• Peggy Tanous is a TV series personality seen on the show “The Real Housewives of Orange County”.
• Peggy has four siblings, all sisters, and her father passed away from cancer a year ago.
• Peggy has participated in several music videos and commercials, as well as a fitness DVD and a documentary about postpartum depression.
• Peggy is married to Micah Ranous; they have two daughters and face financial issues.
• Peggy is active on several social media platforms, has a passion for guns, and is estimated to have a net worth of $13 million.

Known for movies

Peggy Tanous is a TV series personality seen on the show “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. Let’s find out what happened to her, where she is now, what’s her current net worth, age, etc.

Early life, family

Peggy Tanous Tyler was born on 30 March 1970, in California, USA. She lived with both of her parents and grew up with four siblings, all of them sisters. Peggy has shared that she used to spend her summers in Southern Utah with all of her sisters, probably because her grandparents lived there, so they spent the hottest time of the year in their grandparents’ house being close to nature. Peggy took all the advantages of being outside and enjoyed playing with wild animals such as horny toads – her youngest sister wasn’t afraid of the toads either, so they played with toads together. One of Peggy’s sisters is now a teacher. Her father, whose name was Milt, was born on 16 April 1929 and would celebrate his 90th birthday if he hadn’t died from cancer over a year ago; she shared their family photo on her Instagram account to cherish the memories of her father on his birthday this year. Her mother’s name is unknown, neither is her age and occupation. As for the moment, Peggy is still very close to all of her family members, having kind and truthful relationships with her mother and sisters.


Peggy studied at Foothill High School, which she matriculated from in 1988.  The same year she entered California State University, Fullerton and graduated in 1992 with a BA in Communications. As a fitness model, she studied several fitness courses and programs to be educated enough in this sphere and have competency in the field.

Peggy Tanous


Before Peggy joined the TV reality show “The Real Housewives of Orange County”, she worked as a fitness and bikini model from her youth, also in the position of a spokesperson and a host at an infomercial show for Talent 6 channel. While working as a model and a host, she used her maiden name Peggy Tyler. She has also appeared in several music videos and commercials.

After getting married, Peggy got a job at her husband’s company, working as a spokesperson on the website “My Virtual Salesperson” which was owned by her husband – the site itself helped various business companies to find spokesmodels for their projects. She also appeared in two public access shows – “Destination Report” and “Destination HB” – in the role of host.

Peggy came into the limelight when she participated in the sixth season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” TV series on BravoTV. She joined the cast in 2011 taking the place of departing Lynne Curtin and Jeana Keough  and appeared in 16 episodes before leaving the show in 2012. Though her participation in the series only last for one season, Peggy touched the issues which turned out very hot for an impressive number of women who watched the show. Peggy was suffering from postpartum depression and had to struggle with her daily routine fighting with her severe mental condition.

Peggy next tried launching her own radio show, called “Keeping It Real with Peggy Tanous” on KOCI 101.5FM Radio, with its first episode broadcast on 14 March 2016. However, it lasted for only four episodes which were duplicated and posted on Peggy’s YouTube channel, before being closed for unknown reasons.

Peggy also tried herself as a writer, having her articles posted in LA Travel Magazine, sharing her point of view on the places in Los Angeles one should visit while travelling around California.

Fighting a postpartum depression

Nevertheless, while being on RHOC, Peggy initiated the filming process of a documentary which was called “When the Bough Breaks”. Several women – including celebrity chef Aarti Sequeira, and Carnie Wilson – shared their tough experiences of postpartum depression, a longer lasting form of postnatal depression. Brooke Shields became the narrator and the executive producer of the documentary, which premiered at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood in June 2017. The storyline of the film follows a woman named Lindsay Gerszt, a mother who suffers from postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis for six long years. The film also touches such a painful theme as infanticide, and shows the families who underwent this woe.

Peggy heard the first bells of the postpartum depression when her daughter London was born; she had wanted the kids for her whole life, but when she finally had one, she didn’t feel the happiness of motherhood she was expecting to experience. She tried to explain it to herself as her general tiredness, but the dull state didn’t pass in a year. Peggy and her husband Micah understood she needed some help from specialists, as Peggy confessed that she got angry a lot and screamed and felt overwhelmed before she got the help of psychotherapists. She admitted that even though she got the help with her daughter twice a week, she still felt tired and wanted to cry. That was the reason Peggy wanted to share her experience in a documentary to show what a woman might undergo even if no one even guessed what was happening. ‘It’s a really enlightening film that really shows people that this is a major problem, and it’s a problem that people don’t talk about it,’ Peggy sadly shared at the premiere of the film.

Fitness as a PPD cure

There was one more thing that helped Peggy to overcome the darkest moments of her depression. She found her saving spot in working out, that sport instantly helped her to feel better since it had always been a great part of her life before she had a baby. So she felt herself not only a mother but a living person. She admitted that if she started to get really sad or felt like the walls were caving in on her, she tried to go outside and to take at least a half an hour walk, and felt much better. Peggy decided to turn fitness therapy into a new business, so filmed and launched a DVD with a 30-minutes workout in which she showed how a woman can use her toddler as weight resistance during her exercising, suggesting that such a workout can help a woman to strengthen the bond between her and her child. ‘The beauty of it is you’re using your child, so you’re incorporating your child, they’re having a lot of fun, and it’s teaching them the importance of fitness at an early age,’ Peggy sounds very enthusiastic advertising her new solution.

Personal life

Peggy is married to Micah Ranous, dating for several years fefore they married on 10 June 2005. Micah is the CEO of Monarchy Holdings, and is an internet developer and entrepreneur. There were several rumors that Micah and Peggy had some arguments and even once decided to divorce when they faced serious financial issues, but they managed to overcome all the difficulties, and live together in their house in Orange County, California. Her recent photos on her Instagram account show her husband enjoying a lounger which he bought for himself and Peggy so they can spend the time swimming in the sun while the rays of light don’t fall on Peggy’s face. They’ve welcomed two daughters, London and Capri – their second daughter’s name is a short form of the girl’s astrological sign, Capricorn. Peggy strongly believes in astrology, and considers it helps her considerably in life. Both daughters worked from a young age as child models, having contracts with several model agencies.

Hobbies and interests

Peggy sticks to a gluten free diet to keep fit, and avoid negative properties. Peggy is a cat-lover and has a Persian cat named Sophie. She also loves to spend her spare evenings drinking red dry wine. Peggy doesn’t hide her passion for guns, and shared a photo of a custom gun she wanted to obtain from a gun dealer.

Social media presence

Peggy is very active on several social media platforms – her Twitter profile has attracted more than 82,000 readers, and her Instagram account has more than 26,000 followers. Peggy has two YouTube channels, but neither seem to be very popular, since one of them has 201 subscribers and the other only seven. Though Peggy has tried hard to generate content for her YouTube channels, filming various interviews and custom videos in which she highlighted the beauty products she liked and other fitness, entertainment and beauty content, she didn’t manage to make YouTube become one of her stable income sources. So Peggy switched to her own personal site on which she sells her fitness DVD called “Total Body Workout with Your Toddler”.


Peggy pays a lot of attention to her appearance, making her brows microbladed and having her lashes laminated. She has long straight blond hair and pale skin; her eyes are blue. She is 5ft 8ins(1.72m) tall, though her weight is unavailable for the moment. Peggy doesn’t hide the fact of her having breast surgery.

Net worth

Peggy and her husband, Micah, recently faced a serious financial crisis and lost their home; they were threatened with foreclosure and faced lawsuits from different banks. Some authoritative sources claim Peggy owes $2.16 million in loans and back taxes, and also a credit card debt of $70,000, owing more than $3 million. However, other sources say her current overall net worth is $13 million, but this seems unlikely as she tried to raise money from her sponsored posts on her Instagram account in which she advertise a whitening kit for teeth, a spa salon in Orange County, and a cellulite solution spa salon in Newport Beach. She also has a profile at Cameo, a service on which one can buy a personal video from a star.



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