• Timmy Thick was born in 2002 in NYC, USA
• He became famous due to his extravagant humor & posting raunchy content on social media
• He was a victim of verbal abuse during his life, despite his perseverance and courage
• His net worth is estimated to be around $30,000, and he is 5ft tall and weighs 105lbs
• His sexuality remains a mystery, and he is a very private person


Who is Timmy Thick?

Timmy Thick was born on the 21st August 2002, in New York City, USA. He is one of the Instagram stars, Viners, YouTubers and TikTok users, produced by way of technology and the social networks in recent years, becoming one of many overnight celebrities. He actually uses most of these social networks, and therefore he is an influencer. However, his most used network which helped him gain popularity is Instagram. He became famous mostly due to his extravagant humor, and through accumulating followers by posting raunchy content, including selfies, and videos of himself twerking.

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Early life and Family

He is a very secretive person when it comes to his private life, therefore there are almost no details available to the public regarding his childhood. During his whole career as an influencer, he’s gone under the pseudonym Timmy Thick, leaving his real name a secret. There are certain reports claiming that his real name is Justin, however that still leaves us wondering what his last name is. Nothing is known about his education either. What little information we do have on him is how he was a victim of verbal abuse during most of his life.

During his school years and even up to now he has suffered through being bullied and verbally harassed by people, both in person and online. Most of the insults were on the basis of his gender and sexual orientation – he’s said that he liked thinking of himself as a boy, however, due to his looks, people never stopped judging him. His perseverance and courage has been admirable, given that he never once gave up or gave in to those insults.


Timmy Thick started his Instagram page in 2016, when he gradually began rising to prominence and gathering followers.

Timmy Thick

Of course, as he became more popular and more people who loved and supported him, there were also more people who slandered and bullied him. During his career, he has created, deleted and then re-created personal Instagram accounts several times, gainer a greater number of followers each time. The content on his Instagram account initially consisted of provocative selfies, so it attracted more than 300,000 followers.

Controversial Content

Due to his unorthodox personality and behavior, as well as his raunchy content, there were many people who hated him.

Most commonly those who slandered him were straight people judging him for his looks, his sexual orientation and his extravagant photos. On a great number of occasions, his account has been reported by the aforementioned people and consequently even shut down by Instagram Head Office plenty of times before it was finally permanently disabled. However, never once did Timmy give up and quit, he just continued creating new accounts, gathering his followers more quickly each time, and surpassing hundreds of thousands of followers in a heartbeat.

He just continued posting the same kind of content, and doing what he liked and wanted. Despite being bullied and disapproved of by so many people, he also had fans who loved and supported him, defending him, writing comments of support under his posts, and sending him their love. After opening the most recent of his Instagram accounts, Timmy also started a Twitter account, attracting hundreds of thousands of followers by tweeting controversial items, once again posting provocative-content pictures and videos.

Timmy Thick – a Harvard experiment

In early 2018, Timmy posted a baffling tweet, in which he announced that his whole “Timmy Thick” persona was just an experiment conducted by Harvard University – “Good Evening, ‘Timmythick’ was a 24-month sociological study conducted by Harvard University. We are now complete with our study. Thank you for your time”.  After posting the said tweet he went offline, deleting all his social networks and simply disappearing from the grid. The news was a shock to his entire fan base, including his haters; no one knew what the truth was.

The whole situation was very suspicious, considering that a sociology professor from Harvard University said that “there was no such study”, when one of the journalists contacted him. However, just recently he re-appeared and continued with his content as before, not explaining the whole scenario to the public.

Timmy Thick’s Net Worth

As is the case with many  celebrities who have become famous on the internet, it was the same with Timmy – as he became more popular and attracted more followers, the numbers on his bank account were growing. As of 2018, his net worth has been estimated to be around $30,000, but his annual earnings of around $15,000 suggest that this figure will likely increase significantly.

Timmy Thicc’s Personal Life and Dating

Not much is known about Timmy’s personal life, considering he is a very private person, as previously mentioned. The only details available can be found on his social network accounts. He is described as androgynous, and it can be seen that he dresses as a female. The question of his sexuality remains a mystery, since he never disclosed his preference, so it’s also unknown whether he has a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or both.

Timmy Thicc’s Body Measurements, Height and Weight

When it comes to Timmy’s height, he is considered a short person standing at only 5ft (1.52m) and weighing just 105lbs (48kgs). When he is not wearing colorful wigs, he has naturally short brown hair, and his eyes are the same color.

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