• Shane Kilcher is an American reality TV star, who was on the show “Alaska: The Last Frontier” from 2012-2017 until he suffered an horrific injury.
• He is of Swiss ancestry and grew up in Homer, Alaska.
• Shane’s net worth is $2 million.
• He is married to Kelli Kilcher, with whom he has four children.
• He has gained a large fanbase on social media, including a private Facebook page with over 30,000 followers.


Who is Shane Kilcher?

Shane Kilcher is an American reality TV star, who achieved stardom by appearing in the reality show “Alaska: The Last Frontier” from 2012 until 2017, when he suffered an horrific injury while working on his Alaskan cabin.

Where is Shane Kilcher Now?

Shane was an integral part of the reality TV series and the Kilcher family on the whole, up until 2017, when he suffered an injury that has taken him off the air. He was working on the roof of his cabin when he fell – he was transferred to Central Peninsula Hospital in Homer, where he was diagnosed with a horizontal fracture to his L2 vertebra.

The injury is quite serious, and since then he has been away from the show, focusing on his recovery. His wife has spoken in his name, stating that the recovery process is long and hard, but that he is getting better day by day.

Shane Kilcher Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Shane Kilcher was born on the 5th May 1971, in Fairbanks, Alaska USA, the son of Atz Kilcher and his ex-wife, Lenedra Caroll. Of Swiss ancestry, Shane has three siblings, Jewel, Atz Lee, and Nikos Kilcher. He spent his childhood outside of Homer, living in a cabin with his siblings and parents.

Shane Kilcher

He attended Homer High School and Homer Senior High School – he played volleyball for the Alaska Anchorage Seawolves team in several tournaments. As he got older, Shane became more proficient in survival skills, hunting, trapping, and making repairs around the house, choosing not to seek further education and a different career path.

Career Beginnings and Rise to Prominence

It was in 2011 that the Kilcher’s family lifestyle was noticed by producers of the Discovery channel, who decided to cast them in the reality series “Alaska: The Last Frontier”.

The show premiered on the 29th December 2011 to rave reviews, and since then has become quite popular, making the Kilcher family members stars of reality television. Shane joined the show in 2012, and featured in 55 episodes of the Primetime Emmy Award-nominated series, before his accident. Of course there is no news yet about his return to the show, nevertheless, he became a star while on the show, which increased his wealth by a large margin.

Shane Kilcher Net Worth

Since the “Alaska: The Last Frontier” launched, Shane’s net worth increased by a large margin, and with his own professional endeavors such as selling fish and making repairs, his wealth also benefited. Kilcher’s net worth is as high as $2 million.

Let’s hope that he makes a complete recovery.

Shane Kilcher Personal Life, Marriage, Wife, Children

The entire Kilcher family lives in a homestead just 11 miles away from Homer, and for the better part of their lives haven’t used electricity and other benefits of the modern-day. Some would think that Shane would hardly ever find someone to share his lifestyle, nevertheless, Shane is a married man and has been supported by his wife in all of his endeavors.

He met his future wife, Kelli while they were both in high school, and married in 1992. She grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, so is familiar with Alaskan lifestyle. The two have welcomed four children, three sons, Jareth, Keena Tarik, and Reid Kilcher, and a daughter named Jenna, all of whom have already appeared in the show. In contrast to her husband, Kelly has pursued further education, and graduated with a degree in Nursing from Maric College, California, and is currently working at the South Peninsula Hospital in Homer.

Shane Kilcher Internet Fame

Since the creation of “Alaska: The Last Frontier”, Shane has become quite popular in the world of entertainment, and has expanded his popularity to social media platforms too, especially Facebook. Although his official Facebook is private, he and his wife have started their own Facebook page, and have more than 30,000 loyal fans.

They have used their popularity to share their most recent endeavors, including Shane’s recent projects, and his way onto recovery, among numerous other posts.

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