• Zeke Tenhoff is a famous reality television personality, best known from the series “Bering Sea Gold”
• He was born in Alaska, is of white ethnicity, and was homeschooled as a child
• His career began at the age of 20, when he started gold mining and eventually became a successful gold dredger
• He has had a few relationships, one of which is with Sarah Dunn
• His net worth is estimated to be at least $125,000

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Who is Zeke Tenhoff?

Zeke Tenhoff is a famous reality television personality, who is best known from being cast in the reality television series “Bering Sea Gold”. This is a Discovery Channel show whose storyline follows the lives of gold dredgers operating in Alaskan water close to the Arctic Circle.

Zeke Tenhoff Age, Early Life, Family, and Education Background

Although the exact date of Zeke’s birth is not known, but sources say that he was born Ezekiel Tenhoff in 1987 in Alaska – so is American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity – which is also where he grew up alongside his two younger brothers, Gabe and Sam. His brothers also work as divers, and have also appeared in “Bering Sea Gold” several times assisting in Zeke’s operations.

Zeke did not go through formal education, instead, he was homeschooled by his parents. As a young child, Zeke was an inquisitive person who also learned everything by watching what was going on in his environment. There is no information about who his parents were and what they did for a living, except that they at least taught him how to read and write. He was a brilliant child which is why he has managed to become such a successful person, but there is no information about Zeke attending a college.

Zeke Tenhoff Professional Career

Zeke began his career at the age of 20 when he ventured into gold mining. After a number of successful expeditions, Zeke was able to accumulate enough resources to buy his first vessel, The Clark. For several years Zeke sailed around in his vessel looking for gold in the Bering Sea, apparently relatively successfully, as after a while he purchased another dredger and named it The Edge.

When he was starting out, Zeke partnered with his close female friend Emily Reidel, and taught her everything she needed to learn about gold mining; later, she bought The Edge from Zeke and became its captain, renaming it The Eroica. This vessel has also been featured in “Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice.”

Zeke is very enthusiastic and passionate about his career. He has faced both good and bad days as well as rough times, however, as the captain of The Clark, Zeke has continued to be committed to his work. His responsibilities include managing a team of gold miners around the Bering Sea.

The Discovery channel was impressed by all his gold-digging activities which lead to them signing an agreement with Zeke, and making him a television personality. This meant Zeke taking millions of viewers on his dredging expeditions, who got almost first-hand experience of what it takes to sail to various areas of Bering Sea, and dive deep under the sea looking for gold. Soon his fans were hooked, and there have been many positive reviews of the show. That is how Tenhoff ended up becoming an American television sensation.

According to the legal statutes, the gold found belongs to Zeke, although some commissions have to be paid to the government. In each episode of the show, the fans are left baffled as Zeke and his crew traverse a number of locations in The Clark looking for gold, including Alaska and Nome, and although many people would avoid going to such locations, Zeke is not afraid of going there.

This is normally an adventure for Zeke, who loves being out at sea facing all kinds of challenges that he is usually prepared for, as the seas are normally unpredictable. Each day reveals a new twist, however, for Zeka and his crew on The Clark, this was the price they had to incur if they were to unearth anything worthwhile – Zeke lives for the search for gold.

In his career as an expert diver and gold dredger, Zeke has had to face difficult times. His first difficult experience was when he had to split with two of his closest friends. The first one was Emily who bought The Edge from him and went on to get her own crew after she renamed the vessel The Eroica. Emily sails with her team looking for plaster gold too.

Zeke also parted ways with Glen LeBaron, after they had irreconcilable differences during the show. He also lost John Bruce who was his best friend, which proved to be a very difficult period as they had grown very fond of each other. Zeke was devastated when he learned that John had taken his own life, but he’s faced all these difficult situations with a brave face and heart, and has remained committed to his job. With all these distractions, you would expect Zeke to have shied away from television, however, he has continued doing what he does best and this has made him remain a favorite reality star, and more people enjoy watching him on “Bering Sea Gold”.

Zeke Tenhoff Personal Life

Zeke has been lucky in his romantic life. His first relationship was with his close friend cum co-worker, Emily Riedel. Zeke introduced her to gold dredging after she completed her college education. The two went through a number of difficulties including frequent dissensions about their relationship struggles, as well as technical issues. This couple also shared a lot of romantic moments on screen, as well as many break-ups.

After the two broke up, they did not let it come between them as they continued working together, but instead of lovers, they became simple friends and co-workers. The two continued with their professional relationship until 2017 when they went their separate ways career-wise.

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In 2012 after Zeke’s friend committed suicide, he became depressed and fell into substance abuse. Trying to cope with this loss, Zeke relocated to New Orleans where he met Sarah Dunn and soon they became an item. Sarah, an artist immediately stole Zeke’s heart, and once they were in a relationship, he was able to overcome his grief. This relationship gave Zeke new reasons to go on with his life.

Sarah moved with Zeke to Nome where she started her food truck business. The truck named The Au Gratin was previously a school bus that Zeke had bought from his ex-girlfriend’s father. The two looked very happy in their latest appearances, and although they never appeared in “Bering Sea Gold” season 10, there is no news online of the two breaking up. They seem to be happy with each other.

Zeke Tenhoff Net Worth

Apart from being a reality television star, Zeke has also been involved in numerous endorsements which have made him very popular. He has remained determined and unstoppable in his career as a gold dredger, which has increased his income a lot. Authoritative sources estimate Zeke Tenhoff’s net worth to be a minimum of $125,000, as of mid-2019.



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