• Pokelawls is a Canadian Twitch streamer and YouTuber born in 199•
• He gained popularity by playing VRChat, Overwatch, and League of Legends.
• He is currently dating Plooful and has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.
• He enjoys playing basketball and is a big animal lover.
• He is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Pokelawls Wiki Bio

Pokelawls – real name still unknown – was born in Toronto, Canada, on 22 September 1992, so under the zodiac sign of Virgo and holding Canadian nationality – he is popular for his Twitch channel on which he mostly livestreams while playing the popular “League of Legends” video game.

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Early life and education

He is said not to have been interested in spending time with his peers during the years he spent at high school, but rather preferred to play video games. Even though his parents were not happy about this, Pokelawls proved to them that he was really good when he started earning money from Twitch and YouTube.

Online career

Pokelawls is amongst the first people who started livestreaming their VRChat gameplay – VRChat is a free to play massive multi-player on-line virtual reality video game, which allows you to interact with the 3D character models of other players. He can still be seen in 2019 playing VRChat, and is credited with the creation of Team Five, also including Vince, Woops, Strippin, and Dyrus – Pokelawls is also credited with the rise of the game’s popularity during its early days.

Pokelawls character in the VRChat game is named Amish Doink – he mostly enjoys playing mini-games which are part of VRChat, and often performs random things with other players. Pokelawls also plays as Yaeet6 sometimes, which shows a completely different side of him – he always uses Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons” animated TV series as his avatar.

Pokelawls launched his Twitch channel in 2013, and has so far gathered more than 450,000 subscribers and over two million views on the almost 900 videos he has so far uploaded onto his channel. Pokelawls can mostly be seen livestreaming while playing the popular “League of Legends” multi-player video game, while he also plays VRChat, and “Overwatch”.

He launched his YouTube channel on 9 April 2006 and has so far gathered nearly 230,000 subscribers, and more than 26 million views on all his videos combined, while his description reads ‘man child plays games’. He mostly uploads gameplay videos, and plays games such as “League of Legends”, “VRChat”, and “Overwatch”.

Personal life and relationships

Pokelawls is quite a secretive person as he usually avoids sharing details of his past and present affairs. However, he still sometimes features his girlfriends during his livestreams – he is currently dating Plooful as the two appeared together during one of his livestreams on Twitch. They went on a date together in the VRChat video game, and then took part in a couples questionnaire game, with his friend Milan and his girlfriend Chessuru.

Pokelawls is currently in a relationship with Plooful, he’s never married, and doesn’t have any kids.


Other likes and interests

Besides spending time playing video games, Pokelawls has other interests. Even though he was more interested in sports during his teenage years, he still sometimes finds time to play basketball with his friends. He enjoys spending his free time outdoors as he is spending a lot of time in front of his PC playing video games, and so feels that he needs more sun. Pokelawls is known to be a big animal lover, as he stated during one of his livestreams but doesn’t have a pet as he wouldn’t have time to take care of it.

Appearance and net worth

  • Pokelawls is 26 years old
  • Short black hair
  • Brown eyes
  • Net worth is ~$1.5 million

Social media presence

  • Twitter created in September 2010; 60,000 followers; tweeted ~15,000 times
  • Instagram has 14,000 followers; uploaded ~100 pictures
  • Facebook is followed by ~2,500 fans
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