Born under the sign of Aries on 17 April 1998, in USA, Ryder McLaughlin is a 25-year-old Caucasian skateboarder and actor. He owes most of his worldwide fame to being part of the skateboarding company Illegal Civilizations (IC), which also features its own movie studio located in North Hollywood. It was through this involvement that he was picked for several roles in prominent titles, after which he became much easier to recognize by more than skater connoisseurs. He has enjoyed a relatively successful career in the entertainment industry since gracing the screen for the first time in 2016.

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Early life & education: Keeping to himself

Ryder is generally a man of few words, and this has been the case regarding any details about his upbringing, as he’s yet to share even one. That said, he’s apparently an only child, raised by parents of unknown names and professions. What most definitely can be said about his early years is that he had a great interest in urban areas and skateboarding, seeing as he spent most of his time out of school there.

This part of his life would turn out to be crucial for the whole rest of it, as skate parks are where he met Mikey Alfred, who ultimately founded IC. Ryder was lucky enough to have discovered his passion way before most of his peers, and other skateboarders from the area quickly became aware of his skill. He also excelled at several other sports activities in elementary and high school, from where he matriculated in 2016. He has since expressed no desire to pursue a college degree, and instead chose to dedicate himself to what he loves doing most.

Career: Skateboarding into fame

McLaughlin made his first public appearance in 2016 upon the release of IC’s inaugural project – a documentary mini-series depicting the lives of the skater crew, entitled “Illegal Civilization with Mikey Alfred Feat. Ryder McLaughlin.” It received almost no coverage across the media outlets, having only 11 ratings on IMDB, and not even an episode list, even though it lasted for a year. The project focused on the day-to-day of IC members, most prominently its founder and McLaughlin himself, helping them show the world their love for what they do. It wasn’t that interesting, however, and so the company eventually turned towards a different kind of media production.

“Summer of 17” was the group’s next attempt at breaking into the stratosphere, comprising a fictional yet realistic story through a short film released in 2017, lasting 21 minutes. Ryder starred as himself, and the lead actor Nico Hiraga played his own character as well, as he too is a member of IC. The entire project was filmed in three days across North Hollywood and Burbank, California. While not as successful as their fans hoped it would be, the film marked the group’s beginnings in dedicated cinematography, as well as improving their ability to craft engaging storylines that can keep their crowds.

2018 was the year in which Ryder’s popularity would finally explode, seeing him play Fourth Grade in Jonah Hill’s inaugural directed film entitled “Mid90s.” This comedy drama won four out of its 10 nominations, and performed really well at the box office, bringing significant attention to both Jonah and the IC crew, who provided a large part of the talent. The film tells the story of a boy growing up in Los Angeles, where he begins frequenting a skateboard shop and spending time with its employees and regulars to escape his troubles at home. Hill went all in on the film, and hired actual skateboard professionals to play their parts, thereby approaching IC.

In the same year, Ryder also had a recurring role in three episodes of a TV series, while in 2020 he was seen as himself in IC’s documentary entitled “Godspeed.” The year 2021 saw him act in another title by IC, this time a veritable full-length film, playing Michael in “North Hollywood.” The film was written, directed and produced by Mikey Alfred, who wanted to tell another teenage skateboarder story, but this time with more gruesomeness. The project received better-than-bad ratings on IMDB, but certain media outlets praised it regardless. Ryder played Deli Teenager in “Dog” in 2022, and another recurring character in an episode of “Obi-Wan Kenobi” later that year. He is yet to be seen in another title, leaving the previous eight a total summary of his career in front of the camera.

Who really are the Illegal Civs?

Mikey Alfred and his buddies laid the foundation for their venture back in 2008, kicking off the life-long enterprise by capturing skateboarding moments on film and handing out T-shirts across the streets of North Hollywood. When Mikey hit the age of 15, a talented skateboarder and rapper named Na-Kel Smith opened doors for him by introducing him to Tyler, the Creator, which allowed him to become the personal videographer for the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All hip-hop collective, commonly referred to as simply Odd Future or OF.

As IC members toured with the likes of Tyler, the Creator, and Frank Ocean, they also hustled by distributing their merchandise and DVDs. This relentless effort eventually paved the way for IC to start making waves in the scene. The year 2016 witnessed a significant development as renowned skateboard distributor Baker Boys Distribution, began handling the marketing of Illegal Civilization’s merchandise.

Moving forward to 2020, IC made a major splash in the skateboarding world with the release of the highly acclaimed “Godspeed” skate video, under the skillful direction of Davonte Jolly. This milestone led to Alex Midler, Kevin White, and Zach Saraceno achieving pro status within the IC crew.

However, the narrative took an unexpected turn in May 2022, when Alex Midler, Kevin White and Zach Saraceno decided to part ways with IC. The driving force behind their decision was that they had gone unpaid for over a year, with no explanation from management as to how that may have occurred.

Mikey described skate culture as his home, emphasizing that skateboarding is everything they stand for. Over the past decade they achieved what many young creatives only dream of. They solidified their place in the skate scene with a series of skate videos and movies, expanded into streetwear with their eponymous brand, collaborated with Doritos on a unique capsule, and made waves by co-producing the aforementioned Jonah Hill title.

Alfred is also eternally grateful for his team, without which none of their successes would’ve been possible. IC comprises Ryder McLaughlin, Zach Saraceno, Sunny Suljic, Na-Kel Smith, Kevin White, and many more. While Alfred focuses on directing feature films, Shawn Rojas excels in the clothing line, and Davonte Jolly manages the skate team and skate videos.

The impact of skate culture and its community on Mikey Alfred is immeasurable, as he views skateboarding as an unbreakable bond, comparing it to the mafia. While Illegal Civilization has undoubtedly left a mark on the skate world, Alfred believes the real impact should be assessed by others. Their foray into filmmaking and partnerships, including one with Universal, signifies a new direction and brings skateboarding to a broader audience.

Looking ahead, Illegal Civilization is on a mission to build the First Teen Movie Studio, envisioning it as this generation’s Disney, Warner Brothers, or Paramount. They have deals with Universal Music, Bravado, and Interscope, opening exciting avenues for artists and music in their skateboarding videos and films. The future holds great potential for IC, and Ryder by extension, who is bound to find his way to yet another remarkable title.

Love life: Who is Ryder dating?

Seeing as even McLaughlin’s character in “Mid90s” doesn’t talk much, which is how he got famous in the first place, it’s not that much of a surprise to learn that he hasn’t yet divulged any revealing details pertaining to his current or former romantic involvements. The skater remains devoted to bringing the best possible future to IC, and that looks to be just about everything he spends his time on in late 2023, with no significant other to speak of.

What is Ryder McLaughlin’s net worth?

As for Ryder’s total accumulated wealth, some of the most reputable sources estimate that it could be higher than $3 million towards the start of 2024. This sum was generated through years of hard work on the brand he started with his friends, though the most significant portion inarguably came from his now iconic role in Jonah Hill’s film. Finally, the IC sometimes also engage in projects no one would imagine them in, such as a Polo campaign, which is sure to add a sizable chunk to each participating member’s wallet.

Body measurements: What is McLaughlin’s height?

Ryder stands at a slightly-below-average height of 5ft 8ins (172cm). He has light brown hair, although often dyed, coupled with light green eyes and a rather pale complexion. His build is most often described as slim and elongated.

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