• Bob Flick founded the folk band The Brothers Four in 1957
• Bob Flick and Loni Anderson met at a movie premiere in Minneapolis
• Loni Anderson is an actress best known for her role in “WKRP in Cincinnati”
• Bob Flick’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million and Loni Anderson’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million
• Bob Flick and Loni Anderson married in 2008 and are still together

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FactNBC News Robert Flick was on the tarmac of an airfield in Port Kaituma, Guyana, on Nov. 18, 1978, when followers of cult leader Jim Jones opened fire, killing two of his colleagues. Flick helped people to safety and escaped to Puerto Rico, where he filed one of the earliest first-hand reports on the murder-suicide of 900 Jones followers.

Bob Flick is best known for being  one of the founders of the folk band The Brothers Four, whose songs rocked the ‘60s and ‘70s, but Bob Flicks’ name got into the titles of magazines many years later, when he married famous actress, Loni Anderson, becoming her fourth husband. Love makes magic, and nothing prevented the couple from the marriage, neither their age, nor their previous multiple affairs. Let’s find out more about Bob Flick’s biography, age, net worth, personal life and more.

Early life and education

Bob Flick was born in 1938 in Washington State, though there’s no any precise information about the city he was born in, nor about his birthday. In 1956 Bob entered the University of Washington, becoming a member of the Phi Gamma Delta” fraternity. While studying there, he met Dick Foley, Mike Kirkland and John Paine, who later became his friends and then members of their folk band The Brothers Four (calling themselves “Brothers” appellated to the fact they were all members of the same university fraternity). The band was formed in 1957, and they started writing music and performing at small events in Seattle.

The Brothers Four story

The band was pranked by their fellow-students who made someone call them and pretend to be from the Seattle’s Colony Club, and told them they were invited to perform at the event where they would be auditioned. The band took the call serious and decided to go to the club where they were not wanted, of course, but eventually they were allowed to performs some songs and by chance were heard by some authoritative people. After that they were hired, but Bob used to joke they were paid ‘mostly in beer’.

After their university graduation the band moved to San Francisco to meet Mort Lewis, the manager of the legendary jazz pianist Dave Brubeck, who helped them to sign a contract with Columbia Records, and in January 1960, The Brothers Four released their single “Greenfields” and it became a hit overnight, reached #2 in all pop charts, was rotated on the radio and sold more than a million copies. Recording Industry Association in America (RIAA) later awarded The Brothers Four with a gold disk admitting the success of the single.

They soon released their first album “Brothers Four” which made the top 20 by the end of the year. The success of the band began to fall when other folk rock musicians such as Bob Dylan invaded the scene, and after The Beatles there was nothing left for The Brothers Four. They still performed and recorded new songs, trying to find new territories for their concerts, performing in the halls of the hotels in the USA, and became popular in Japan.

Through the years, the band survived various hard periods, changed their roster and had multiple struggles, though Bob Flick was one of those who never left, spending the whole time with the band he founded 62 years ago.

It’s worth saying that the band is still active and keeps performing live at various events and concerts.

Personal life, marriage with Loni Anderson, other wives and girlfriends

Bob was never a person who shared a lot of information about his personal life, so when he married famous actress Loni Anderson in 2008, no one could even remember if he was married before that, or if he even had a girlfriend anyone knew much about. Every detail about his private life before dating with Loni is now veiled with a mist of secrecy. We’re sure Bob had some affairs during his active life, since he was at least surrounded by fans and had a lot of attention to his personality.

However, the story of Bob and Loni’s meeting is unique. While being on the wave of their initial success, The Brothers Four were invited to perform at the premiere of a movie in Minneapolis. Loni was sent for that performance to pose near the band and pose Bob as a “lucky young fan”. They would never guess how life was going to surprise them decades later. At their marriage, they found that photo and used it as their wedding poster, cheering the opportunity that life had given them.

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Bob and Loni became engaged on 16 January 2008, and married on 17 May 2008. Even though for Loni it was her fourth wedding, the ceremony was performed in all terms of a classical wedding: the white gown for the bride, the tuxedo for the groom, and the flowers along the aisle, matching the bride’s bouquet. Loni’s children and grandchildren came to congratulate the happy couple on their special day.

Who is Loni Anderson?

One could ask: “Who is this lady who had four weddings happen in her life?”. Well, Loni Anderson is a famous actress who is best known for her role in “WKRP in Cincinnati” (1978–1982), a CBS sitcom, in which Loni played receptionist Jennifer Marlowe, and for which role she had three Golden Globe Awards nominations.

Loni Anderson was born on 5 August 1945 in Saint Paul, Minnesota USA; her mother, Maxine Hazel, was a model, and her father, Klaydon Carl “Andy” Anderson, was an environmental chemist. Loni grew up in Roseville, where she attended Alexander Ramsey Senior High School. She was a popular girl back in the days, her schoolmates even voted for her to become the Valentine Queen on the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day at the Winter Formal in 1963. She attended the University of Minnesota just a couple of years later than her future husband did, matriculating from her high school in 1963, when Bob was already touring with The Brothers Four. Right after her university graduation, Loni married Bruce Hasselberg in 1964, living together for two years and having their daughter, Deidra (who is now has her husband’s surname Hoffman), before divorcing in 1966.

Nevertheless, Loni didn’t wait for happiness to come into her life without effort, so she worked hard and played various roles in such a film as “Nevada Smith” (1966), and such TV series as “S.W.A.T.” (1975 – 1976), “Police Woman” (1974 – 1978), and “The Invisible Man” (1975 – 1976).

On the second wave of success in her acting career in 1973, Loni married Ross Bickell. They didn’t have any kids, and Loni had a chance to work on such series as “Phyllis” (1975 – 1977), “Three’s Company” (1976 – 1984) and “Fantasy Island” (1977 – 1984) where she got the role if Kim Holland. Loni and Ross divorced in 1981.

Her third husband, actor Burt Reynolds, married Loni in 1988, and they adopted a son, Quinton Anderson Reynolds (born on 31 August 1988), but divorced in 1993. Burt was the only one of Loni’s husbands who gave interviews to multiple magazines, answering all types of questions about their marriage. It looked like Burt was mad at Loni for all the things that went wrong during the years when they lived together. He also published his memoirs, “But Enough About Me …,” in which he disclosed some unpleasant details about Loni’s shopping habits.

Loni is still in a good relationship with her first husband, Bruce Hasselberg, meeting often to take care of their daughter, Deidra, who was diagnosed with  multiple sclerosis in 2009.

Meeting Bob Flick (again!) in Seattle at an education campaign about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), where Loni was a spokesperson, changed the life of Anderson. They felt that they were meant to be together, and married on 17 May 2008. As for the moment, they are still together, and there are no rumors of their splitting. Bob is now a stepfather for Deidra Hoffman and Quinton Anderson Reynolds (whose father, Burt Reynolds, died in 2018).


Bob Flick has short light-brown hair which is a little gray due to his age, he has never grown a beard or mustaches; his eyes are brown. There’s no precise information about Bob’s weight or height, though it’s known that Loni likes tall men. As one can see at the photos, Bob is a head taller than Loni, which makes us think he is around 5ft 9ins (1.8m) tall. He also has a good body for his age and doesn’t suffer from obesity, though his precise vital statistics are unavailable.

Net worth

Bob’s net worth wasn’t disclosed to the audience, though authoritative sources estimate that his  net worth is over $1 million. As he’s still performing with his band The Brothers Four, he still has solid income yearly. As for his wife, Loni Anderson, her overall net worth is far more impressive. During her acting career she’s managed to accumulate $12 million. Loni likes to live the luxurious life of a Hollywood star, and even though she lived in a mansion which costed her $22,000 per month, she didn’t blow away all the money. There was a funny story told by her first husband, Bruce Hasselberg: he confessed that Loni once called him and asked him to stop sending her the child support, since her accountant whined that it messed up ‘the books’ – Loni got $30,000 per week starring in “WKRP in Cincinnati”, and didn’t need any additional payments from her ex-husband, who was a real estate agent.

Neither Bob nor Loni are active on social media, they don’t have any Instagram, Twitter or even Facebook accounts, so they don’t make money from social media platforms. Loni used to have some commercial contracts with various brands, but as for the moment, there’s no information about any current contract.


1Flick worked for United Press International, the local NBC affiliate and then for the network. He specialized in tough assignments few others wanted. He was struck on the head covering riots in Watts and Berkeley in the 1960s. He covered the kidnapping of newspaper heiress Patty Hearst and the seizure of a school bus full of children and a driver in Chowchilla in 1976.
2He became coordinating producer of a new show, "Entertainment Tonight." Along with director Steve Hirsen, Flick played a founding role in a new kind of celebrity-tabloid journalism just gathering steam.
3NBC News Robert Flick was on the tarmac of an airfield in Port Kaituma, Guyana, on Nov. 18, 1978, when followers of cult leader Jim Jones opened fire, killing two of his colleagues. Flick helped people to safety and escaped to Puerto Rico, where he filed one of the earliest first-hand reports on the murder-suicide of 900 Jones followers.



NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt1995TV Series west coast producer - 1 episode
Entertainment Tonight1981-1986TV Series coordinating producer - 13 episodes


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The Player1992special thanks: Entertainment Tonight

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The Seventies2015TV Series documentaryHimself - NBC News
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