Erik and Jaime Perkins, collectively known as the Perkins Builder Brothers, have become one of the most recognizable DIY home builders through their YouTube Channel. Their online success is attributed to their authenticity, dedication to their craft, and the enduring bond of family. Their ability to seamlessly blend their passion for construction with their love for creating engaging content has made them beloved figures in the DIY community.

Meet Erik and Jaime, the Perkins Builder Brothers

Erik and Jaime Perkins hailed from a picturesque small town in North Carolina. They are far more than just business partners; they are brothers bound by an unbreakable bond. Their journey from youthful summers of construction to becoming renowned builders and YouTube sensations is nothing short of remarkable.

A foundation of hard work and values

Their father, a seasoned architect and builder, had a vision for his sons. He wanted to impart not only invaluable building skills, but also the ethics of hard work and dedication. As teens, Erik and Jaime were introduced to the world of construction, a time that initially felt like an interruption to their carefree summers and weekends. It was only later on that they realized the importance of the early training that they’d received from their father.

Diverging paths to adulthood

As they approached adulthood, Erik and Jaime embarked on distinctly different journeys. Erik chose the path of higher education, dedicating four years to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Meanwhile, Jaime, the younger of the two, enrolled in an intensive three-month course at the local Southwestern Community College, specifically designed to prepare students for the contractor licensing exam. The remarkable part? He undertook this challenge while still in high school. By the time Jaime walked across the stage to receive his high school diploma, he’d already conquered the contractor’s state exam, officially becoming a licensed contractor at the age of 18.

Building Not Just Homes, But Also Strong Bonds and Families

Those formative experiences, which included practical lessons in construction and diverse educational offerings provided by their father, laid the foundation for a prosperous future. This path led Erik and Jaime to not only build quality homes, but also establish successful careers in the competitive construction industry. It was a trajectory that not only fulfilled their own aspirations, but also enriched the lives of their families.

Erik’s Family – Embracing the Great Outdoors

Erik’s wife, Sarah Perkins, is a source of immense pride for him, and he enthusiastically shared her academic achievements on his Instagram page. In the spring semester of 2023, Sarah achieved straight A’s in her graduate studies.

Their family was a tight-knit unit, including three energetic and adventurous sons whom Erik often featured on his social media pages. The Perkins family shared a profound love for the great outdoors; their summers were marked by camping adventures, while the winter months saw them carving through mountain slopes on exhilarating skiing escapades. Additionally, one of Erik’s sons inherited his musical inclinations and became a talented drummer.

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Jaime’s Family – A more private life

Jaime’s ketp his personal social media accounts private, but it was common knowledge that he had a loving family. He and his wife, who also shared the same name, managed any occasional confusion that arose from this situation. Like Erik, Jaime was a father to three children. Although the specifics of his family life were less publicly visible, it was clear that family values and bonds held great importance in his life.

Perkins Enterprises: Second-Generation Builders

The legacy of Perkins Enterprises, a company founded by their father, an accomplished architect and builder specializing in crafting custom mountain homes in Bryson City, North Carolina, stretches back to 1989. As their father neared retirement, Erik and Jaime were presented with a life-altering opportunity – their father told them to take the reins of Perkins Enterprises. This transition was not just about business; it was about carrying forward a legacy that their father had nurtured for years.

For Erik, the memories of laborious construction work during their teenage years weighed heavily on his mind. The thought of diving back into it left him hesitant. The construction site had often felt like a place that pulled them away from carefree teenage fun during summers and weekends. However, younger brother Jaime, armed with his newly acquired contractor’s license, embraced the challenge with excitement. He saw the potential in the family business, and recognized that they weren’t merely inheriting a company; they were stepping into a legacy of quality work and craftsmanship.

Ultimately, Erik joined hands with Jaime to pursue the family business together. In the quaint small town where they operate, the Perkins name is synonymous with quality home construction. The brothers didn’t need to implement elaborate marketing strategies or launch advertising campaigns; simply relying on word of mouth and their father’s esteemed reputation, they attracted a consistent flow of clients who recognized that a “Perkins-built home” was a symbol of excellence and durability.

From Builders to YouTubers

Their channel has become a hub for DIY enthusiasts, homeowners, and aspiring builders. In addition to their informative content, they engage with their audience through Q&A sessions and by responding to comments.

How their YouTube journey started

In 2016, the Perkins brothers embarked on a new venture, one that changed their lives and captivated a global audience. They created videos and shared them via their YouTube channel, “Perkins Builder Brothers.” Erik, who also completed an undergraduate degree in filming during college, took the lead in documenting anything and everything that piqued their interest and expertise, uploading these videos to YouTube. In those early days, they were experimenting with the platform, crafting one-off goofy videos that lacked a clear style or niche. Without a precise message or theme, these videos struggled to find an audience, so initially the journey proved to be unrewarding.

For a couple of years, the older of the two brothers invested considerable time filming and editing content, all without any monetary return. His commitment to the channel even drew some playful frustration from his wife, who jokingly threatened divorce. This challenging journey was a shared experience among many YouTubers. The path to monetization was a steep climb, as it required reaching milestones that social media platforms deemed challenging – specifically, amassing a daunting 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours annually.

The turning point – from obscurity to popularity

It wasn’t until 2021 that the Perkins brothers struck the right chord, transforming their YouTube journey from obscurity to popularity. Their breakthrough came when they heeded a friend’s advice, which was to focus on what they excelled at – the art of building homes from start to finish. An interesting observation in the world of YouTube was that viewers were drawn to videos featuring people performing even the most mundane tasks with efficiency. Whether it was drilling nails, changing tires, or painting walls, the audience found value in observing others excel at their craft. In a nutshell, Erik captured the essence of their newfound direction by stating, ‘People find value in watching other people work and do a good job.’

Engagement through authenticity

The Perkins brothers realized that their growing subscriber base included individuals beyond the construction world. What truly set them apart was their commitment to authenticity. They didn’t just showcase their construction prowess; they shared their genuine banter and humorous moments caught on camera, presenting an unfiltered view of life while building homes. Their content became a captivating blend of construction techniques, tool reviews, budget-friendly project ideas, and engaging DIY challenges. The unique charm of their videos lies in their ability to make construction accessible and entertaining for viewers worldwide.

Their impressive YouTube numbers

As of September 2023, the Perkins Builder Brothers YouTube channel has achieved remarkable milestones. They’ve amassed a substantial following, with close to 900,000 subscribers. What’s even more astounding is the staggering 200 million views garnered from their extensive library of 675 videos. While the channel hasn’t yet crossed the coveted million subscribers mark, their achievements are truly noteworthy. In an industry that wasn’t initially recognized for seamlessly integrating with social media, these numbers are a testament to their dedication and appeal.

Simplifying complex construction processes

One of the reasons why the videos of the Perkins Builder Brothers had many views was that they were known to simplify complex construction processes. One clear example was the video they uploaded in December 2019, entitled “Learn how to frame a window ~ Building tutorials made easy.” This video was a comprehensive step-by-step guide, presenting a user-friendly demonstration as they meticulously walked through the placement of wall plates along with the assembly of every component required for a successful window installation. The video not only surpassed the one million-view mark but also garnered 12,000 likes, and received over 500 comments.

The Perkins Builder Brothers Team: A Recipe for Success

While Erik and Jaime bear the Perkins name and are the faces of the show, they attribute a significant part of their success to the crew they consider not just colleagues but friends. Individuals Ray, Jason, Arlo and Jono are not simply employees; they are indispensable members of the Perkins Builder Brothers team.

A tight-knit small-town network

Hailing from a close-knit small town, their approach to team hiring was distinctive. In a place where personal connections are the backbone of businesses, they opted for the word-of-mouth route, which proved to be the most effective way to sift through a lengthy list of applicants. Everyone in town knew each other, which simplified the process of double-checking references, and guaranteed that the team they assembled possessed not only skill but also trustworthiness.

Compensate fairly

For Erik and Jaime, creating a strong team isn’t just about hiring the right people; it’s about nurturing and respecting them as individuals. They understand that the success of any business starts with its management. They prioritize fair compensation for their team members, and share the rewards of their hard work, distributing profits from each project as circumstances permit.

Acknowledge that everyone has a life

Recognizing that their team members are family-oriented, they offer flexibility in work hours and time off. As employers, they follow a simple yet profound rule: acknowledge that everyone has a life. They said, ‘If you need to do something, do it. And we’re not going to be upset, you’re not going to get fired.’ This approach has not only created a positive work environment, but has also resulted in a loyal and dedicated workforce.

Top three most popular videos on their channel

The Perkins Builder Brothers team isn’t solely focused on work; they also have fun while they carry out their tasks. Their camaraderie and mutual respect for one another have been key ingredients in their recipe for success. Here are the top three most-viewed videos that they’ve uploaded:

“Construction of a Home In The Wilderness”

In January 2023, the Perkins Builder Brothers unveiled a fascinating construction project that left viewers in awe. This epic video documented the entire construction process of a home nestled high in the mountains of North Carolina, from the initial land excavation to the final installation of fixtures. Spanning nearly three hours, this timelapse masterpiece showed the dedication and meticulous craftsmanship of the Perkins Builder Brothers crew. Despite its extended duration, viewers found themselves utterly engrossed in the video. The sheer magnitude of the project and the precision with which it was executed garnered immense admiration. The video’s exceptional appeal was evident in its staggering view count, which has soared to an impressive 11 million.

“Complete Construction of a Modern Getaway Home”

This remarkable video took the internet by storm, when it was originally shared on the Perkins Builder Brothers’ YouTube channel in May 2022. With over 12 million views and an ever-growing fan base, this video held a special place in the hearts of viewers who appreciated a condensed version of what was initially a 26-part series. The video’s appeal rested in its capacity to condense the complexity of a large-scale construction project into a concise two-hour visual experience. In this project, the Perkins Brothers tackled the construction of a stylish vacation retreat for a client who had specifically sought their expertise.

What set this video apart and made it a favorite among fans was its comprehensive approach. It wasn’t merely a showcase of construction techniques; it was a deep dive into the intricacies of the project. The Perkins crew generously shared insights into the operational costs, the materials employed, and even the building codes adhered to during the construction process. Beyond the technical aspects, the video offered a glimpse into the challenges and obstacles encountered along the way, adding an element of authenticity and relatability. It was an holistic portrayal of the entire journey, from inception to completion.

“10 Minute Timelapse”

Sometimes, a title can be so self-explanatory that it becomes a magnet for curious minds. This was precisely the case with the video entitled “Amazing Cliffside Home. Built in a 10-Minute Timelapse.” Out of the 675 videos that graced their online channel, this particular masterpiece emerged as the unrivaled champion in terms of popularity.

The allure of this video lies in its simple yet mesmerizing presentation of a process that typically demands an extraordinary amount of time and effort. Constructing a home is a monumental endeavor, yet the Perkins Builder Brothers condensed it into a thrilling 10-minute timelapse. What was once a laborious and intricate process became an awe-inspiring spectacle that drew in more than 15 million views. It was posted in March 2022, and rapidly amassed close to 150,000 likes, which showed its universal appeal. It captivated the hearts and minds of even those who might not have any prior interest in basic construction principles.

Net worth

For approximately two decades, Erik and Jaime’s thriving construction business naturally played a pivotal role in shaping their net worth. The sweat and toil poured into their craft steadily contributed to their financial well-being. However, it was the meteoric rise of their YouTube channel and its millions of views since 2021 that’s catapulted their wealth to impressive heights. This was further amplified by merchandise sales and sponsorships closely tied to their construction business, and content creation endeavors.

Authoritative sources ventured to estimate their combined net worth, arriving at a figure ranging up to $5 million. This remarkable financial milestone marked a significant leap from their circumstances in 2020, when Erik found himself compelled to create a GoFundMe page for Jaime. In April 2020, a harrowing incident befell Jaime as he faced a series of surgical operations following a devastating accident involving a woodworking machine. The medical bills began to mount, far exceeding what Jaime’s medical insurance could cover. The challenging environment of the Covid-19 pandemic only exacerbated the situation. However, in their time of need, the Perkins family was profoundly touched by the outpouring of support from their friends and fans. Instead of merely reaching their initial goal of $25,000, the total amount collected exceeded all expectations, surpassing $100,000.

A Legacy of Knowledge and Guidance

Beyond the view counts and subscriber numbers, the success of the Perkins Builder Brothers was measured by the invaluable knowledge and guidance they extended to aspiring DIYers and construction enthusiasts. Their videos were not merely content for entertainment; they were a lifeline for those embarking on home-building journeys.

These videos showcased the brothers’ dedication to delivering professional expertise in the world of home construction. Their channel became a well of wisdom, a virtual mentorship program, and a trusted source of guidance for anyone in need.

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