• Joe Teti is a television star, soldier and veteran of the US government special operations unit.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $300,000.
• He is a graduate of more than 30 formal schools that focus on special operations.
• He was a part of the television series "Dual Survival" from 2013 to 2015.
• He was married but is now divorced, and has no children.

Short Info

FactJoe Teti is only 1 of 10 men in 50 years to be kicked out of Special Forces. [October 2014]

Who is Joe Teti?

Joseph N. Teti was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, however, there is no exact information regarding his birthday, thus we don’t know how old he is, nor what his zodiac sign is. Teti is best known as a television star who participated in and played one of the key figures in television series “Dual Survival”.

Net Worth

So just how rich is Joe Teti as of mid-2018? According to authoritative sources, this television star and soldier has net worth of over $300,000, with his wealth being accumulated from his career in the previously mentioned fields. However, any further information regarding his assets, such as cars and houses hasn’t been disclosed.

Early Life and Background

According to some sources, Teti’s mother died when he was in 11th grade, which must have been hard for him. When it comes to his education, he attended multiple high schools and during his time in school was a successful young athlete, which played a significant role in his future career in the military. In late 1991, he entered the army and began his active duty shortly afterwards, ultimately serving for a decade, before retiring in late December 2001. Teti is Caucasian, has dark hair and brown eyes and, when it comes to his body measurements, he is 5’10” (1.75m) tall. Speaking about his early career, he is a veteran of the US government special operations unit and US military. He worked as a marine with Force Recon, Army Special Forces or “Green Beret”, and besides that, worked as an operator for a highly security bound government counter-terrorist unit. However, he rose to fame by becoming a reality television star, appearing in  the series “Dual Survival”.


Joe is a combat veteran of the anti-terrorist Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), and Operation Iraq Freedom (OIF) campaigns, and planned a range of special operations which covered the entire operational continuum. Teti participated in several classified action missions with several Tier 1 Special Missions Units (SMU)z. Working at a rapid pace, Joe was involved in several high-risk Protective Services Detail (PSD) operations based in Afghanistan and Iraq, serving the US government and civilian clients. Additionally, he was a member of a US State Department team, and worked in Ramallah, Jericho, The Gaza Strip and Abu Dis, among other places. His skills allowed him to work on all of the mentioned operations, as he is a graduate of more than 30 formal schools that focus on special operations, and thus the range of his skills is wide.

Dual Survival

Teti is widely known for appearing in “Dual Survival”, a television series that follows the (almost) real life adventures of a group of men left in the wild as they do their best to survive. That includes finding shelter, water, food and ultimately help. His colleagues in the series were Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin, both survival experts. Joe appeared in the total of 21 episodes, beginning his work there in 2013 and ending it in 2015.

Private Life, Marriage and Wife

When it comes to Teti’s private life, he doesn’t share much information regarding that topic. According to some sources, he was married for a certain period of time, but him and his, now ex-wife ended up divorcing, for undisclosed reasons. In addition to that, her identity hasn’t been disclosed. Reportedly, they didn’t have any children together.

Social Media

Being active in the entertainment business, Joe is naturally prominent on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, and is followed by 10,000 people on the former and more than 5,000 on the latter. Joe often shares photos of himself and his friends and colleagues on his Instagram account.

General Info

Full NameJoe Teti
ProfessionSoldier, Actor, Teacher


TV ShowsDual Survival

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1Joe Teti is only 1 of 10 men in 50 years to be kicked out of Special Forces. [October 2014]

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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  1. Mike Neumann Reply

    Please verify what you’ve posted about this clown.

    He has been banned by the Special Forces Association and is an embarrassment to all of us that signed for special warfare.

    Please do your due diligence and remove/edit this post once you understand his boasts are untrue and that he has been pursued for violations of the Stolen Valor Act.

    Thank you.

    –Mike Neumann

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