• Asimo3089 is a popular eSports player from Arizona, USA.
• He was born on August 26, 1995 and holds American nationality.
• He is the creator of multiple popular games on Roblox, such as "The Wind", "Ultimate Marble Rider", "Volt" and the record-breaking "Jailbreak".
• He has won numerous awards for his games, including the Best Looking Place in 2013 and Builder of the Year in 201•
• His net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.


Who is Asimo3089?

Asimo3089 was born in Arizona, USA, on 26 August 1995, so under the zodiac sign of Virgo and holding American nationality – he is popular for his gaming skills, particularly an eSports player.

Early life and education

He never talks about his siblings, it is known that he has five sisters.

Asimo spent his entire childhood in Arizona, and started playing video games at a very early age – he did well at school but preferred to spend his free time playing video games rather than playing sports with his peers. After he matriculated from high school, he turned towards gaming, and put any college plans aside.

Gaming career

Asimo is popular for his skills at the Roblox game. He is the creator of numerous games, with some of his most popular ones being “The Wind”, “Ultimate Marble Rider”, “Volt”, and the most famous one – “Jailbreak” – which managed to break the Roblox record for the biggest number of concurrent players in a single game, as it hit 100,000. Not only that, but Asimo now has his own development groups called Badimo and TeamVolt, while his main one is badcc. One of the reasons why Asimo is so good at Roblox is the fact that he once worked for the company, but left because he wanted to focus on his own career.

Asimo is also quite active on his YouTube channel, which he launched on 2 October 2010, and has so far gathered nearly 130,000 subscribers and more than 3.5 million views on all his videos combined – all of his videos are associated with the games he has created in Roblox, while the most popular video on his channel is entitled “VOLT Trailer”, and has been viewed more than 800,000 times. The popular game creator is also quite active on the Twitch platform, and his channel currently counts more than 2,300 followers, and has gathered nearly 20,000 views on all his livestreams – as one could expect, Asimo is always livestreaming while playing Roblox.

Besides his other achievements, Asimo was in charge of creating the lodge for the Winter Games which were held in 2014.

Awards for his games

Asimo has won numerous awards for the games he’s created in Roblox – his “RoadRunner Canyon” won the award for the Best Looking Place at the 2013 London BLOXcon. His “The Wind” game won the Place of the Year Award in 2013, and Asimo was named the Builder of the Year in 2014 at the BLOXcon. He has been nominated several times for Bloxy Awards, and his most popular game entitled “Jailbreak” was nominated more than 20 times during the 2018 Bloxts.


Personal life and relationships

He is rumored to had been in a relationship with one of his (female) colleagues from Roblox, and that the two dated for nearly a year before calling it quits – however, this is only a rumor as it hasn’t been confirmed by the popular game creator. Even though some of his ‘fans’ mentioned Asimo might be gay, he denied this during one of his livestreams on Twitch, stating that he’s straight.

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Other likes and interests

Asimo is a big fan of technology, robots, and cars – for those reasons, his favorite car is Tesla, and his name ASIMO is actually the name of a humanoid robot which was built by Honda. He is not a big fan of the outdoors, as he prefers to remain close to his computer and create games and other items – he is very imaginative, which has been confirmed by the great scenes and places he has created in his games.

There is really not much known about Asimo and his other interests, as he is a very secretive person who hasn’t even shown his face online – he is said to be a big animal lover and is speculated to have a pet dog. He is not much of a physical sports person, as he is much more focused on playing video games.

Fan fact

While most people like Asimo for his amazing game creating skills in Roblox, some people envy him, and have recently reported his Twitter account for unknown reasons – after his account was reported several times, Twitter decided to suspend it.

Appearance and net worth

Asimo is indeed one of the most secretive people online as he has managed not to show his face during all these years of being active on the internet. He is currently 23 years old, but nothing is known about his appearance.

Net worth is ~$1 million.

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