Born Allie Rebelo under the sign of Aries on 7 April 2007, in Startford, Ontario, Canada, Allie Bieber is a 16-year-old social media celebrity and would-be entertainer. She’s exclusively known to the world through her connection to the early 2000’s teenage girl idol who held one of the longest records for being extremely disliked by everyone who wasn’t the target audience – rapper and hip-hop artist Justin Bieber. Since the late 2010’s, she’s had no significant successes over the course of her frequently lucrative entertainment industry career.

Early life & education: Riding the wave

Allie was raised alongside her sister Bay Bieber by her mother Chelsey Rebelo and Justin Bieber’s father Jeremy Bieber, as well as in the frequent presence of Jeremy’s two children from his previous relationship with Erin Wagner – Jazmyn and Jaxon Bieber. Seeing as Jazmyn is only a year younger, she and Allie got along pretty well throughout most of their childhood, even going as far as to collaborate on YouTube content creation, whereby Allie would co-host videos on Jazmyn’s channel with her. However, the project apparently never took off further than four videos, with the channel’s uploads having been completely discontinued in early 2017, when they were still eight and nine years old.

Jazmyn’s extracurricular activities and school performance are a relative mystery to this day, since the star hasn’t been very vocal about her personal life after the channel’s collapse. It’s broadly believed that the financial liberty afforded by being a Bieber helped a great deal with bringing up Justin’s siblings, which Allie as well is sure to have benefitted from. She is still attending high school in late 2023, and is set to matriculate in 2025 – there’s no indication as to whether she plans on pursuing a college degree.

Who is her step-father?

It can be argued that perhaps the greatest gift Allie ever got is Jeremy Bieber’s surname, after he decided to legally adopt her and bring her into the fold of the wealthy family. Knowing the implications to the family name that could result from an outsider ruining the public image, or simply using the surname for profit, Jeremy’s act has been considered selfless and even altruistic. The Bieber name still holds sway in the media and among the entertainers all these years later, though nowhere near as much as in its heyday. It is Allie’s choice to use this power to its greatest extent and perhaps ease into a career that would afford a lavish lifestyle akin to her brother’s.

Born Jeremy Jack Bieber under the sign of Gemini on 4 June 1974, in the same place as Allie, in spite of what most would expect of Jeremy, considering his son’s success, the father is in many ways a polar opposite. Most of his interests growing up revolved around parties, opiates and girls, leading him to get his first tattoo at the age of 16 as a self-proclaimed ‘party king.’ One of his immortal habits has remained spending much more than necessary on party nights, and following through with them all until the morning hours.

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He met a certain Pattie Mallette while in latter high school years, and they began dating in 1991, at which time she was 15 and Jeremy 17. They remained together for three years, and had Justin Bieber near the end of their relationship. It was precisely his birth, in fact, on 1 March 1994, that would split the two apart, as Jeremy wanted nothing to do with the child. He left the freshly-adult single mother to fend for herself with a 10-month-old baby, and went on his way to continue partying.

A life of impulse

It’s no secret that Jeremy has been arrested many times, and for a wide variety of offenses. Very few of those familiar with the Bieber family have had anything nice to say about the father, believing that he’s been an undesirable influence on the impressionable youth. Radar Online reported on 6 February 2014, following Justin’s second run in with the law and arrest a month prior, that the criminal behavior may as well run in the family.

Jeremy was right next to Justin and fully condoning drunk drag racing when his son was arrested for it, not to mention he also partied along with Justin all across the US, meanwhile partaking in every party activity with his son, involving opiate use and reckless comportment. The report alleges that Jeremy has multiple arrests under his belt, and several jail sentences to boot, most of which came about due to the older Bieber having no desire to control himself in tense situations, resorting to assault.

Justin’s first breaking of the law occurred in a similar fashion, when he apparently struck a limo driver. His father’s first sentencing took place as early as 24 January 1997, which resulted in 90-days in jail, two years of probation, and a ten-year prohibition from any kind of firearm use. His criminal record lengthened again on 8 March 1999, when he received more time from the court due to violating the previous agreement – another 21 days behind bars and an extra two years of probation. Soon after that, he earned 30 days in jail on top of everything else.

He was arrested again on 3 November 2022 for another assault, but the case was dismissed two months later. His tendencies were spoken of as far back as 1995, when Justin’s mother told the court that Jeremy is a very impulsive and violent man, who hasn’t shied away from crime in the past, at some point even alleging that he threatened to kidnap their baby if she didn’t give him equal custody rights.

Perhaps the most despicable allegation that has ever surfaced about Jeremy was TMZ’s bombshell report stating that he threw a one-year-old female American Bulldog named Karma off a second-story balcony in a fit of rage. The original article is long since defunct, but its archived version paints a gruesome tale. It’s said that Jeremy bought the dog for Justin and Jaxon to play with, but having failed to properly train the young canine, he was also responsible for any mishaps that would occur as a result of such neglect. The dog bit Jaxon once on an unspecified body part, which caused his father to grab the animal and hurl her off the balcony railing into a snow bank.

The vitriol regarding Justin’s father seems unending, as even the Daily Mail has most literally labeled him a ‘deadbeat dad.’ It was subsequently revealed that Jeremy himself was the one who helped block off the streets so that his underage son could drag race in the middle of a city while intoxicated, and that they would smoke marijuana together on Justin’s private flights, to the point where pilots had to wear oxygen masks so as to avoid a disaster mid-air.

What does this mean for Allie?

With all of the hindsight combined, it becomes clear that Allie, who didn’t have much of a choice other than to stay with her new father as a child, perhaps hasn’t been influenced in the healthiest of ways. Of course, it remains to be seen whether she makes the most out of her surname and carves out a shining career like her step-brother, as both sides of the extreme are still on the table for her.

It’s also difficult to pinpoint which side of the coin she’s on in late 2023, as there are very few posts on all of her social media channels combined. Some believe that it’s perhaps for the best that she’s staying out of public eye, and most likely focusing on her studies at this time, which would indicate a healthy deviation from the way Jeremy and subsequently Justin chose to live their lives.

Is she rich? What’s her family’s net worth?

Justin Bieber’s net worth is as high as $300 million near the start of 2024, according to the majority of reputable sources that reported on the topic. Jeremy’s total earnings are negligible, not only in comparison to Justin’s, but even most US employees, since he has spent a great deal of his life listening to music and drinking alcohol instead of obtaining crucial skills that pay off in the long run. He’s a part-time construction worker and carpenter who won’t have to lift a finger again, as long as he remains in his son’s good graces.

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