• April Cheryse is a glamour model and social media personality with over a million followers on Instagram
• She has earned her wealth of $500,000 through modelling
• She began trying to break into the industry in 2000 and rose to fame for her posts of sensual photos
• She became an ambassador for the swimwear brand Pinkini Swimwear and was also a Playboy Playmate
• She has since been inactive on social media, possibly due to a serious relationship and disinterest in modelling


Who is April Cheryse?

April Cheryse was born on 4 April 1990, in the United States of America, and is a glamour model as well as a social media personality, on Instagram she gained over a million followers.

The Wealth of April Cheryse

$500,000, earned through a career as a model. She has modelled for several popular publications. Is she resumes her endeavors, her wealth may increase somewhat.

Early Life and Modelling Beginnings

She began trying break into the industry in the year 2000, at just 10 years of age. She began working as a model during that year, but didn’t really gain a lot of attention until she created her Instagram account.

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Rise to Fame

Cheryse gained a lot of attention for her sensual photos which were often done to accentuate her figure.

April Cheryse

She often wore bikinis and other revealing outfits, being attractive and posting consistently which led to a lot of attention. Her followers on the site increased significantly, and soon websites as well as publications took notice. One of the first websites that featured her was Brobible, which is a men’s lifestyle website, often featuring women in their posts including a Bikini Model of the Month feature which had her on one occasion. Brobible was later acquired by the entertainment and pop culture website called Uproxx, which was founded in 2008 and is owned by Warner Music Group.

The site target’s men aged from 18 to 34, and while it is under Warner, the original founder remains in control of the company’s operations. April gained more work after the feature, and even became an ambassador for the swimwear brand called Pinkini Swimwear, known for being an online retailer of bikinis, and had social media personalities do promotions for them.

Playboy and Sudden Disappearance

One of April’s biggest projects came just a few years after her rise to fame, as she was contacted by the international publication “Playboy”, who signed her to become a Playboy Playmate for the men’s entertainment and lifestyle magazine established in the 1950s by Hugh Hefner.

The publication became popular for its feature of nude or semi-nude models, also known as Playmates. The company is known for being one of the pivotal points of the sexual revolution, and from their print beginnings, now has a presence in various mediums including the internet. There are also numerous nation-specific versions of the magazine published worldwide. Aside from their Playmates, the magazine is also known for featuring works of popular writers. They also do features of public figures such as architects, artists, conductors, politicians, athletes, and many more.

After becoming a Playmate, April started marketing herself as one, and often worked with other Playboy models. However, sometime in 2017 or 2018, her main Instagram account was deactivated, possibly due to violations on the website’s policy. While she tried to establish herself again on the website, she failed to rack up the same amount of fame, and slowly her online activity drifted to a halt. No online source has heard from her after abruptly stopping her modelling career.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, it is known that Cheryse was in a relationship in 2017, and often posted photos alongside her partner during that year; it’s not known if they are still together. Some speculate that one of the reasons she may have stopped glamour modelling was so that she could focus more on her relationship, as things may have become serious over time. Her lack of activity may also be brought about by a general disinterest in continuing to do modelling work.

Prior to her inactivity, she had a strong online presence on several social media websites similar to many other glamour models. Her second Instagram account only managed to gain 6,000 followers before eventually becoming inactive; a far cry from her original account which had over a million followers. She also has a Facebook page with over 24,000 fans, though it isn’t known if it is her account, or if a fan made one due to incongruent posts. Another account she has is on Twitter, but she has not been active on it since 2014.

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