• Mikaela Long is a 24-year-old Caucasian YouTuber, Viner, beauty vlogger, actress, comedian and social media personality.
• She rose to fame with the help of Jenna Marbles, J Cyrus and Kendall and Khloe Kardashian.
• She has appeared on TV in "Camp Unplug", "FML", "It's Sketchy" and "Deadly Sins".
• She has an eponymous YouTube channel with over 750,000 subscribers.
• Her estimated net worth is close to $120,000.


Who is Mikaela Long?

Born under the sign of Taurus on the 29th of April 1994 in San Marcos, California USA, Mikaela Long is a 24-year-old Caucasian YouTuber, Viner, beauty vlogger, actress, comedian and social media personality. She is perhaps best known to the world for her ubiquitous presence across the viral video networks, especially YouTube and Vine (until it was shut down), thanks to a wide variety of her comical sketches and make-up tutorials. She has also had a number of other successes over the course of her sometimes lucrative YouTuber career since 2013.

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Early Life and Education: A Teenage Star

Mikaela was raised apparently an only child in her birthplace by her mother and stepfather. Although her mother’s identity is still unknown, there is the fact that she posed for Playboy at some point, and that she had a long career in modeling. As for her education, she went to a local high school with an unknown name, from where she matriculated in 2012. She then proceeded to pursue a double major at the University of Southern California, specifically degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education with a Reading Credential. It is at this point unknown whether she actually graduated.

Career: A Lucky Rise to Fame

Mikaela began posting videos on the Vine network regularly at some point in 2013, which was initially not garnering her much recognition. However, the first major celebrity to notice her at the time was Jenna Marbles, a prominent YouTuber, Viner, and beauty vlogger. After that, Viner J Cyrus also reposted one of her videos, which naturally had a great impact on her fan base. Later on, she also attracted the attention of Gabe Erwin, another famous Viner, and in 2014 she gathered considerable momentum as Kendal Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, some of the most famous US celebrities, also noticed and re-posted her work. It wasn’t long before she had over a million followers on Vine, and made an appearance on Vine’s “Explore Page” in 2015. The very next year, when Vine was also shut down, she received the Shorty Award for the Best Vine Comedian.

Mikaela Long

She is an Actress Too

Right at the time when Vine disintegrated, Mikaela made her first appearance on the TV screen, initially as herself in “Camp Unplug”. She had one more role that year, as April in the comedy film by Jason Nash entitled “FML”. In 2017, she appeared as Tanya in an episode of “It’s Sketchy”, and then as Cheryl Chuplis in “Deadly Sins”, a documentary TV series. These four appearances mark the entirety of her acting career for now, and at the moment she doesn’t seem to have any plans on taking up another role.

Her YouTube Channel

Like most Viners, Mikaela went on to YouTube after the network disappeared, and continued to entertain her audience there. Her eponymous channel was created on the 16th of October 2011, but it had literally no content until December 29th 2016, when she posted her first video entitled “drunk (blacked out) makeup fail”, which now has over 1.6 million views. Her current most popular video is entitled “i tried doing ASMR while drunk”, which was posted on the 1st of November 2018, and it has over 3.4 million views. She uses this channel mostly for make-up tutorials and beauty vlogging, done almost entirely without comical content for the time being.

Love Life: Does she have a Boyfriend?

As for Mikaela’s romantic involvements, in spite of the fact that she interacts with her fans very frequently across her social media profiles, she’s almost never revealed anything about her love life. However, a few times, in recent years she’s posted a picture with a male of similar age holding her hand. The fans presume that this is indeed her partner, but she simply hasn’t posted enough for her audience to find out more about him, aside from the fact that his name is James and that they’ve been dating since 2011. Until Mikaela herself decides to come forward about this part of her private life, it can only be assumed that they are still together.

Her Unnerving Twitter Post

On the 8th of October 2016, during her first babysitting experience, Mikaela made a Twitter post about catching her niece sleeping in an extremely unusual position, especially for a toddler. She was found and captured by a camera sleeping on her head and holding herself propped up by her arms while her legs are suspended in the air at a 90 degree angle above her. It’s sufficient to say that this is an experience like no other, and that Mikaela was unlucky to run into it as a beginner at this job. Hence, she stated ‘this is my 1st time babysitting & idk where i went wrong but my niece is currently asleep on her head do i call the parents or the exorcist’.

Her Vine Fame is Still Holding Up

Thanks to her aforementioned award, even though Vine no longer exists, praise of Mikaela’s achievements on it can still be found on a site that honors those that dominated the platform in its prime. One of those people is of course Mikaela, and there is an entire page devoted to her. Also, appropriate words of praise are provided, stating ‘Mikaela Long can look crazy in some of her vines, but you cannot help yourself from laughing at her absurdity. She certainly knows how to tap into the feelings of a girl who’s waiting for a guy to text her back, or how to channel the insanity of people during a marriage proposal. With a flare for the dramatic and eyebrows that are always on fleek, Mikaela’s 500k followers watch her perform hilarious sketches and impromptu karaoke moments that almost always scare her mother in the driver’s seat of her car. In 2015, Mikaela earned a channel on Vine’s explore page.’

What is Mikaela Long’s Net Worth?

Have you ever wondered how rich Mikaela is, as of early 2019? According to various authoritative sources, it has been estimated that the total of Mikaela’s accumulated wealth is close to $120,000, made largely by recording various comical videos and make-up tutorials, in a way to attract numerous celebrities and thus a vast number of internet frequenters. As her career continues to develop, the said amount is bound to increase.

Body Measurements

Concerning Mikaela’s physical specifications, she stands at 5ft3ins (160cm), weighs 121lbs (55kgs), her vital statistics are 35-25-35, and her body shape is generally called pear, while she is considered to also look fit. Her bra size is 32C, her shoe size is 5, her hair color is semi-dark blond, and her eyes are dark green,

Social Media Presence

Thanks to the ever expanding grasp that social media has on worldwide audiences, it is in the best interests of most celebrities to keep their fans informed about their activities and thus sustain and potentially increase their rating and profit. Mikaela herself is no stranger to this popular trend, as her dedication to posting updates on her public profiles and engaging with her fans is at an all-time high. Her Facebook account is private, her Twitter account has almost 60,000 followers, her Instagram account almost 190,000, and her YouTube channel over 750,000 subscribers.


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