Laura Mennell is a Canadian actress who became widely recognized for her roles in such movies and TV-series as “Watchmen”, “Supernatural”, “Alphas” and many others. As for now, she is busy in a new season of the UFO series on the History channel entitled “Project Blue Book”. We are here to dig for more information about Laura’s net worth, current relationship status, etc.

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Early life and family

Laura Mennell was born on 18 April 1980, in Mission, British Columbia Canada, so under the sign of Aries, and holding Canadian nationality.

Little is known about Laura’s family; she didn’t reveal any details about her parents, their age or occupations – she has no siblings, however, it is known that she is a cousin of Alan Young, a Scottish-Canadian-American actor who voiced-over the original Scrooge McDuck in Disney’s cartoon series “Duck Tails”, and also starred in CBS’ classy sitcom series “Mister Ed” (1961). It is also known that Laura comes from a family of Irish, Scottish and French descendants. Living in Canada, Laura is obviously bilingual and speaks both English and French fluently. From her early childhood Laura somehow always knew she wanted to be an actress. She remembers being a very creative kid, who was always involved in music, dance and art. Nevertheless, acting was that something that really resonated with her, so she dived into the profession to see where it brought her to.


Laura attended local elementary and middle schools in British Columbia; both schools were French Immersion schools, where Laura improved her French speaking skills. She also attended the Vancouver Youth Theatre, and she once shared in her interview to Violeta Nicole in 2019 that she had great memories of immersing herself in play-building classes. She thinks it all grew from there – her passion for acting which she refused to leave, so she pursued her acting career from age 16, when she found her first agent. Being busy with her acting classes, Laura however successfully matriculated from her high school in 1998.

Laura Mennell


Rise to fame

Laura studied a lot in various acting classes to start getting roles in real series and movies. She debuted in 1998 in the TV movie entitled “I’ve Been Waiting for You”, in which she played the role of Sarah Lancaster. Soon after that successful appearance, she started getting more offers – she got the role of Mary in the legendary series “Stargate SG-1” (1997-2007); played Siara in the “Andromeda” series (2000 – 2005) and Amber in “Special Unit 2” (2001 – 2002). Later she was cast in such popular TV shows as “Smallville” (2001-2011), “UC: Undercover” (2001 – 2002) and “The L Word” (2004 – 2009).

Then Laura had guest and minor roles in such TV series as “Supernatural” (2005 – present), “Fringe” (2008 – 2013) and “Haven” (2010 – 2015). Most recently she could be seen in such projects as the “Van Helsing” series (2016 – present), “Loudermilk” (2017 – present) and “Travelers” (2016 – 2018). She also could be seen in the “Watchmen” movie (2009) in which she played the role of Janey Slater, so is in constant demand as a reliable and flexible cast member.

Project Blue Book

One of the most important and, according to her own words, the most interesting project Laura has participated in is the new UFO series “Project Blue Book”, produced by Robert Zemeckis. Laura landed the role of Mimi Hynek, wife of the main character named Allen (played by Aidan Gillen). She has come a long way from being a common 50’s housewife to what she ended up with – she could make a lot of decisions according to her own opinion. The plot of the series is based on the real-life history of the astrophysicist, Allen J. Hynek, who worked with the US Air Force with his main goal to debunk the UFO sightings in 50’s-60’s. However, Allen faced that something which made him understand not everything could be explained from the scientific point of view: some cases were left covered by mystery.

It is worth saying that getting the role of Mimi Hynek was a pleasant surprise for Laura, as she wanted the role badly, and froze when her agents called her to say that she’d been selected. She was so happy to hear she was approved that she couldn’t help shouting, though she was shopping in a store, so disturbing other customers who gave her odd looks.

Awards and nominations

Laura was once nominated for her theatre work in “Tear The Curtain” (2010), for a Jesse Richardson Theatre Award in the category of Best Performance by the Female Lead. She was also nominated for the Leo Award for her performance in the “Alphas” series in the category Best Lead Performance by a Female. However, she has yet to actually win an award.

Personal life

As for her personal life, Laura is said to be single. A couple of years ago she posted some photos on her Instagram account of her and her boyfriend searching for and picking an engagement ring, but Laura later deleted the photos; she also never announced any further news about her engagement, no one knows what went wrong that time, and why she split with her boyfriend. She seems to be in close touch with a Canadian artist from Vancouver, Mike Soloman; he often takes photos of her, and Laura often tags him on her Instagram photos. Neither of them have confirmed their relationship, but the fan community often asks questions about their relationship in the commentaries under Laura’s photos.

Hobbies and interesting facts

  • Laura enjoys farming very much, and likes to spend time growing vegetables as she is a vegetarian, and likes to grow the food she prefers to eat herself.
  • She also once shared that she hated loud talkers on cell phones, and did her best not to be one of them.
  • Her favorite actresses are Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Glenn Close.
  • Laura is a cat lover and even calls herself “Cat Lady” – she has two cats at home.

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Laura has been an active participator in the charity event called “A Brush Of Hope”. She has been a part of the project for four years already, and promotes the ideas of the project worldwide. In fact, the event consists of a celebrity auction on which singers, actors and artists create works of art which raise money for the Canadian Kidney Foundation. Usually celebrities donate or work with charity foundations, which support people with diseases or issues celebrities themselves faced once (or someone in their family or among friends). Laura never explained why she chose to help this very foundation, nor sharing any details on her or her relatives’ health.

Social media presence

Laura is quite active on social media, having several profiles on various platforms. Thus, she is pretty active on her Instagram account which has amassed over 11,500 subscribers. Her Twitter is read by over 10,000 people, and she also has a profile on Facebook, which is ‘liked’ by over 7,000 users. Laura has a personal website too, but which doesn’t contain any information, only displaying the links to her social media profiles.

Appearance, clothing style

Laura has naturally black straight hair, and dark brown eyes. She is 5ft 9ins (1.79 m) tall and weighs around 136lbs (62kgs). There is no information about her vital statistics at the moment.

Laura Mennell

As for her clothing style, Laura tends to classy suits and trousers; she likes wearing shirts, classy maxi dresses, feminine T-shirts and high heels. She doesn’t wear glasses; she doesn’t have any tattoos.

Net worth

According to authoritative sources, Laura’s current net worth is estimated to be around $7 million, accumulated by working hard as an actress in various movies and TV series. Her income increased considerably after the success of the movie entitled “Thi13een Ghosts” (2001) as the budget of the movie was around $20 million, but turned over $68 million at the box office. Laura played the role of Susan LeGrow, The Bound Woman, in the movie, but almost all actors who participated received bigger rewards after it, as well as Shannon Elizabeth and Tony Shalhoub.

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