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Who is Joanna Kerns?

Born Joanna Crussie DeVarona on the 12th February 1953, in San Francisco, California USA, she is an actress and director as well, probably best known to the world as Maggie Seaver in the TV comedy series “Growing Pains” (1985-1992), and also as Cynthia Marten in the romantic drama film “Terror in the Family” from 1996, among many other differing accomplishments.

Where is Joanna Kerns Now?

Joanna is still focused on her career in the entertainment world, though instead of acting she is directing. In recent years, Joanna has directed several episodes of such TV series as “The Goldbergs” (2016-2018), “This Is Us” (2018), and “American Woman”, among other projects credited to her name.


Joanna Kerns Bio: Early Life, Parents, Siblings, and Education

Joanna is the third of four children born to David Thomas DeVarona, an insurance agent, and his wife Martha Louise, who worked as a clothing store manager. Growing up, Joanna competed with her older sister, Donna, who went on to win gold medals in swimming competitions at the 1964 Olympics. However, realizing that swimming was not for her, Joanna changed her focus to gymnastics, and participated in the 1968 Olympic trials, but finishing 14th out of 28. As she got older she became interested in acting, and eventually graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles from which she majored in dance.

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Career Beginnings

Before she became an actress, Joanna was a dancer, but it was during college that she made her acting debut in the Gene Kelly production “Clown Around”. For the role she had to move to New York and leave university. However, this turned out to be a smart move, as Joanna began getting new roles, including in “Two Gentlemen of Verona”, and “Ulysses in Nighttown”, the latter being directed by Burgess Meredith. Joanna then returned to California and became a backup dancer in Disneyland, while also attending auditions for commercials, until she finally broke into screen roles. She made her debut in 1976 in the film “Ape”, and to the end of the ‘70s, had a number of guest roles in such TV series as “Starsky and Hutch” (1976), “Emergency” (1977), “Charlie’s Angels” (1977), and “Switch” (1978), among others, while she also had a minor role in the horror mystery film “Coma” in 1978, starring Michael Douglas, Geneviève Bujold and Rip Torn. Nothing changed for Joanna in the upcoming years, as she continued to appear in minor roles in TV series, until 1984 when she was chosen for the part of Pat Devon in the TV drama series “The Four Seasons”. She featured in all 13 episodes of the highly-popular series, which was enough to push her forward for one of her most prominent roles, Maggie Seaver in the sitcom “Growing Pains”.

Rise to Prominence

As the show progressed, Joanna became more popular, and with her co-stars Alan Thicke and Kirk Cameron, became a star while the series aired for 165 episodes, with Joanna appearing in every one of them, and although an award for her efforts slipped through her hands, her work didn’t go without recognition. During her stint in the series, Joanna was focused on other projects too, including the action drama film “Street Justice” in 1987, then the comedy-drama film “An American Summer”, and the television thriller-drama film “The Nightman” (1992). After “Growing Pains” ended in 1992, Joanna continued her career with roles in television films, but none of those projects made as big an impact on her career. It was only in 1999 that she had a notable role in the drama film “Girl, Interrupted”, starring Wynonna Ryder and Angelina Jolie.
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Career Decline

Since the start of the new millennium her career has declined somewhat, and she has only secured a couple of roles worth mentioning, including as Lydia Vecchione in the romantic comedy film “All Over the Guy” (2001), and a minor role in the romantic comedy “Knocked Up” in 2007, in addition to the reprised role of Maggie Seaver in the television film “Growing Pains: Return to the Seavers” in 2004.

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Success as a Director

Inspired by the works of Burgess Meredith, with whom she worked in the earliest days of her career, Joanna wanted to try herself as a director at some point of her career. She got her chance in 1992, when she directed an episode of the TV series “Growing Pains”. Since then, Joanna has collected over 50 directing credits to her name, though she would only direct several episodes of several TV series, some of the most popular including “Ally McBeal” (1999-2001), “Any Day Now” (2000-2002), “Ghost Whisperer” (2005), “ER” (2006), “Men in Trees” (2006-2008), “Army Wives” (2007-2012), and “Jane the Virgin” (2015-2016), among many other differing TV series.


Joanna Kerns Net Worth

Joanna has had a pretty successful career since the early ‘70s, so far appearing in over 70 films and TV titles, and directing a number of television episodes of 60 TV series. Some of the projects on which she worked increased her popularity and wealth, so have you ever wondered how rich Joanna Kerns is, as of mid- 2018? According to authoritative sources, it’s estimated that Kerns’ net worth is as high as $6 million. Pretty impressive don’t you think?

Do You Know About Joanna’s Personal Life, Marriage, Children, Divorce, Breast Cancer Diagnosis

When it comes to her personal life, Joanna has been quite open about the ups and downs that happen to her behind the camera; she has been married to architect Mark Appleton since 1994, although the couple doesn’t have any children. Previously she was married to commercial producer Richard Kerns from 1976 until 1985, with whom she has a daughter, Ashley Cooper.

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Back in November 2016, she had a breast cancer diagnosis following a routine check. She underwent a double mastectomy, and since then has been cancer-free.

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