Who is Danielle Nicolet?

Born under the fire sign of Sagittarius, on 23 November 1973, in Ashtabula, Ohio, USA, Danielle Patricia Nicolet is an American television and film actress, known for being one of the most versatile actresses in all of Hollywood. Many fans know her for playing the lead role in “Born Again Virgin”. In the show, she is a middle-aged woman who vows to stay away from men after suffering heartbreak too many times to count. Danielle is also praised for her roles as Caryn in “3rd Rock from the Sun” and Paula in “Second Time Around”. In addition to appearing in films such as “Loaded Weapon 1”, “Race” and “Rockers”, she has also ventured into the world of voice acting – many animations and video games have been boosted by her iconic voice. With her first acting credit being in 1991, Danielle is known as one of the most consistent performers in the movie industry, and hasn’t shown any signs of stopping even after 28 years.

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Early Life and Education: Growing Up in Ohio

Born Danielle Particia Briggs, she was raised in rural Ohio with a younger brother named Rick, by their mother Patricia Rose, was an actress and casting director; nothing is known about their father. Young Danielle had the opportunity of seeing her mother rehearse lines and prepare scripts on an almost daily basis, and it was precisely this ritual that made this future actress start taking an interest in the inner workings of movies and TV shows. At one point she watched several films a day, just to practice and observe how professional actors handled the demands of each role.

However, when she was six years-old, Danielle developed a liking for gymnastics; she was really good and her coaches predicted a bright future ahead of her. There was just one problem – rural Ohio offered only limited opportunities, so Nicolet moved to Southern California to attend school, and work with the best gymnastics trainers.

However, serious injuries caused her to reconsider her sporting dreams, and after she matriculated from an unspecified high school in 1991, she quickly turned towards her first love – acting. This time, there would be no obstacles to prevent her from achieving stardom.

Career Beginnings: Family, Matters, Loaded Weapon 1, Shadow of Doubt and More

Danielle started her career straight from high school. She was already situated near Hollywood and had some connections, which lead to her first role in 1991, being cast as Vonda Mahoney in the legendary sitcom “Family Matters”. With a fairly important role in three episodes, she was quickly noticed – critics praised her chemistry with Jaleel White, who played the ever-lovable Steve Urkel. Afterwards, in 1992, she would go on to have a supporting role in “The Jacksons: An American Dream”, which is a mini-series about the formation of The Jackson Five.

However, her breakthrough came in 1993, when she played the crazy Debbie Luger in “Loaded Weapon 1”; such roles would eventually become her trademark. Not many actors at the time were specialized in taking on “unpredictable” characters, making Danielle a unique “phenomenon” in the world of acting. We could also see her in “Step By Step”, “Where Truth Lies”, “Diagnosis Murder” and “Fall Into Darkness”. In 1996’s “The Prince”, she even played a sophisticated prostitute, which is considered one of her best roles to date. “In the House” and “Shadow of Doubt” were also important for the development of her career.

Becoming a Star: 3rd Rock from the Sun, Dead Punkz, Race and More

If “Loaded Weapon 1” was her breakthrough role, then “3rd Rock from the Sun” was the show that propelled her to stardom.

She assumed the part of Caryn, a friend of the main characters, and even though she didn’t carry too many plotlines, fans loved her sense of humor and general weirdness in front of the camera. Around this time, she also appeared in “Dead Punkz” and “Race”, two classic but heavily criticized movies of the late 1990s.

The beginning of the new millennium was an eventful period for Danielle, as she took on roles in “Stargate SG-1”, “For the People”, “Half and Half” and more. While she wasn’t able to star in a Hollywood blockbuster, she became one of the best known supporting actresses, and a fan favorite. In 2004, she landed the part of Paula in “Second Time Around”. The show centered around an African-American couple remarrying, and featured Nicolet and her usual comedic genius. In a supporting role, she excelled and garnered rave reviews for her performance.

Danielle Nicolet

“Heartland”, “The Starter Wife” and “All of Us” are seen as her most important achievements of the late 2000s, as she had successful recurring roles in all three shows.

More Recent Works: The Game, The Flash, Born Again Virgin and More

After her 2009 appearance in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, Danielle toned it down a bit. However, she was still able to land some pretty significant roles, and give her fans a formidable display of talent. In the fairly popular comedy “Family Tools”, she plays the quirky and somewhat crazy Stitch Bitchette, appearing in all ten episodes of the show. We could also see her in “Kay and Peele”, as well as “Elementary” and “All Stars”. She particularly impressed upon landing the part of Yana in “The Game”, a comedy about a group of women who are dating or married to professional football players, and how can we forget “Born Again Virgin” and her impeccable performance as Jenna.

In addition to her usual character profiles, Danielle also managed to reinvent herself. By assuming the role of District Attorney Cecille Horton in “The Flash”, she endeared herself to younger fans, too. As is the case with all important DC Comics Universe characters, Nicolet was also featured in “Supergirl” and “Arrow” in the same role. Unlike most people in the industry, Danielle has managed to constantly evolve and remain relevant for almost thirty years.

Voice Acting

One of the main reasons why Danielle wanted to tone it down with acting is that she developed an infatuation with voice acting. Today, she is one of the most versatile voice actresses in Hollywood, having the ability to seamlessly switch between roles in a matter of days. Her first experience with voice acting was in the hit video game “H.A.W.X.2”, and almost immediately afterwards, she would have the honor of voicing Storm in Marvel’s animated series “The X-Men”.

With “Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Blood Prison “, she had her first taste of anime voice acting. In “NFL Rush Zone”, she voiced Sandra, then 2013 saw her involved in a number of video games, such as “Grand Theft Auto V”, “Saints Row IV” and “Lego Marvel Super Heroes”; basically, there isn’t a popular game with at least some traces of Danielle’s voice in it. With a new path in her career, she had reinvented herself again, and became an even more important figure in Hollywood. Not many people have the privilege of saying they’ve accomplished such a thing.

Personal Life: Is Danielle Nicolet Married? Does She Have Any Children?

Danielle Nicolet is married to Mike Kussman, a professional designer and builder. Not much is known about their marriage, as both he and Danielle are private people. On numerous occasions, fans and reporters alike wanted to know about how these two met, but Danielle wouldn’t share anything with them, including the date of their wedding, other than the fact that she and Mike had been dating for a very long time.

Currently, the two don’t have any children, nor have they expressed a desire to expand their family.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Danielle Nicolet?

Danielle Nicolet is 5ft (152cm) tall, weighs approximately 120lbs (54kgs), vital statistics of 35-24-35. Her small stature and muscular build are precisely what helped her become a prominent gymnast in her youth. She has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Net Worth: How Rich is Danielle Nicolet?

Danielle Nicolet has a net worth of $500,000, as of August 2019. She accumulated this wealth by working incessantly over the course of three decades.

With both guest appearances and recurring roles, Danielle has successfully diversified her portfolio and become one of the staples of Hollywood.

Social Media Presence

Her official Facebook page has 7,000 ‘likes’, and she is also very popular on Instagram and Twitter, with 310,000 and 20,000 followers, respectively.

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