• Natacha Karam is an actress of French Lebanese and Northern Irish descent.
• She is best known for her work on The Brave, Homeland and Silent Witness.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $400,000.
• She is a graduate of Dubai College and is fluent in French and Arabic.
• She is highly active on social media, particularly Instagram, with over 23,000 followers.


Who is Natacha Karam?

Natacha Karam was born in the United Kingdom, and is an actress, best known for her work in projects such as the military drama series “The Brave” which aired for one season on NBC. Other projects she’s worked on include “Homeland” and “Silent Witness”. While her exact date of birth isn’t known, several sources state that the year was 1994.

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The Wealth of Natacha Karam

How rich is Natacha Karam? As of mid-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $400,000, earned through a successful career as an actress. Her television exposure has led her to numerous opportunities, and as she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Education

Very little is known about Natacha’s life prior to her rise to fame in acting, as she has not shared many details regarding her family and childhood; according to her, she is of French Lebanese and Northern Irish descent. She grew up learning several languages and is fluent in French and Arabic. She was based in London for most of her early life though she later moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates to complete her secondary education at Dubai College.

Natacha Karam

The school was established in 1978 and caters to students from grade seven up to 13. It is located at the Al Sufou area of the city, and a lot of students from the UK attend the school due to its educational system being similar. The school is a non-profit organization and is administered by a board which makes decisions on its finances as well as its academics. The school is a member of the British Schools of the Middle East, and has consistently recorded top examination results of all British Schools Overseas. After completing high school, she started pursuing an acting career.

Acting Career

It is not known if Karam took up college education, or if she decided to focus solely on her acting career. One of the reasons she pursued a career in the field was due to an early breakthrough in the industry, having been cast in the BBC crime drama series “Silent Witness” when she was younger. The show is about a team of forensic pathology experts as they investigate various crimes. The show has run for 22 seasons since 1996 starring Amanda Burton, though she left the show after its eighth season. Since then an ensemble cast has been used with the current cast consisting of Emilia Fox and David Caves. The show is aired in over 235 territories including Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the US. Despite its age, it has consistently managed to gain good audience ratings.

After her run with the show, Natacha was cast in another television series entitled “Homeland”, a spy thriller based on the Israeli series entitled “Prisoners of War”. It follows the story of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer Carrie Mathieson and US Marine Corps Scout Sniper Nicholas Brody whom the agency believes was turned by the enemy al-Qaeda, having spent time as a prisoner of war. “Homeland” ran for a total of eight seasons and received generally positive reviews for most of its run. The first few seasons in particular won numerous awards including Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

The Brave

In 2017, Natacha became a part of the military drama “The Brave”, which follows the missions of an elite cover operations team which is a part of the Defense Intelligence Agency – the fictional group is designed similar to that of the CIA Special Operations Group. The show starred Mike Vogel and Anne Heche, but was later cancelled due to mixed reviews and low ratings.

Since then, Natacha has not yet been cast in any new acting projects, and time will tell what roles she will take. Due to her previous roles, however, many fans assume that she will be taking on something action oriented, especially since she’s already gone through military training, making her ideal for a role. It’s been noted by some that she hasn’t been given many opportunities, and it may be due to racial stereotyping that is well-known within Hollywood.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, not much is known in terms of Karam’s romantic relationships. She has not stated anything about this aspect of her life, and many sources state that she is single. She is still young and likely focused on developing her career further. She spends a lot of time staying active and keeping physically fit for herself and the roles she takes. She has done military training, including exercises using real guns. She also spends a lot of time training, doing boxing, and going to the gym. She enjoys spending time outdoors, going to beaches, hiking, as well as spending time with friends.

Similar to numerous actresses, she is highly active online through accounts on social media, particularly on Instagram on which she has over 23,000 followers. She uses the website to post personal photos, including those taken from photo shoots. There are also numerous accounts on other social media websites such as Facebook bearing her name, but she is not related to them in any way. There are also several fan accounts of hers, but it is only her Instagram account which she manages personally.

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