• Andy Hillstrand is a professional fisherman and co-captain of his fishing vessel, “Time Bandit”.
• He is known for his appearances in the TV show, “The Deadliest Catch”.
• Andy's hobbies include playing the guitar and drums, as well as horse training.
• He and his wife Sabrina have two daughters and two grandchildren.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 million.

Known for movies

A professional fisherman of the third generation, Andy Hillstrand was not even dreaming about worldwide fame when he first joined his father’s business, but after years of hard work Andy became a star of the TV show “The Deadliest Catch”, launched on the Discovery Channel in 2005. As the co-captain of his fishing vessel, “Time Bandit”, Andy reveals the secrets and the underwater stories of his family business. Let’s find out more details about his personal life, net worth, family members, kids, etc.

Early life, family

Andrew Paul “Andy” Hillstrand was born on 25 September 1963 in Homer, Alaska USA. Speaking about his childhood, Andy spent his early years in Homer. His father’s name is John Hillstrand Sr., who spent his whole life as a commercial fisherman, just as his father before him. Andy’s mother left the family when Andy was six years old, and nothing is known about her name, occupation, and any details of her subsequent life. Along with his father, Andy was brought up by his step-mother, whose name is Nancy Hillstrand, who took care of him and other five brothers who lived and grew-up together in their house in Homer. They also had a step-brother, Lincoln Brewster, Nancy’s son, who is now a Christian musician. From being a child, Andy witnessed the hard work his father and his grandfather, Earl David Hillstrand, did being a part of the fishing business. Nevertheless, Andy was not afraid of that hard work, and started helping his father at an early age. He’s said to have started when he was only three years old, together with his brothers, Neal and Johnathan. Later they never complained about being involved in the family business since they all understood it was their only chance for a good and full life. When Andy was seven years old, he took his brother Johnathan and they went fishing all by themselves. Other brothers, David and Michael, also contributed in the family business.


Little is known about Andy’s education. He probably matriculated from a local high school in Homer, since he didn’t move away from his hometown. No information is available about his college or university education, if any.

Andy Hillstrand

Career and TV popularity

Andy had worked in the sphere of commercial fishing for more than 30 years when he was invited to participate in the show called “The Deadliest Catch”. He and his brother Johnathan appeared in the show as co-captains of their fishing vessel “Time Bandit”, a 113-foot house aft boat which is owned by the Hillstrands, and was designed by John Hillstrand. The first season of the show was launched in 2005, showing several fishing vessels competing to catch the biggest haul while fishing in the Bering Sea. Before his appearance in “The Deadliest Catch” Andy was noticed in such TV series as “American Chopper: The Series” on Discovery Channel and “The Insider”, and it was after these projects that he was invited onto “The Deadliest Catch”. Andy admits that if it was not the show, he would proceed just with his father’s business and go on working in the sphere of commercial fishing.

“The Deadliest Catch” has aired for 15 seasons so far, and the new season is scheduled to launch later in 2019. Andy’s brother Johnathan suffered from several heart attacks but went on working and starring in the show, though after season 14 he retired and now enjoys his spare time.

Andy has appeared in various TV shows, such as “Dirty Jobs” (2005 – 2012), “Rachael Ray” (2006 – present), “The Bonnie Hunt Show” (2008 – 2010), and “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” (2009 – 2010). He was also invited onto one of the episodes in the “Conan” TV comedy series(2009-present).

Hobbies and interests

Members of Andy’s family call him a good musician, as when he’s not working, he enjoys playing the guitar and the drums. He also write his own music.

Andy loves dogs, and supports social campaigns (for example, The Humane Society of the United States) which raises awareness of the right pet.

Andy is an NFL fan, and enjoys spending his spare time watching some matches and games. He is also a certified diver and an RC pilot.

Personal life

Andy has been married to Sabrina, for more than 25 years. He admitted it was hard to live a married life when he was far away from home most of the time, though their marriage seems to be strong. They have two daughters, Cassandra and Chelsea, both born in Homer, Alaska; Andy and Sabrina are said to have two grandchildren.

Horse Ranch “Hobby Horse Acres”

When his daughter Cassandra was about to turn eight years old she asked her parents to present her a horse. Andy and Sabrina were not at all ready for such a twist, though they understood the desire of their daughter and bought her a horse as her birthday present, and Andy taught Cassandra how to ride, and felt the inner desire to have a horse ranch. They bought 17 acres in Chandler, Indiana, and being a clever businessman, Andy at once understood he could make a business out of that ranch. Both Andy and Sabrina agreed that they should only follow the principles of Natural Horsemanship, a kind of training of horses and humans which is based on using understanding, communication and psychology, avoiding intimidation or fear or mechanical means. Andy became a horse trainer and on a professional level worked as a trainer for three years, though Andy admits he has been teaching his wife, daughters and friends for about nine years in general. “Hobby Horse Acres” used to have a website and boarded horses,  trained horses, taught riding, hosted birthday parties and events, and had day camps. Andy was even able to win several horse races, among them Alaska National Barrel Horse Association in 1998. He explained his passion for riding: ‘It is very basic, but not simple. I have to ride the horse without getting in the way of his natural movement which takes all my emotional and mental concentration as well as my physical balance and fitness. The horse provides an instant source of feedback if I am out of balance physically, emotionally or mentally and he lets me know right away; that keeps me very centered’, he shared his opinion in his interview to Deadliest Reports.

Social media presence

Andy has a Twitter account on which he has over 140,000 readers. He doesn’t have any Instagram account though there are several fan accounts which post his photos and some shots from the show.  He has a fan page on Facebook numbering around 235,000.


Andy has brown hair which he wears very short cut, and has blue eyes. Andy is 5ft 8ins (1.78m) tall, though his precise weight is unavailable. His work supposes great physical loads, so he has to keep fit to be physically strong enough for his fishing business. As for his clothing style, he always prefers casual clothes.

Net worth

According to several authoritative sources, Andy Hillstrand’s accumulated net worth is over $1.5 million. As a TV personality and a commercial fisherman in the third generation, he still continues to increase his net worth via various income sources. The official site of their fishing vessel “Time Bandit” has a shop in which they sell shirts, cups and souvenirs, making an income from these sales. He possesses a mansion in Virginia, where he lives with his wife and two kids.




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