Mulan Vuitton is an Instagram sensation who became prominent for her explicit photos which she posted on her social media accounts. She also works as a musician, and made parties her job – Mulan gets paid for her presence at various events and celebrations. Let’s find out more details about her age, measurements, current boyfriend, etc.

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Posted by Mulan Vuitton on Sunday, November 11, 2018

Early life, family

Mulan Vuitton was born under the zodiac sign of Aries on 9 April 1998, in The Bronx, New York City USA. Nothing is known about her parents but that they come from Puerto Rico – she’s never posted any photos of them nor told anything about their age or occupations. She has a sister whose name is still unknown, but Mulan likes spending time with her, and sometimes posts photos of them playing and having fun. When Mulan was 15 years old, she showed an interest in music and playing the drums – years later she turned her hobby into a professional career.


Mulan matriculated from her high school in The Bronx in 2016. There is no other information about her further education, since Mulan’s never mentioned that she entered any college or university.

Mulan Vuitton


Mulan started her Instagram career in 2017, posting her first photo in January. During that year she was very consistent with posting her photos, and attracted a large audience. In November 2017 she got the title of “Hot Instagram Girl of the Day” by Caveman Circus, an Instagram account which shares entertainment and funny photos and videos.

She also promotes the Yekim Clothing website – the owner of the website and brand is Martez Malone, who is a very good friend of Mulan, and she gets a lot of clothes and accessories from his store, and promotes them in her pictures and posts. She works as a host at various parties and events in the night clubs, and gets an impressive amount of money for just appearing there, as the organizers of those parties consider that she promotes those events and advertises them.

Mulan is also a singer, a featured artist of Grateful Records studio, founded by Colin Brown who is the position of the Executive Producer and CEO. The website of the studio tells the story of Mulan’s path in music industry, that she started singing when she was just a little girl, and enjoyed her mother singing her lullabies. Her favorite singer and role model has always been Jennifer Lopez, who inspired Mulan to never give up and to follow her dreams no matter what difficulties stood in front of her. Mulan sings in the genre that is very unique and diverse, as her favorite music styles are R&B and Alternative R&B, but also has several tracks in the genre of NEO Soul and her own version of Modern Rap. As a Puerto Rican, Mulan loves singing Spanish ballads and gives much soul and Latin energy to her performance. She shared that she spends a lot of time working in the studio. Another featured artist of Grateful Records is Malik Davage, who is also an R&B singer and Soul performer. He once appeared in the singing show “The Voice”, and reached the Knockout round before being eliminated.

Personal life

Mulan is always surrounded by many rumors on her boyfriends and relationships. She was said to be dating one of the most famous rappers, Drake, though neither Mulan nor Drake ever confirmed they were in a relationship, and no photos of them were taken. However, it is known for sure that Mulan dated Trippie Red, a rapper and music personality. He got into a very hard situation when he had to choose who he should date – Mulan or his current girlfriend Angvish. Some sources said he left Angvish for Mulan, others that Trippie Red stayed with Angvish in the end, nevertheless, Mulan soon became single again, having only once posted a video of her and Trippie Red when they were still having the affair.

Mulan gets a lot of attention from her male fans – she received a huge teddy bear for St. Valentine’s Day, but didn’t reveal the name of the person who presented it to her. She also got Gucci slippers and lots of chocolate candies. She recently shared a quote on her Instagram account which she called her accurate state: ‘I love being single and independent but I also want someone to love and to talk to, but I also want to be left alone but I’m also lonely’. It is obvious Mulan is having hard times understanding how she feels in her current relationship status, however, she hasn’t announced any updates on that.

Hacking incident and scandals

Female Instagram models often get attacked by hackers who want to steal their nude photos or find compromising details, and Mulan was no exception. Her Instagram account and her phone were hacked, and some of her nude photos were leaked. She had several photos of her drinking alcohol when she was not even 18 years ol, and several explicit pictures of herself which were uploaded to many websites. She was blamed for living such a lifestyle, so she had to close the comments to her photos on Instagram, since too many people wrote negative opinions which made her very stressed and nervous. She was also accused by a lot of her subscribers for posting a video in which she twerks on Memorial Day, saying that she shouldn’t post such videos on such holidays. Nevertheless, Mulan never deleted any posts, leaving them as they were.

Hobbies and interesting facts

She is a dog lover and has a Yorkshire Terrier named Scooter, who even has his own Instagram account with almost 2,000 followers. She loves drawing, and considers it a kind of meditation during which she gets inspired with new song and musical ideas. Mulan’s favorite kind of fun is to take photos of her fees, and to post them on her Instagram profile to show how much cash she has in her purse.

Social media presence

Mulan is very active only on her Instagram account, which is followed by almost 300,000 followers. She used to have a Twitter account which was read by more than 8,000 people, but deleted it since she was not really interested in posting on it. She doesn’t have a YouTube channel, though her fans can also reach her on Facebook – her profile there is followed by almost 8,000 people.


Mulan has very long naturally dark hair which she once bleached; some of her fans think it was a wig, but Mulan never confirmed this information. She has dark brown eyes. Mulan is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall, and weighs around 132lbs (60kgs). Her vital statistics are not available at the moment. She also has many tattoos on her body: a rose on her hand, a heart with her name on her neck, and lots of small and even tiny tattoos on her back, elbows and fingers. She also has a septum piercing. As for her clothing style, she prefers dresses and tiny shorts so she can demonstrate her fit figure. Mulan denies that she’s undergone any plastic surgery, but her followers consider her hips changed a lot, and look as though she enlarged them with the help of the surgeon.

Mulan Vuitton

Net worth

Authoritative sources estimate Mulan’s overall net worth to be around $600,000, accumulated from posting her explicit photos on her Instagram account, and working as a host at various parties and events. She once shared a photo of her fee after one such event – the amount of cash was around $30,000. She is still active on Instagram, so her net worth is only going to grow in the future. She also receives a lot of expensive gifts from her fans, which help her to live luxurious life and have whatever she wants without even buying it.

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