• Aimee Preston was born in Denver, Colorado, USA on 18 July 1987
• She used to work as Steven Tyler's personal assistant before they started dating in 2016
• She attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and received her Associate of Arts degree in Musical Theatre
• She is currently said to be living a happy life with her boyfriend Steven Tyler, with a net worth of approximately $1 million
• She is not active on social media, while Steven has an Instagram with nearly two million followers and a Twitter with 1.75 million followers

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FactBlacklisted during the McCarthy era and dismissed from her job at CBS. Later taught at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Aimee Preston

Aimee was born in Denver, Colorado USA on 18 July 1987, so under the zodiac sign of Cancer and holding American nationality. She used to work for rock star Steven Tyler as his personal assistant, before the two started dating in 2016.


Early life and education

Even though she is somewhat popular now because she’s dating Steven, Aimee chooses to keep her personal life to herself and therefore doesn’t talk about her background. She apparently spent her childhood in Denver with her parents, and her three siblings Calvin, Luke, and Katie.

Aimee was quite interested in music and acting from a very young age – after she matriculated from the Denver School of Arts, she went on to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy from which she received her Associate of Arts degree in Musical Theatre.


Somewhere along the way Aimee lost her interest in music and acting, and began working as a personal assistant – the job suited her very well and she soon started working for some very important people, including Donald Trump and his ex-wife, as well as for Victoria Beckham, and for famous rock star Steven Tyler before they started dating, he was the first celebrity who she worked for as a personal assistant while she was employed by XIX Entertainment.

Aimee Preston and Steven Tyler

Personal life

Aimee was already married once – her husband was Scott Schachter who works as a talent agent but their marriage did not last for long. They divorced soon after exchanging their vows and they don’t have any kids together.

Aimee started working for Steven in 2012, but rumors of the two dating did not appear until 2016 – at that time, they started going out together and the people could often see them holding hands in public. The first event which the couple attended together was Elton John’s annual Oscar viewing party – Steven did not hide his affection towards Aimee and he confirmed the rumors of them dating – at that point, Aimee and Steven started living together in Nashville. Steven was married before as well – Cyrinda Foxe was his first wife who he divorced in 1987, then married Teresa Barrick after her and the two divorced in 2006. He is a father to one child from his first marriage and has two kids from his second marriage – Cyrinda, his first wife, died in 2002 from brain cancer.

Who is Steven Tyler?

Steven Victor Tallarico was born on 26 March 1948 which makes him 39 years older than Aimee – he divorced his first wife in the same year in which Aimee was born. He is a popular singer, songwriter, musician and an actor while he also appeared as a judge during a TV music competition. He rose to prominence after he became the lead singer of a popular band called “Aerosmith” in 1970s – he doesn’t only sing but also plays the harmonica and the piano. Steven is nicknamed “Demon of Screamin’” because of his wide vocal range and very strong and high screams.

Steven was born in New York, moving into The Bronx with his family when he turned three – his mother Susan Ray was a secretary while his father Victor A. Tallarico was a musician, pianist and a professor at the Cardinal Spellman High School in Bronx – it is said that Steven inherited his love towards music from his father. Steven has an older sister named Lynda. He had a lot of problems during the years which he spent at Roosevelt High School in Yonkers, and was expelled because of drug use, switching to Quintano’s school for Young Professionals from where he matriculated. He already knew that he didn’t want to pursue a degree in anything, but rather wanted to chase a career in music.

In 1969 Steven saw “Jam Band” perform – Joe Perry played the guitar while Tom Hamilton played the bass and he immediately knew that they were just the people he wanted in “Aerosmith” – the three formed the band in 1970 while Steven insisted on being the frontman of the band. He was inspired by The Rolling Stones band, and hearing that Aerosmith resembles them was the best compliment he had ever received. They released their first album in 1973 and their second in 1974 entitled “Get Your Wings”. In the same year, they recorded the song for which the band is famous today – “Dream On” was a major hit and got to number 59 on the list of the best songs in 1974, and reached number six in 1976.

The band became a sensation, however, due to drug abuse and Steven’s motorcycle crash, they lost a lot of their fans and their popularity started to decline – due to all the issues they were facing, the band slowly broke apart as Perry and another member left in 1979 and 1981.

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In 1984, Steven managed to put the band back together, however, he was still having drug issues and collapsed due to cocaine overdose during the band’s performance in Springfield, Illinois during their tour – after the band members talked to him, Steven agreed to enter a drug rehab program, and after he successfully completed it, the other members of the band followed his lead and by the mid-1980s they were all clean.

Music is not Steven’s only interests as he was always a huge fan of motorcycles, and launched the Dirico Motorcycles company in September 2007, together with Mark Dirico and AC Custom Motorcycles.

His first serious relationship was with 16 years-old Julia Holcomb in 1975 when he was 27 – the couple was living together after the permission of her parents, but took drugs for the next three years, Julia became pregnant and the two were supposed to marry, however, after a fire broke-out in their house, Steven thought that it would affect his child and therefore persuaded Julia to have an abortion. Neither of them were happy about it, and Julia stated how Steven was snorting cocaine during the abortion and offered her some as well.

Steven is currently said to be living a happy life with his girlfriend Aimee Preston, while he is also said to be clean for many years now.


The couple can often be seen together at numerous charity events – including Janie’s Fund gala night which is a charity organization initially founded by Steven. Aimee is one of the volunteers who works as a counselor, and offers protection to girls and women suffering physical abuse.

Appearance and net worth

Aimee is currently 31 years old. She has long blonde hair and green eyes, but her height and weight are not known.

According to authoritative sources, Aimee’s current net worth is estimated to be less than $1 million, while her boyfriend Steven has a net worth which is said to be around $120 million.

Social media presence

Surprisingly enough, Aimee seems not to be active on social media platforms – she is running her Twitter account which she launched in March 2014 but she hasn’t been active since March 2015 – she gathered over 700 followers but tweeted only 60 times. She doesn’t use Twitter or Facebook, and so it appears that she is trying to stay away from social media.

Steven is the complete opposite of Aimee when it comes to being active on the social media platforms – his Instagram account is followed by nearly two million people while he’s posted almost 600 pictures. He launched his Twitter account in January 2011 and has so far gathered 1.75 million followers and tweeted nearly 2,400 times.


1Was the daughter of Jewish stage producer Abraham Kalish. She was also variously known as 'Ann Shepherd' and 'Judith Blake'. Married writer Charles K. Freeman.
2Blacklisted during the McCarthy era and dismissed from her job at CBS. Later taught at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.



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