• Morgan Hultgren is a Swedish model who gained fame through Instagram and has a net worth of over $300,000
• She grew up in Stockholm and created an Instagram account in 2016 to pursue modelling
• She posts photos and videos of herself in swimwear and underwear, and runs an Only Fans account for adult content
• Morgan is in a relationship and has two children, and owns a large pick-up truck
• She frequently updates her social media pages and maintains a good physical appearance to boost her online following

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Who is Morgan Hultgren?

Morgan Hultgren was born on 20 November 1993, in Stockholm, Sweden, and is a model, best known from gaining fame through the social media platform Instagram, to which she’s attracted millions of followers. Since then, she’s represented numerous companies as a model, promoting their respective products and brands.

The Net Worth of Morgan Hultgren

How rich is Morgan Hultgren? As of mid-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $300,000, earned largely through a successful career in modelling. Her online fame has led her to numerous opportunities, including sponsorships and work with other popular online names. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

Very little is known about Morgan’s life before her rise to fame online. There are no details regarding her family, childhood, and education. It is known that she grew up in Stockholm, and early discovered the potential for a career online as a model, noting the numerous names finding a career in modelling through an online breakthrough. She decided to try her hand at the craft through creating an account on Instagram.

Morgan Hultgren

Instagram is a photo and video sharing website owned by Facebook. It allows users to upload their own photos or videos through its own social network. These media can then be shared to the public or to pre-approved followers. One of the reasons for the popularity of the website is due to how easy it is to edit and organize photos. Since its launch in 2010, it has become one of the most popular platforms with over a billion in registered users and over 500 million active users daily, accessing the Stories feature.

Instagram Endeavors and Content

Hultgren started posting online in 2016 under the username swedishkiller, but it was disabled through unknown circumstances. She did not stay inactive from the online world for long, as she then created another account under the user name swedishirishmama. She started gaining fame quickly through her consistent uploads as well as her inclination to post photos that show off her physical features; she enjoys taking photos in swimwear or in her underwear. She’s gained over 2.8 million followers in just a few years.

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Due to her nearly adult oriented content, many of her fans wanted to know if she was the type to reveal more adult content such as nude photos. She then set up an Only Fans account to help her earn income, by offering a subscription service to those who want to access these types of photos and videos. The social media service is very popular within the adult entertainment industry, though it also hosts other content creators such as physical fitness experts, musicians, comedy acts, fashion icons, and others who regularly post online. These creators can receive monthly recurring income from subscribers using a pay-per-view (PPV) feature. There is no limit to how much a content creator can demand in terms of the monthly subscription value, though the website takes a 20% cut of their profits.

Recent Endeavors

Aside from her constant online content, Morgan is also known for gaining sponsorships from several companies; one of her biggest came from the app Supe. The app worked similar to that of Only Fans, and was a platform for social media content creators to charge viewers for premium content.  She became one of the top stars of the app shortly after its release; the app also promoted other social media personalities who had similar content as hers. It was only available through iOS, however, the app eventually shut down.

Since then, Morgan has been focused solely on her Instagram and Only Fans accounts. She uploads several times a week, and she shows off sexy photos and videos within the policy of Instagram. She also gives a bit of an insight into her life outside of her online work, including travelling, modelling photo shoots, and going out with friends. She is known for having her hairstyles and fashion styles changed often for her fans. She has also had several surgical enhancements on her body.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, it is known that Hultgren is in a relationship and has two children. She has not mentioned anything about being married, though is the type not to really specify details about her partner. Many sources speculate as to whether or not she just has a boyfriend, or has a husband. Her children have been featured in a few social media videos, along with the family’s pet dog. She also owns a large pick-up truck as seen in her photos. Despite starting a family, she still manages to maintain her adult oriented subscription page on Only Fans. She spends a lot of her time maintaining good physical condition, to also boost the strength of her online following.

There are numerous other profiles of her on other social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, but they are not related to her as they are just fan pages, often showcasing photos that are already seen on her Instagram account. There are also other people who share the same name as hers, but are not related to her, which is one of the reasons she uses the name swedishkiller and swedishirishmama for her online profiles.


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Solarman1986TV Movie layout artist
Punky Brewster1985TV Series layout artist: XAM! Productions - 1985
Mister T1984TV Series layout artist - 11 episodes
Dragon's Lair1984TV Series layout artist - 1 episode
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends1981-1983TV Series layout artist - 24 episodes
The Incredible Hulk1982-1983TV Series layout artist - 13 episodes
Meatballs and Spaghetti1982TV Series layout artist - 13 episodes
Spider-Man1981-1982TV Series layout artist - 26 episodes
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