Born under the sign of Aquarius on 29 January 2009, in Allentown, Pennsylvania USA, Winslow Fegley is a 14-year-old Caucasian child actor. He has become easily recognized among the public thanks to being involved in a number of high-profile Hollywood titles, most notably “Nightbooks” and “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile.” The young star has enjoyed a relatively successful venture into the entertainment industry, since the beginning of his career in 2017.

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Early life and education: who are Winslow’s parents?

Winslow grew up in a loving home where art has always been on a very high pedestal, provided that both his parents and siblings have graced Hollywood titles. The eldest of the three is actress and set assistant August Kiss Fegley, while Oakes Tonne Fegley comes in second, born on 11 November 2004. Their youngest and favorite brother is Winslow himself, who obviously had a tremendous influence for the career he ultimately chose.

The family patriarch Michael Fegley has also been seen in a number of titles, including “Billboard” from 2019, which unfortunately received negative criticism from some of the world’s most prominent media outlets, such as the New York Times. He is nonetheless the winner of two honorable mention awards for his contribution to the short film entitled “The Final Mission,” whose entire cast was honored at both the Top Shorts Film Festival and Festigious International Film Festival in 2019.

Finally, Mercedes ‘Merce’ Fegley (née Tonne) is the proud mother of her three actor sons, having played a librarian in 2014’s mystery horror by Jared Outten entitled “Samuel’s Game.” She hasn’t been very active in the entertainment industry since realizing that project, but is sure to benefit from having had this role in the long run.

As for his education, Winslow attended a local elementary school in his birthplace, excelling in anything acting-related, from English to drama classes and school plays. He started high school in September 2023, and his loved ones expect outstanding academic performance, as has been customary so far. He’s set to matriculate in 2027, and has thus far expressed no plans for attending college.

Career: born into the limelight

Fegley parents are theater actors first and foremost, especially his father, who derives great pleasure from having his children pursuing the craft as well. He also happens to be involved with various projects at their nearby Civic Theatre of Allentown, where children’s roles are always up for grabs. Winslow’s talent shone through when he was only five years old, having been signed to an agency to voice several commercials at a local radio station. His father kept nudging in the right direction and talking to the producers at the theater, who were curious to see what other talent the Fegleys had in store. This opportunity allowed six-year-old Winslow to secure his first ever role as the young version of Ebenezer in “A Christmas Carol.” The father-son duo took their expertise to another state in 2017, having co-starred in Buntport Theater’s “A Billion Nights on Earth” in Denver, Colorado.

His TV and film career began in 2017, in an uncredited role of a boy in the background in “Rough Night”, while in 2018 he showed up as Daniel in an episode of the TV series entitled “Teachers.” The following year he stepped into the medical drama world, playing Pre-Teen Shaun in an episode of “The Good Doctor,” as well as that of Mel in eight episodes of the adventure comedy series entitled “Fast Layne.” The young actor’s talent caught the attention of casting directors after that, which led to his next and most important role yet, as the eponymous character in “Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made” from 2020 – a comedy drama by Tom McCarthy featuring a little boy and his imaginary polar bear. The film was nominated for five awards, and represents a key moment in Fegley’s career.

After another title in 2020 and one more in 2021, Winslow’s next big break was revealed playing the part of young Jake Doyle in “8-Bit Christmas,” which received a rather positive review by the Los Angeles Times, thus further boosting Fegley’s reputation as a talented young actor. He appeared in the lead role of Josh alongside the legendary Javier Bardem in “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile” in 2022 – a film whose fame contribution overshadows even the previous ones. The movie was so successful and well-accepted it even made it into China’s extremely tight foreign film market, where it premiered on 15 April 2023. Afterwards, Winslow also played Young Neil in “Spinning Gold,” which is his most recently finished project. The young star is set to grace the screen in another two titles by the end of 2023, including “When the Moon Was Twice as Big,” which is in post-production, and “The Naughty Line,” ready for release.

How hard was “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile”?

Winslow revealed additional details about the production of his now most famous role while talking to Screen Rant, relaying that the technology used to create the actual crocodile involved a physical actor, Ben Palacios, who wore a suit with sensors to track his motion. Fegley emphasized the value of working with an actual human actor who could convey emotions, which made the interactions more authentic, and helped him get the scenes out.

Fegley also went on to talk about his character, Josh, and the lessons he hoped people would take away from the film. He mentioned that Josh’s character arc involved growing from a shy and under-confident individual to someone who embraced new experiences and self-confidence. He personally found this transformation beautiful, and hoped it would inspire people to be true to themselves, and not overly concerned with others’ opinions.

Regarding a question about a song that Lyle, the crocodile, would potentially sing to calm his nerves, Fegley admitted it was a tough choice due to his love for music. He mentioned artists Steve Lacy, Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator, making it challenging to pick just one song from his extensive playlists.

What is Winslow Fegley’s net worth?

Some of the most authoritative sources have estimated that Fegley’s total accumulated wealth sits around $2 million, a lot of which is sure to have come from the great success his two titular roles, especially the latter.

His brother’s net worth of between as much as $5 million also adds to the overall household wealth of the Fegleys, while their sister also contributes a significant chunk, allowing for obvious financial security. Finally, his father’s theater success and occasional on-camera appearances also add to the family’s wealth, though not in proportion equal to that of his children.

Body measurements: what is Winslow Fegley’s height?

Fegley’s developing stature is somewhere around 4ft 6ins (137cm) in the latter half of 2023, but the fans shouldn’t expect any consistency out of this measurement until four years later, when he will be 18. His weight is also ever-shifting as the young actor grows, believed to be approximately 90lbs (40kgs). The star has dark brown hair and what appears to be central heterochromia, meaning multiple colors (brown and green in this case) in each eye. He has a bright complexion, and his build is often described as slender.

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