• Morgan Beasley is an American nomad born in an unknown date and place.
• He graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science.
• He appeared in the fourth season of the History Channel’s “Mountain Men” reality TV show.
• Morgan is living in the wilderness of Alaska and owns 37 acres of land.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.


What happened to Morgan Beasley (Mountain Men)?

Morgan Beasley is an American who has chosen to live as a nomad. The date and place of his birth are not known – he gained recognition after appearing in the “Mountain Men” reality TV show. Morgan is currently living deep in the woods of Alaska, and trying to win the fight against the harsh Alaskan winter.

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Next came the pack trip, September 2015. There are very few pictures of the actual pack in. The weather was horrendous for most of the trip- blowing wind and hail. Right off the bat, the string had to swim five River channels. That was the hardest part of the trip, and with that behind us, we could breath a little easier. Along the way, six grizzly bears, a huge bull moose, and dozens of caribou showed themselves. The “trail” swam in and out of scrawny spruce and up old river channels as we picked our way home. The pack horses were loaded up with the essentials: one with apple trees, rhubarb corms, and horseradish plants to immediately be put in the ground, and the other with feed and our sleeping gear. It was a super stressful trip, but the horses proved strong, woods smart, and capable of just about anything they might in encounter in, as the pilot termed it, “the new world.” The trip of 60 miles took about 5 days due to all of the route finding involved. What would you have packed in? Pictures of Morgan and Feila, the “plant” horse right after the river crossing, and Margaret on our one non-rainy night out on the trail with a sleepy Rufous. #offgrid #packtrip #offthegrid #357 #exploremore #thealaskalife #liveyouradventure #adventurealways #stayoutside #getoutside #thelastfrontier #wildernessliving #horsepacking #packhorse #alaskaliving #pioneer #homesteaders #homestead #campfirelife #thegoodlife

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Morgan’s early life and education

Morgan is very secretive when it comes to his personal matters and hasn’t shared his background story, including any details regarding his parents – it is only known that he has a younger sister, Jill Beasley, who works as a medical sales recruiter.

He is an educated person as he attended and graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science.


Unlike most people, Morgan decided not to pursue a specific career in his field of studies nor in any other field – he supported himself by working at several construction sites while he was also fishing and selling fish, and guiding tourists as he is the owner of the Apricity Alaska Wilderness Adventure, an organization which provides trips and tours for tourists. Morgan explained how he became sick of  industries, and enjoys working odd jobs and spending time outdoors in nature.

He came into the spotlight after being featured in the fourth season of the History Channel’s “Mountain Men” reality TV show, alongside other stars such as Eustace Conway and Tom Oar.

Morgan Beasley

Life of a nomad

A lot of people talk about it, not many would succeed at it, and almost none decide to do it – Morgan chose to live the life of a nomad, and moved to Alaska in order to do so. He has been living this life for over 10 years now, and owns 37 acres of land in Alaska, but only goes there when the weather is too harsh for him to handle – he spends all of his time out in the wilderness, and has travelled completely across Alaska at least two times.

“Mountain Men” TV series

Morgan started appearing in “Mountain Men” reality TV series in 2015, and has stayed as part of the show to this day. The series airs on the History Channel and revolves around Eustace Conway and his Turtle Island – Eustace brings people to the island and teaches them some basic survival skills in the wilderness. The show also shows other people including Marty Meierotto who lives in a small town in Alaska called Two Rivers, and flies the Piper PA-18A0159 Super Cub aircraft, Tom Oar who was a former rodeo cowboy, and George Michaud who is a fur trapper living in Idaho.

Personal life and relationships. Is he married?

Morgan is not married, partly due to his lifestyle of a nomad, and is almost always on the move. He is said to be dating Margaret Stern, a botanist, who he met during the filming of the “Mountain Men” – they are co-owners of the Apricity Alaska agency.

Who is Margaret Stern?

Just as Morgan, Margaret hasn’t shared her date of birth with the public – she was born in Houston, Texas USA, but attended one of the Maine’s high schools. After matriculation, she enrolled at the College of the Atlantic at which she studied botany and natural history.

She came into the spotlight after becoming part of the cast of the “Mountain Men” series – her skills include being a taxidermist – very good at preserving the body of an animal by stuffing and mounting it. Margaret is also a published writer whose books covers several botany topics.

She is quite fond of saddling horses and loves to feel the wind on her face while riding them – she owns three horses named Frilla, Feila, and Neisty. She apparently loves all animals and not just horses – she has two dogs as well named Maggie and Rufous. Margaret enjoys spending her free time watching birds, exploring the woods, and baking bread.

It is a bit ironic that two people who don’t want human contact are living together in the woods and are enjoying each other’s company – Margaret and Morgan seem to be quite happy with one another.

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The horse hooves are trimmed, coats brushed and the barn… well, it needs a spring cleaning. The tack will soon get oiled and any day now the horses will take off to the mountains to graze on rich, wild feed. Days are warm, and snow melting quickly. Less than a foot to go! We’re still freezing at night, but summer is so close you can taste it. Throwback to last summer, racing back home from a ride. Looking forward to this. Alaska in the summertime is a dream. Come ride with us! #alaskaisdream #bushlife #icelandichorse #icelandichorses #icelandichorse #offthegrid #homesteaders #offairport #norunway #liveyouradventure #alaskaliving #thealaskalife #summerdreaming #wildernessculture #experiential travel #wwoofalaska #travelalaska #alaskarange #mountainculture #alaskatravel #livewild #livewildbefree #equitrekking

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Special kind of achievement

Morgan is the very first person to grow garlic in Alaska – he managed to do it thanks to his good knowledge of the soil and atmosphere there, but hasn’t shared the secret behind it with anyone.

Net worth

It is not easy to calculate Morgan’s net worth as he’s a nomad living in the nature who doesn’t have much contact with other people. However, according to authoritative sources, his net worth has been estimated to be over $1 million, largely thanks to his appearance in the “Mountain Men” series and his Apricity Alaska tourist agency.

Age, appearance, height, and weight

Morgan has not shared his exact date of birth with the public but is said to be in his 40s. He has long brown hair and brown beard, blue eyes, is 5ft 10in (1.78m) tall and weighs around 165lbs (75kgs).

Morgan Beasley

Social media presence

It is not hard to conclude that Morgan is not active at all on the Internet – however, there is an Instagram account of his Apricity Alaska agency, which is followed by nearly 1,800 people while there are over 260 pictures uploaded on it. The description reads ‘Morgan Beasley & Margaret Stern, Off-grid Homestead hosting Adventures on Foot and Horseback. Snapshots of Wilderness Living.’

Margaret, Morgan’s alleged girlfriend, is also running the agency’s website on which you can read about other people’s adventures, check the tours which they offer, and contact them if you have any questions or suggestions.

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