Who is Lady London?

American rapper Zaire Miylaun – aka Lady London – was born under the zodiac sign Cancer on 25 June 1995, in The Bronx, New York City USA. She’s perhaps known best for her presence on the internet, especially for her self-titled YouTube channel which she launched on 26 July 2017, and onto which she mostly posts her official music videos. Lady London’s channel’s today subscribed to by over 100,000 people, and all her 19 videos combined have been watched more than 11 million times.

She’s also known for having been the ambassador of the 2022 American Black Film Festival.

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Education and early life

Lady London was raised in The Bronx; no details have been disclosed about her family because she respects their privacy, but it’s believed that her father’s a businessman, and her mother a homemaker. As Lady London’s yet to speak about having siblings, it’s widely believed that she’s an only child.

She attended a local high school in New York City, and it was during her time there that she became interested in rapping and songwriting; Lady London was passionate about several other activities during her teenage years, as she enjoyed playing tennis, appearing in school plays, and dancing. It’s believed that she was on the school’s cheerleading team, but this is yet to be confirmed by Lady London.

She matriculated in 2013 and continued her education at Howard University in Washington, DC, from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2017; Lady London then became focused on rapping and her career on the internet, rather than working in her field of study.

Most watched YouTube videos

Lady London’s mostly popular on YouTube for her official music videos, while her fans also seem to like her for her ‘behind the scenes’ videos, and for talking about her upcoming projects. We’re going to cover Lady London’s three most viewed YouTube videos, as these have contributed to her overall popularity.

Her most popular video “Lisa’s Story (feat. Dub Aura) – Lady London [OFFICIAL VIDEO]” has been watched over six million times since 19 January 2022 and is a song which she recorded in collaboration with Dub Aura; it features her singing about the things which she usually talks about with her best friends.

Lady London’s #2 video “Lady London – Never (OFFICIAL VIDEO)” has been watched nearly a million times since its premiere on 25 June 2021; it’s her original song about ‘triumph, trials, overshadowing, extortion, blackmail and suppression’.

Her third most viewed video “Lady London – Yea Yea with Dreezy (Official Video)” – has been watched over 930,000 times since 30 September 2023, and is a song which she recorded in collaboration with American rapper Dreezy; the song’s about what kind of a man Lady London and Dreezy would want to date.

Presence on social media networks

Lady London’s active on various social media networks, as her presence on the internet is important for the advertising of her music.

Over 1.2 million people are following her on Instagram today, and she’s uploaded around 600 pictures and videos onto this network, with most featuring her during her everyday life, whether she’s spending time with friends, performing or travelling around the US.

She’s been active on Twitter since September 2021, and has tweeted nearly 11,000 times, and is today followed by close to 50,000 people; Lady London’s mostly into tweeting about her music, as well as about men in general.

Her Facebook page ‘Lady V London’ is today followed by close to 300,000 people, while all her content has amassed nearly 300,000 likes; she tends to update the page at least once every day, and Lady London’s nowadays mostly using Facebook to advertise the clothes which she’s selling on the internet.

Lady London’s followed by nearly 900,000 people on TikTok; she mostly uploads videos which feature her talking about her everyday life, lip syncing and dancing, and all of these combined have amassed over eight million likes. She’s following 39 people back, most of whom are also American musicians.

Love life and relationships

Lady London respects her own privacy, and is thus yet to speak of any men, or perhaps women whom she’s been with.

Many of her fans believe that she’s today in a relationship with an American celebrity, and that Lady London’s keeping this away from the media’s attention because of how it might affect her career, as well as the relationship; this is yet to be addressed by her.

There are also those who claim that Lady London’s lesbian, and is today in a relationship with a woman who can be seen featured in some of her Instagram pictures, but this hasn’t been confirmed either.

Lady London seems to be unattached as of October 2023, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Lady London’s become passionate about travelling now that her career in the music industry’s taken her to several US states; it’s believed that she’s yet to travel overseas, and Lady London’s dream travel destination’s Barcelona, Spain.

She’s interested in fashion and is dreaming about becoming a famous fashion designer; Lady London’s already designed some clothes, and is selling these on the internet.

Many of her fans believe that she’s enhanced her breasts and have created ‘before and after’ pictures, however, Lady London’s yet to address these rumors.

She’s done some modelling work, and has walked the catwalk a couple of times.

Her favorite brand is Gucci.

Lady London loves animals, but doesn’t have any pets.

Kerry Washington’s one of her favorite actresses, and some of Lady London’s favorite movies are “The Last King of Scotland”, “Save the Last Dance” and “Night Catches Us”.

Height, age and net worth

Lady London’s age is 28. She has black hair and brown eyes, but often dyes her hair blonde; she weighs around 125lbs (57kgs) and is 5ft 5ins (1.64m) tall.

Lady London’s net worth’s been estimated at over $800,000, as of October 2023.

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