Carriejune Anne Bowlby is an American bodybuilder and social media fitness influencer, who is rated one of the top ten most successful fitness models in the world, with some ranking her in third place.

Carriejune became famous for her astounding figure and washboard abs she proudly displays on her Instagram account in sexy swimwear and tight dresses, as well as for her influential presence in the fitness industry, as she encourages healthy living, and inspires her many followers to join the fitness culture.

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Today, Carriejune works as a fitness instructor, is the co-owner of the gym wear brand “MiniBeast”, and continues to inspire her followers and fans with workout videos and sexy photoshoots on Tik Tok and Instagram.

Here is everything you need, or want to know about the fitness sensation Carriejune Bowlby.

Early Personal Life

Unfortunately, not much is known about Carriejune’s early life, as the Instagram model chooses to keep most of her personal life private. As such, very little information can be found on her childhood, as well as her later life, however, Bowlby has shared some of the more important details of her life.

Born a Capricorn on 7 February 1996 in New Jersey, United States, the 27-year-old model and entrepreneur has spent most of her life in her hometown where she currently resides. Unfortunately, Bowlby has never disclosed the exact location of her residence, though appears to be proud of her upbringing.

As of yet, the details of her closest family have not been made public, and it’s difficult to tell whether or not Carriejune is an only child. However, Bowlby remained adamant that her mother, Linda Knievel, was one of her earliest and constant supporters throughout her fitness journey. Thus far, no information can be found about Bowlby’s father – it remains unclear what role he’s played in her life.

As Carriejune has admitted, her passion and interest in fitness began at the young age of five, and ever since her mother has shown immense support. Carriejune began exercising with home equipment that her mother bought her, which includes an ab coaster and shake weights.

Since then, Bowlby has joined a gym, and even began competing in bodybuilding contests while attending school.


Like her childhood, very little information is available on Bowlby’s educational career, as no one has been able to identify where the blonde beauty attended school. Nonetheless, it’s speculated that she matriculated from high school, and may have even enrolled at a local college in New Jersey. It’s

speculated that Carriejune studied fitness and nutrition, but this hasn’t been confirmed by Carriejune, nor any of her close friends and relatives. Her social media presence also remains evasive about indicating where the 27-year-old completed her studies, or if she had indeed attended college.


According to certain sources, Carriejune began her fitness career in fifth grade, as she competed in track and field events at her school. She also showed an interest in gymnastics, and also competed in cheerleading competitions.

According to Bowlby, she left a lasting impression on her peers and teachers due to her advanced physique she attained at a young age, and always had more energy and greater flexibility than most of her fellow students.

However, Bowlby didn’t limit herself to only athletics, as she later convinced her mother to buy her a set of weights to continue her bodybuilding hobby. As Carriejune disclosed, she started with a set of 8-lbs dumbbells, eventually moving on to more advanced weight training.

From there, Bowlby began competing in fitness events and bodybuilding competitions, and during her junior year at high school, Carriejune realised that her home gym routine wasn’t enough, and invested in her first gym membership.

Following her initial couple of months in the gym, Carriejune was inspired to share her progress on social media, marking the start of her career as a social media influencer and fitness model.

As her presence on Instagram grew, so did her following, and today Carriejune boasts an impressive follower count of 2.8 million, making her one of the most sought after fitness influencers in the industry.

Following her success, which began in 2010, Bowlby started her own gym apparel company, MiniBeast, which she continues to co-own with her ex-husband Steve Ace. Both her entrepreneurship and her modelling career continues to grow from strength to strength, and according to certain sources, Carriejune now also works as a personal trainer.

Interesting Facts

Carriejune draws her inspiration from the Brazilian fitness model and bodybuilder, Larissa Reis, and hopes to achieve her level of success, as well as Reis’s incredible physique.

Bowlby follows a strict exercise plan, as she works out six days a week, while taking one day off to grow and recover. Her typical routine begins with the first day focusing on quad training, followed by her back on the second day. On the third day Carriejune focuses on shoulders, then chest on the fourth, followed by glutes on the fifth day. On the sixth day Bowlby focuses on her arms, which is then followed by a resting period.

Bowlby’s exercise repetitions have always been simple, as she keeps her rep range and weights even for each routine. Normally she would take 30-second breaks between each exercise, and always perform four sets of 15-20 reps of basic exercises.

Carriejune is also fond of doing heavy compound lifting exercises, as well as isolation lifting, of which she would normally do four sets of 8-10 reps each.

Later Personal Life

While little is known about Carriejune’s personal life, many of her followers and fans would know about her romance with Steve Ace. The couple started dating sometime before 2016, though unfortunately the exact date has never been made public. According to gossip speculation, Bowlby and Ace met due to their shared love and passion for bodybuilding. The couple became engaged in 2016, eventually tied the knot in 2018, but separated in 2019 and filed amicably for divorce. According to Carriejune, they have remained friends and she solemnly believes that they are better off being in a platonic relationship. Despite their separation, the couple continue to work together on their joint business project, MiniBeast.

Physical Characteristics

Carriejune Anne Bowlby is a blonde beauty with brown eyes. According to most statistics about Bowlby, she stands 5ft 4ins (162.4 cm) tall, and though her exact weight has never been disclosed, it’s believed that she weighs about 130lbs (58kgs).

Net Worth

As of 2023, it’s estimated that Carriejune’s net worth range up to $3 million. She earns most of her income as a fitness influencer and as a personal trainer, but also from business ventures.

Having started her fitness journey at a young age, Carriejune Bowlby has become an inspiration for many women around the world, achieved greatness in the fitness industry.

As such, Carriejune’s fame continues to grow, and while she is now approaching her thirties, Bowlby is expected to continue building on her already successful career.

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