• Kitty Szekely is the oldest daughter of Louis C.K. and his ex-wife Alix Baily.
• Kitty's family has Irish, German, Italian, Mexican, and Hungarian ancestry.
• Kitty has distanced herself from the media and is currently focused on her education.
• Louis C.K. is a Golden Globe Award-winning actor, comedian, writer and producer.
• Louis C.K. grew up in Mexico and spoke Spanish as his first language.

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FactSister of Mary Louise Szekely.

Who is Kitty Szekely?

Born Katherine Szekely in 2002 in the USA, she is best known to the world as the first daughter of the famous actor, comedian, and filmmaker Louis C.K. and his ex-wife Alix Baily. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about Kitty in the media, including her exact birth date and place.

Early Life, Family, and Education

Kitty, of Irish, German, Italian, Mexican and Hungarian ancestry, is the oldest daughter of Louis C.K. and his ex-wife, Alix Baily. Kitty’s paternal grandfather is Luis Szekely, an economist of Hungarian ancestry, and her paternal grandmother was Mary Louise, a Mexican who was a software engineer.

Kitty has a younger sister, Mary Louise, with whom she grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts, being raised by their mother, Alix, since her parents divorced when she was just six years old. The official reason for the divorce has never been stated in the media, but it is believed that it was because of his frequent jokes about both bad and good situations in their marriage.

Where is Kitty Now?

There is not much information about Kitty and her personal life, aside from the fact that she is living with her mother and younger sister. She has distanced herself from the media on the whole, despite her father being extremely popular. She has made only a few appearances in the public, mostly with her father on play dates, and at lunches.

What Does Kitty Do?

Kitty is currently focused on her education, and hasn’t yet made a career decision; however, according to some publications, Kitty is rather talented when it comes to acting and comedy, just like her successful father, but hasn’t yet pursued anything in regards to establishing a presence in the entertainment industry.

Kitty Szekely’s Father, Louis C.K.

Now that we have covered all known details about Kitty, let’s share a few details about her famous dad, Louis C.K.

Born Louis A. Szekely on the 12th September 1967, in Washington D.C. USA, he is a Golden Globe Award-winning actor, comedian, writer and producer, best known to the world for his own comedy show “Louie”, among many other accomplishments. He came to prominence thanks to his use of observational, self-deprecating, dark and shock humor.

He is the son of Mary Louise of Irish ancestry, and his Hungarian father Luis Szekely, who was actually born in Mexico. Although born in the US, Louis spent his childhood in Mexico, as he and his parents moved there and stayed until Louis turned seven. During his growing up in Mexico, Louis didn’t speak English at all, so Spanish became his first language. Following their move from Mexico, the Szekely family settled in Boston, Massachusetts. However, their parents later divorced, and he and his three sisters lived with their mother in Newton, Massachusetts.

Louis went to Newton North High School, and it was after matriculation that he joined public access TV cable station in Boston, using this experience to launch his filmmaking career.


1Sister of Mary Louise Szekely.
2Daughter of Louis C.K. and Alix Bailey.
3First cousin once removed of Mario P. Székely.



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