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Who is Billy Brown?

Billy Brown was born on the 3rd December 1952 in Fort Worth, Texas USA and is a reality TV star, best known to the world for being a part of the Discovery Channel series “Alaskan Bush People” (2014-2017), alongside his wife Ami, and their seven children. The series follows the life of the large Brown family, without modern technology in the Alaskan wilderness.


Early Life, Parents, and, Family Tragedy

Billy was born to Kathryn and Billy Joe Brown and grew up in Fort Worth with his sister Kathy Jean Brown. Billy was a rather smart child, and became the youngest horse trainer in the country, and a successful musician. His father, a businessman, provided for the family’s relatively luxurious life. Unfortunately, Billy was struck by a life-changing tragedy in 1969; everyone but him were in a private plane traveling across Texas when they were caught in a thunderstorm, which resulted in the plane crashing and the death of his parents and sister.
Left without a family, Billy was soon cheated into signing an emancipation document, which further left him homeless and penniless.

Life in a Trailer

After losing his family and home, Billy lived in a trailer, and held several odd jobs to support himself financially, although he wasn’t all alone as he married his first wife, Brenda the same year his family died. The two remained married for five years before divorcing, however, they welcomed two children, but following their split, Billy hasn’t had any encounter with them.

Second Marriage and Move to Alaska

He continued the life of a traveler, moving from town to town without a permanent place to live. Without proper education, Billy held a number of menial jobs, which was enough only for food. He found solace in love when he met his future wife, Ami, and they decided to tie the knot on the 16th June 1979; Ami was only 15 years at the time, while Billy was 26. Soon after the wedding, the two welcomed their first child, a son, and soon their second son was also born. In the mid- ‘80s, still without a proper place to call home, the now four-member Brown family decided to try and find happiness in Alaska. They first settled on isolated Mosman Island, actually stranded for 18 months. However, they managed to reach Port Protection, and continued with their lives in the Alaskan wilderness.

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Settling in Haines, Alaska

After ten years in Alaska, Billy managed to build a home in Haines; however, this time luck wasn’t on Billy’s side either, and house burned to the ground following an accidental fire. The only good thing was that no one got hurt, but tired of the bad luck and helplessness, Billy and the family left Alaska.

Return to the Lower States

Billy took the family to the lower 48 states, finding a place for them in Seattle. He started writing stories about his life and recording them on CDs. He published his memoir “One Wave at A Time”, which soon brought him popularity within the US. Soon a second book followed, entitled “Teacher of the Old Code”, further increasing his popularity. The first book meantime brought him to the attention of the Discovery Channel, and finally find a home for the family in remote Alaska.

“Alaskan Bush People”

Once the producers from the Discovery Channel heart Billy’s story, they offered him and his family a reality TV show, that would follow the family’s daily activities in Alaska. Billy accepted the offer, and the Brown family headed north once again. First, they moved from one place to another, building shelters against the harsh winters, finally settling in Hoonah, on Chichagof Island. Launched in 2014, the TV show “Alaskan Bush People” has recently finished its seventh season, and is popular with over 2.3 million viewers on average per episode. The highest rating was in the 3rd season’s finale with 3.98 million viewers. The show has made Billy a star, and certainly increased his wealth to a large degree.

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Do You Know How Rich Billy Brown Is?

Going through hardships since his late teens, Billy has managed to overcome all the problems and become a star of reality TV. So, have you ever wondered how rich Billy Brown is, as of mid- 2018? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Billy Brown’s wealth is as high as $60 million. Amazing, don’t you think?

Brown Family

Since the birth of their two sons soon after the marriage, Billy and his wife Ami stuck by each other through all the hardships – the two are now parents to five sons, and two daughters, named Matt, Bam, Gabe, Bear, Noah, Bird, and Rainy.

Problems with the Law

Back in 2014, Billy was charged for receiving money for living in Alaska, when that wasn’t the case since he and his family moved back to the lower 48 states. He falsified the documents between 2010 and 2013, but he was caught in his scheme, which resulted in 30 days in jail, a money fine and community service. He pleaded guilty alongside his son Joshua to lying on PFD forms, which lessened the fine to an ankle monitor instead of jail time. Father and son did 40 hours of community service while their dividend form has been canceled for their lifetime.

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    Billy my name is Shirley Ann Brown Garner. I met you in Oak Meadows a subdivision of Houston, Texas. You ran around with a friend of mine named Janis Lindsey. My daddy’s name was G. K. Brown he had four other siblings. He was born and raised in Refuge Texas. He passed away in 1952. My mama Callie Brown raised me alone. I know we are cousins because mama told me so. I live in Leesburg, Alabama and my husband and myself are thinking about selling out and traveling. We would love to come visit you and your family. I know you live in north west Washington but not exactly where. All of my family is dead as yours are. We have been watching the show since the second season. I told my husband then we were kin folk. Please contact me at the information below. My phone # is 256-526-7123. Please get in touch . We have been praying for Ami as she battled the cancer. Thank God she made it Thur.

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