• Born in 1968 in the UK
• Successful journalist at BBC, known for "Match of the Day"
• Met partner Karl Pilkington in the early 90s
• Started own production company, Alrite Productions
• Estimated net worth of over $2 million

Known for movies

Who is Suzanne Whiston?

Suzanne Whiston was born in 1968 in the UK – the exact details of her birthdate and place remain unknown in the media. She is a successful journalist, best known to the world for her extensive work for BBC, particularly on the football (soccer) show “Match of the Day”. She is also known for her long-lasting romance with television presenter, author, comedian, radio producer, and actor Karl Pilkington.

Early Life, Parents, and Education

Born in England, Suzanne has managed to keep details of her early life hidden from the public eye, including the identity of her parents, any siblings, and even what school she attended and from which college she obtained her degree. Unfortunately for us, but hopefully, Suzanne’s past will surface in the near future.

Career Beginnings

Before Suzanne became a successful journalist, and television producer, she was a part of the Key 103 station in Manchester. Gradually her role at the station became more important, and many heard of Suzanne’s skills. Although a woman, she has been particularly interested in soccer and other sports, which ultimately led her to a spot at the BBC.

Rise to Prominence

As Suzanne was more enterprising, she received an offer from the BBC to join their “Match of the Day” football show. She didn’t have second thoughts and accepted the offer right away, which was her dream come true. Her first job was to cover the FA Cup in 2004, and just two years later, she was named as a reporter for the 2006 soccer World Cup in Germany, which made her a star in the world of sports journalism, actually one of few women in this industry. During these years, Suzanne’s net worth skyrocketed, as she became more noted.

Alrite Productions

Now an accomplished television producer and journalist, Suzanne used her talent, experience and also her financial stability to start her own company, Alrite Productions. Suzanne has also created the YouTube channel under the same name, however, it is still in development. She only has one video, but has a bunch of plans for the future regarding the channel.

Do You Know How Rich Suzanne Whiston Is?

Although Suzanne has become a rather successful journalist and producer, the media has a number of details yet to discover about her. This includes her net worth, but it is estimated as of mid- 2018 at over $2 million. Additionally, her life partner’s Karl Pilkington’s wealth is estimated at $3.5 million.

First Meeting With Karl Pilkington

There is a rather funny story behind Suzanne and Karl’s first meeting; the two met at work, when Karl was ordering a hot chocolate but didn’t have enough money to pay for it – Suzanne was close by, and gave Karl 20p for the beverage. The second meeting came soon afterwards, when Suzanne asked Karl to do some editing for her, and in return she bought him another hot chocolate.

The relationship that lasts over 25 years

They met in the early ‘90s, and since then the couple has been together; although Suzanne spoke of marriage and having children someday, apparently Karl isn’t keen on either marriage or children, so the couple haven’t married or had children, though the two speak of themselves as husband and wife. When asked about it, Suzanne loves her life and enjoys every moment spent with her life partner.

Social Media Presence

In contrast to other reporters, journalists, and producers, Suzanne isn’t fond of social media networks, however, she can be found on Twitter, on which she has just over 3,000 followers. She has primarily promoted the work of her lover, Karl, and has shared her opinion on whether she and Karl should marry.

So, if you haven’t found Suzanne online, just follow our links to her official page and become one of her fans.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia


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    The pictures are wrong. You are showing Suzanne Shaw, not Karl Pilkington’s partner Suzanne Whitson.

  2. this is Suzanne Shaw (37) Does she look like she’s 51?. nothing to do with Karl Pilkington either.

  3. All of these pictures are of Suzanne Shaw who isn’t Karl’s girlfriend last I checked. So why are you trying to con people into thinking that’s her?

  4. Did you really just write, although a woman, she likes football? Are you serious?

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    You’re idiots these are pictures of the band ‘Hearsay’ Suzanne Shaw. This isn’t Whiston lol

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