and Matt is no longer posting videos on them.

He is the creator of the six pack shredding program which one can download for free on the Internet.

Matt Ogus

How does Matt’s workout week look like?

Matt has a specific strength training routine which looks like this:

  • Monday – Matt does Deadlift 5/3/1 style; he does legs exercises such as front squats, hack squats, lunges, and other variations of deadlift; he does several types of calves including standing calf raises, donkey raises, and leg press machine calf raises; he does abs – hanging leg raises, dragon flags, and cable crunches;
  • Tuesday is a resting day for Matt;
  • Wednesday – Matt exercises his upper body and does benchpress; he does A pull including T-bar row, barbell row, dumbbell row, chinup and pullup; he does A push – seated or standing military dumbbell press, and dips; and does biceps exercises such as barbell curls and dumbbell curls;
  • Matt rests on Thursday’s as well;
  • On Fridays, Matt exercises his lower body and does the same exercises as on Mondays;
  • On Saturdays, Matt exercises his upper body by doing the same training he does on Wednesdays;
  • Matt takes Sundays off.

Matt also does cardio training about three times per week.

What does the bodybuilder eat?

Eating is as important as exercising – Matt measures every meal has, and tries to eat exactly 50g of fat, 250g of carbs, and 225g of protein every day. The food he eats includes eggs, fish oil, oats, cinnamon, chicken breasts, potato, onion, vinegar, and he drinks green tea or coffee. He doesn’t use many supplements – he usually takes 5g of creatine every day.

Personal life and relationships

Matt is quite secretive when it comes to his personal life. He is a married man as he exchanged his wedding vows with Brittany Lesser, a fellow fitness enthusiast – Brittany gave birth to their son Grayson in 2018. Neither of them talk about their marriage in public, however, judging by their Instagram pictures, the two seem to be quite happy with each other.

Before Brittany, Matt dated a brunette named Melissa for a brief period of time, and was then seen with Megan Gittings after breaking up with Melissa.

Matt’s wife, Brittany Lesser

Brittany is a YouTube personality and a fitness enthusiast born in Florida USA on 12 August 1992, so is a year younger than Matt. After she matriculated from a local high school, Brittany enrolled at college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health education.

Brittany’s career started on 5 February 2014 when she launched her YouTube channel – she has so far gathered nearly 90,000 followers and over seven million views on all her videos combined. She is quite active on her Instagram account which is followed by over 260,000 people while she posted nearly 1,200 pictures – Brittany is a big inspiration for girls who want to lose weight and shape their figure.

Matt’s likes and other interests

Matt doesn’t have time for other things as his working-out habits are taking most of his time – he uses all his free time to be with his wife and his newborn son. Both he and his wife are animal lovers, and have two dogs living with them – they state that their child is going to be mentally healthier if he grows up with dogs in the house.

Appearance and net worth

Matt is currently 28 years old. He has short black hair, brown eyes, is 5ft 7in (1.7m) tall and weighs around 170lbs (77kgs). According to authoritative sources, Matt’s current net worth is estimated to be over $300,000, amassed mostly thanks to his YouTube channel.

Social media presence

Matt is quite active on some of the most popular social media platforms – he launched his Twitter account in June 2011 and has so far gathered over 23,000 followers and tweeted over 10,000 times. His Instagram account is followed by almost 600,000 people while he uploaded over 3,200 pictures – his description reads ‘I will teach you how to Lose Fat, Build Muscle & Strength, and Create the Physique you deserve’. He has a Facebook page as well, but which is followed by only 68 people as he hasn’t been active on it for three years now.

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