Who is Magnus Carlsen Girlfriend? Dating History

Before we break to you who Magnus Carlsen’s girlfriend is, we are out to share some brief information about him. Well, if you aren’t familiar, Magnus Carlsen is a professional chess player and the current World Chess Champion. He has been one of the best chess players and is second only to the great Garry Kasparov when it comes to time spent as world number one.

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Now, who is Magnus Carlsen’s girlfriend? Well, Carlsen is currently single, however, he has a notable relationship behind him. It was on Valentine’s day 2017 that he officially came forward with his then-girlfriend Synne Christin Larsen, 22 years-old, stating that they are together. The couple was often seen together in public, and she followed him throughout his World Chess Championship, however, their romance lasted only until January 2018. The two haven’t stated why they broke-up, as they have both remained silent on the particular question. However, it is a common adage that chess players suffer a loss of form when they have a girl/boyfriend, as they are distracted, so….

Before Synne, Magnus hasn’t disclosed if he was in any other romantic relationships, and after the breakup, he has apparently been entirely focused on his career.

Magnus Carlsen Wiki: Age, Childhood, Education, Career Star

Now that we have shared all about his love life, let’s share some information about his life and career, from the earliest beginnings to most recent career endeavors.

Magnus Carlsen

Born Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen on the 30th November 1990 in Tonsberg, Norway, he is the son of the chemical engineer Sigurn Øen and Henrik Albert Carlsen, who is an IT consultant. Throughout his childhood, Magnus moved a lot, living in Espoo, Finland, then in Brussels, Belgium, before the family returned to Norway, where they settled in Lommedalen, Bærum, but then sometime later moved again, this time to Haslum. He started showcasing intellectual inferiority at a rather young age, assembling jig-saw puzzles intended for children aged between 10 and 14, when he was only four years old. A year later, his father, a chess enthusiast started teaching him this magnificent game, although he took little to no interest at first, but from is seventh year he started playing chess more seriously. Carlsen participated in his first tournament—the youngest division of the 1999 Norwegian Chess Championship—at the age of 8 years and 7 months, and scored 6½/11.

Rise to Prominence

He steadily began participating in more prominent events, and throughout 2000 he played in more than 300 rated tournament matches, and it was in October 2002 that he reached the No. 6 in the European Under-12 Championship in Peniscola, while in November he shared first place in the World Under-12 Championship in Heraklio, next to Ian Nemomniachtchi on a tiebreak.
In 2004 he made the news when he won a match in the C group of the Corus chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee, losing only one match in the group which earned him his first GM norm, and just a few months later he obtained his Grandmaster title.

It’s been fifteen years since I became a grandmaster. Still celebrating the same way! #GRENKEChess after #ShamkirChess and #TataSteelChess

Posted by Magnus Carlsen on Tuesday, April 30, 2019


He continued his rise to stardom in the next several years, and it was in 2013 that he became the new World Chess Champion by defeating Viswanathan Anand. Since then, Magnus has been the ruling World Chess Champion, winning six consecutive championships.

Magnus Carlson Net Worth

In addition to his proficient career as a chess player, Magnus has also modeled for a number of prominent brands, such as G-Star Raw, and is also an ambassador for Nordic Semiconductor, plus he launched the company Play Magnus AS, whose first product was an iOS app, Play Magnus, a chess engine based on Magnus’ games from when he was five years old. All of these enterprises have contributed consistently to his wealth. So, have you ever wondered how rich Magnus Carlsen is, as of mid- 2019? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Carlsen’s net worth is as high as $8 million, which is quite impressive, don’t you think? Undoubtedly, Carlsen’s net worth will increase in the upcoming years, assuming that he successfully continues his chess career, and business interests.

Internet Fame

Over the years, Magnus has become quite popular on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter, while he also has an avid fan base on Instagram. His official Facebook page has over 485,000 followers with whom he has shared his most recent career endeavors, such as his preparation for the chess event in Denmark, among other posts. Magnus is also popular on Twitter, with over 225,000 followers, while on Instagram, Magnus has more than 205,000 fans, and has made this network a bit more personal, often sharing pictures of himself from various places in the world, where he has some time off. It is quite impressive; you should check it out.

So, if you aren’t already a fan of this prominent chess player, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to become one, just skip over to his official pages and see what he is up to next, both personally and professionally.

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